Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1796

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1796

However, in Fabian’s eyes, this drawing was priceless.

The cake even had the three words, “Happy Birthday, Fab.”

What beautiful lettering.

Fabian felt a delicate flower gradually blooming in his heart, and he looked at Lillian’s eyes, which shone brightly like a starry night.

“Lily, how about we eat the cake together?” Fabian invited with a smile. “You can only eat a little, though.”

Lillian pursed her lips into a soft smile then nodded.

In the quiet night, Fabian held the plate in one hand as he fed Lillian bite by bite.

Lillian smiled gleefully. Under the warm lighting of the room, she resembled a little fairy whose smile revealed sweet dimples that seemed to be able to heal Fabian.

“I’ll take care of you until you’ve completely recovered, Lily. If you’re still willing when the time comes, I can continue taking care of you after that.”

Fabian promised and reached out to ruffle the top of Lillian’s head, but at the thought  of her not having a strand of hair on her head, he could only pull his hand back and caressed her cheek instead.

“Will you let me take care of you, Lily?”  Lillian blinked and gave Fabian a serious stare.

She could not speak, but her gaze already expressed her intentions.

Fabian then saw Lillian reach out with her hand out, gently holding his hand before placing her small hand in Fabian’s palm.

Fabian’s heart quickened inexplicably. When he was about to tightly hold onto the small hand, Lillian pulled her hand back, revealing a single piece of candy lying quietly on his palm.

Candy. It had a unique meaning between them.

Fabian suddenly smiled in relief at the sight of the candy.

‘What am I thinking?

‘She’s just a five-year-old girl. There’s no way she’d have such complex thoughts.

‘She just wants to give me what she believes to be the best.

‘That’s all there is to it.’

Fabian thought silently, suddenly closing his fist, the piece of candy being held tightly in his fist as if i t was a valuable treasure.

As the night darkened, Fabian stood on his room’s balcony after putting Lillian to sleep, staring into the dark blue sky outside. He then looked back to see Lillian who was peacefully asleep, and the feeling of loneliness within him was no longer as intense.

‘I swear, Lily. I’ll make true my promise to you and help you get better and look normal again.’

Fabian swore silently as he looked at Lilian.

Fabian woke up early the next day. As usual, he first went to check on Lillian. After confirming that her condition did not worsen, he left the house.

On his way back last night, Fabian had been plagued with thoughts, and it had been dark, so he did not notice the situation near the entrance.

Now, he finally realized that the car Madeline rented was parked not far away.

Suddenly, he remembered Jeremy saying that Madeline had definitely brought  the  anti-toxoid test reagent with her, so Fabian quickly strode over to the car.

He tried to open the car doors and realized that they were unlocked. After opening the car doors, he immediately saw Madeline’s phone and purse on the passenger’s seat.

The phone was already out of battery by now. Fabian took the purse and opened it. Inside, he saw the tightly sealed syringe containing the anti- toxoid test reagent.

He was certain that this was the anti -toxoid test reagent Jeremy mentioned.

Without much thought, Fabian took Madeline’s purse and phone and got into his car, then immediately rushed to the hospital.

Jeremy had stayed by Madeline’s side the entire night. He prayed for her to wake soon, but he was also worried that Madeline would wake up with a condition that was worse than last night’s.

He still hoped that Madeline would wake up. The person he wanted to contact most now was Fabian. Jeremy was certain that Madeline had placed the anti-toxoid test reagent in her purse that she brought with her wherever she went, but the purse was nowhere to be seen. If that purse could be found, then they could relieve Madeline’s condition.

At that moment, the hospital room door was suddenly pushed open.

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