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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1793

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1793

Fabian’s footsteps came to a halt, but he did not turn around.

As he heard Jeremy’s footsteps close in, he calmly stood in place.

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“Fabian, did you really not find the anti-toxoid test reagent on Linnie?”

“What are you implying, Mr. Whitman? Are you accusing me of intentionally choosing not to save your wife?” Fabian asked with a faint smile.

“I just want to know if you’ve looked in detail.”

Jeremy did not intend to argue with Fabian. All he wanted now was to find the anti-toxoid test reagent that could help ease Madeline’s condition.

It had taken a lot of effort to ‘steal’ the vial anti- toxoid test reagent from Carter. In this current situation, that vial was the only thing that could help Madeline.

“My friend and I have rifled through all her pockets and places where she could hide things, but we didn’t find the anti-toxoid test reagent that you

mentioned,” Fabian replied considerably patiently.

“How could that be?” Jeremy could not get his head around the idea. “Linnie promised me that she would bring it wherever she went.”

“What kind of poison is it? The same one you have i n your body?” Fabian pressed on with his questions; his expression was slightly more solemn.

Jeremy met Fabian’s inquisitive gaze and parted his thin lips,  “It’s a kind of poison that could completely destroy the heart and body in the end. It won’t kill, only torment endlessly.”

Both Fabian and Evan, who were standing side by side, were shocked when they heard Jeremy’s explanation.

“How could there be such things? Why would someone develop such a terrifying poison?” Evan could not understand.

Be it from a doctor’s or an ordinary person’s point of view, Evan could not accept the fact that there was something so terrifying and harmful in this world.

“This is all I can do. From here on, we go our separate ways,” Fabian said icily before he continued to walk away.

“Fabian, do you think you can just leave like this? You can choose not to care about Linnie, but what about my daughter? Where did you take her?”

Jeremy’s expression turned much sterner.

He walked up to Fabian. With such a tall and broad frame, Jeremy resembled a wall as he blocked Fabian’s path.

Jeremy stared forward with his deep gaze, releasing a domineering and frightening aura.

“Fabian, I’ll ask you one last time. Where did you hide my daughter Lilian?”

Jeremy’s gaze held a look of unchallengeable dominance.

Fabian and Jeremy locked gazes for a few seconds, then Fabian suddenly laughed. “You’re truly an interesting man, Mr. Whitman. Why are you asking me about your missing daughter?”


Jeremy slowly lost patience.

“If you think that I have something to do with Yorick and Lana’s deaths, then pick on me.”

“No, your wife was right. They had no one to blame but themselves for their deaths.”

Fabian denied, the same casual smile graced his handsome expression again, but there was a sudden change in his gaze.

“I’ve merely got a better understanding of things and people, Jeremy. We’re not friends anymore, or perhaps you’ve never seen me as a friend since the beginning. I’ve even stupidly helped you investigate Lana’s death once, ridding you of your murder charge.”

Fabian chuckled self-deprecatingly.

“Hmph. Absolutely  ridiculous.”

He chuckled and walked around Jeremy, then walked onward.

Evan glanced at Jeremy, saying nothing, and quickly followed after Fabian.

Jeremy shifted his body sideways and watched Fabian, who had a subtle air of sadness and loneliness about him as he left.

Amidst that, there also seemed to be something Fabian had wanted to say but could not.

Jeremy did not know where Lilian was now, but he was still certain that Fabian would not hurt Lilian.

It was just that he was very worried about his daughter’s sickness.

Moreover, there was something about Evan, who was walking beside Fabian, that felt familiar to Jeremy.

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