Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1768

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1768

“How is it difficult? Every child that you’ve treated has recovered!”

“Yes, but those children are lucky. I don’t know if she’ll be lucky as well.” Evan softly raised his eyebrow and there was a troubled look on his handsome face.

“Fabian, after my examination, I’m sure that her previous doctor has misdiagnosed this little girl.”

“Misdiagnosis?” Fabian’s heart started racing, and there was an expectant look in his eyes. “You mean that Lily is not sick at all?”

“No. ” Evan’s expression looked more solemn now. “ She’s sick, and it’s even more serious than what was diagnosed before. This is why she hasn’t gotten any better after all this while.”

Fabian did not know what to say to that. He felt as if his heart had been split open and there was a bone- chilling coldness that spread to his limbs.

He felt dazed, but he still remembered what he wanted to ask. However, his tone sounded weak when he spoke.

“What are we going to do now? Is she still curable?”

“Yes,” Evan gave Fabian an affirmative answer. However, he quickly added, “The condition is that you have to find a suitable bone marrow for her to undergo a transplant.”

Bone marrow transplant!

Even though Fabian was not a professional, he knew how difficult it was to find a suitable bone marrow for a transplant.

There was hope, but it was so small.

“Right, it seems that the girl can’t speak?” Evan asked curiously. “After examining her so many times, aside from blinking and smiling, she has never said a single word.”

When Evan mentioned this, aside from feeling sorry for Lillian, Fabian felt even more remorse and uneasiness.

Even though he was not the reason Lillian had become like this, Lana was his sister, after all. He was still somewhat responsible. Plus, he needed to shoulder this responsibility.

“Please arrange for this immediately. I want to find a suitable bone marrow for this child as soon as possible. However, you can’ t be too public about this,” Fabian requested while feeling helpless.

“You don’t want the child’s parents to find her after knowing this, do you?” Evan guessed what Fabian was thinking about in his heart.

Fabian did not answer. He reminded Evan once more to do it as soon as possible before turning around to go back to his bedroom.

When he looked at the adorable and pure Lillian who was like an angel, Fabian felt some discomfort.

He walked in front of Lillian and caressed her little head before promising her, “Lily, I promised I’d treat  you  and  I will.  Are  you willing  to trust me?”

Lillian blinked her clear big eyes and nodded.

Even if she could not speak, she was already showing her trust for Fabian through her eyes.

Fabian was glad, but at the same time, his heart was aching for Lillian.

After he asked the maid to watch over Lillian, he came to the study alone.

Even after switching on the lights in the study, Fabian still felt that his vision and heart were extremely dark.

He sat down in front of his desk and turned on his laptop. Then, he opened a folder, and inside the folder were notes that looked like a diary. The one who had written these notes was his brother, Yorick.

Fabian had read these words multiple times and could even recite them from memory now.

However, he would still read them every day to remind himself what he should do.

Later, he searched for Madeline and Jeremy’s photos on his laptop. When he saw the photos, the look in his eyes changed.

“I didn’t expect that we’d become enemies.”

His tone was cold and indifferent, but at the same time, it was laced with some remorse.

After he said that, his phone started vibrating. When he saw who the caller was, he slowly picked up the phone…

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