Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1777

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1777

When Cathy, who was in the open kitchen, saw this, she hastily ran to the living room.

“Are you okay?” Cathy examined Shirley with concern.

When Adam heard the sound, he ran back to the house, quickening his pace, then saw Shirley who sat motionlessly in the wheelchair as if she had lost her mind, and he suddenly felt worried.

As Adam got closer and noticed the wedding invitation that fell out of the rubbish bin, he immediately understood why Shirley was like this.

Without batting an eyelid, he grabbed a broom and swept the trash on the floor, including the wedding invitation, into the dustpan.

“Did you throw this away?” Shirley questioned; her voice was extremely cold.

Adam calmly asked, “Should I not have thrown this kind of trash away, and kept  this eyesore instead?”

“Trash? Give it to me,”   Shirley  ordered,  her fists clenched.

Adam ignored her and immediately threw the invitation card into the rubbish bin.

When Shirley saw this, she furiously bit her lip, then, using the only strength left in her upper body, bent down to grab the rubbish bin.

However, Adam, who was faster than her, kicked the bin behind him. He did not want Shirley to grab hold of the invitation even if the trash would dirty the house.

Shirley abruptly froze, her hand still outstretched, then returned to her senses and glared at Adam, baring her teeth. “Adam, I’m giving you one last chance. Give me the invitation card!”

“Shirley, are you still going to be so obstinate even after reaching this stage? This man has been using you this whole time. Don’t tell me you still can’ t understand that?”

When Shirley heard this, she chuckled, laughing at herself. “He’s willing to do this to me, and I’m willing to endure it, so it’s none of your business, isn’t it?” she asked sarcastically; her eyes grew sharp and piercing.

“Adam, don’t make me do anything crazy again. I want you to give me the invitation now!”

However, Adam persisted. “Okay, I want to see what other crazy things you can do. How much crazier could it be? The most you could give is your life. You’re so stubborn when it comes to this man, and I don’t believe you’d be willing to give up on your life for him.”


Anger surged within Shirley’s heart, but she had to admit that Adam’s words were on point.

How could she be willing to die? How could she be willing to never see that man again?

As the air around them grew tense, Cathy picked up the invitation and walked up to Shirley, handing it to her.

“Cathy?” Adam was puzzled at Cathy’s actions. 1

Meanwhile, Shirley too had not expected Cathy to do this; for a moment, she even forgot to grab it.

“Here you go.”

Cathy nudged  Shirley,  then  turned  to smile at Adam.

“I’ve always felt that she has the right to take care of her business. Adam, I know you’re doing this for Miss Brown’s sake, but your methods of conveying that have been a little extreme. At the end of the

day, this is Miss Brown’s private matter, so we don’t have the right to interfere.”

Adam and Shirley momentarily fell silent as Cathy’s words.    

After being momentarily lost in thought, Shirley immediately reached out her hand to grab the invitation Cathy was holding.

Tears had blurred Shirley’s vision earlier, so she was hoping that she saw it wrongly. However, as she held the invitation, the gold-pressed words in front of her were as clear as day.

He was going to get married. Two days from now.

At the most luxurious six-star hotel in Glendale. She also knew the bride.

Shirley gripped the corner of the invitation card; her fingers trembled intensely.

The corners of her eyes started to get wet again, but she never let her tears fall.

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