Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1797

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1797

Jeremy swiftly looked up and saw Evan walking in.

“You’re Fabian’s friend? Are you a doctor?” Jeremy slowly got up. “You must have a way to contact Fabian. Where is he?”

Without answering Jeremy’s question, Evan walked up to Jeremy, turned on his phone, and pointed at the screen.

“Is this the anti-toxoid test reagent you mentioned?” Evan showed Jeremy the picture.

Jeremy’s gaze immediately flitted over, and his eyes instantly lit up once he saw the picture.

“That’s it. Where did the picture come from?” “Fab just sent the picture to me.”


Evan nodded. “He just found the anti-toxoid test reagent in your wife’s bag, and he’s driving over here with it now.”

When Jeremy heard that, his heart, which had been suspended in mid-air, partially settled.

“How long until Fabian arrives?” Jeremy felt impatient. He was worried that Madeline would wake up before Fabian arrived. He was even more worried that her agony would be as bad as it had been last night.

Evan glanced at the time and frowned. “It’s rush hour now, so there’ll be traffic. It’ll take at least twenty minutes.”

Twenty minutes.

Right now, every minute was torture to Jeremy.

However, there was nothing Jeremy could do now but wait.

“Thank you, ” Jeremy thanked him politely.

Evan waved him off. There was more he had wanted to say, but when he saw Jeremy’s anxious expression, he gave it some thought, then turned around instead.

“Oh, right, ” Jeremy suddenly called out  to stop Evan, “you and Fabian are great friends, aren’t you? You must know about my daughter’s whereabouts, right?”

Evan had already guessed that Jeremy would ask such a question. This was the simplest deduction, after all.

He also remembered Fabian mentioning that Jeremy was an especially smart and observant man, thus he recollected his expression and emotions before he turned to meet Jeremy’s gaze.

“While Fab and I are good friends, I’ve never heard him say anything about your daughter. I believe there’s some misunderstanding between you two. Even if Fab truly does hate you and your wife, he wouldn’t vent his displeasure on a young child.”

Evan explained calmly despite his lie.

A hint of suspicion flashed through Jeremy’s deep gaze hearing Evan’s words.

He had caught onto something subtle that flickered in Evan’s expression. Jeremy was about to press further when he heard a small sound from behind.

Evan too noticed the sound. “She’s awake,” he said, calling attention to the sound.

Jeremy’s focus was immediately returned to Madeline.

He turned back to see Madeline, who was frowning and shaking her head slightly, seemingly in pain.

“Linnie? Are you awake, Linnie?” Jeremy asked gently, leaning over to hold Madeline’s hand.

Madeline’s eyelids twitched, then she slowly opened her eyes.

The sight of Jeremy’s features which suddenly appeared in her still bleary vision immediately awakened Madeline.

Although her emotions did not seem as strong as they had been last night, she just quietly looked at Jeremy and smiled.

“You’re finally here, I see.”

Madeline’s tone was sarcastic, and her gaze was chilling.

“Here I thought that you’d never come and see me even if I died. What a cruel man you are, Jeremy Whitman.”

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