Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1806

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1806

Actually, Carter too had not expected himself to show up with Ada in front of his friends and relatives in such a manner.

However, after considering the benefits, he had accepted Camille’s proposal.

He wanted to be the heir of St. Piaf, and to do that, he would need help from Ada’s family.

Similarly, Ada had assumed that she no longer had the chance to be the viscountess, nor had she expected Camille to reach out to her.

Ada finally found her value. At that moment, Ada, who was walking beside Carter, felt very confident.

She firmly believed that no other woman would be able to threaten her position as the viscountess.

Ada put on a thrilled and victorious smile while holding a bouquet, taking one step at a time as she elegantly made her way toward the banquet hall.

She tilted her head to look at Carter. On this night, he looked handsome and elegant, evoking a cool, refined aesthetic that tugged at Ada’s heartstrings.

She was finally able to be Carter’s wife —a dream she had since long ago.

Initially, she had thought that Shirley would emerge victorious, but it appeared that no one would be able to pose any threat to her status now.

Ada indulged in her thoughts, but she could hear the guests’ exclamations around them.

“It turns out that Carter’s marrying Ada.”

“This is rather surprising. No wonder the bride’s name was not mentioned on the invitation card.”

“Didn’t Camille say that no matter what happened, she would never let Ada marry into the Gray family?

“It  seems that Ada has a few tricks up her sleeves.”

Hearing the gossip made Ada feel utterly dissatisfied.

No wonder there was not even a notice board at the entrance. It turned out that the Gray family did not even publicly announce that she was Carter’s bride.

Ada was no fool. She knew that all these things reflected Carter’s unwillingness in marrying her, but she also knew that she could not voice any of her dissatisfactions.

Currently, her status was a top priority, and she could not be bothered with anything else.

The thought ameliorated Ada’s feelings.

She wanted to have a word or two to Carter, but coincidentally, his underling came to his side and whispered in his ear.

Carter listened calmly. His face betrayed no emotion, but his gaze was scanning the entire banquet hall.

Ada noticed Carter’s gaze and started observing the banquet hall. However, there were way too many guests, and she had no idea who Carter was looking for. She did not pick up anything unusual.

Ada felt curious and she heard Carter, in a soft but commanding voice, said, “Before the wedding ceremony is over, don’t let anyone out of this banquet hall.”

Ada was not stupid, and once she heard it, she deduced that Carter had been scanning the hall for a specific person.

‘But who could he be looking for?’

Ada’s gaze swept across the entire banquet hall again, but she still could not make out anyone who would be worth paying attention to.

She thought for a moment and decided to pry a few hints from Carter. She then put on the sweetest smile she had and turned around to look at him.

“Carter, are you looking for someone?”

“An important senior has shown up. I must go and properly greet him.”

Ada’s expression changed subtly. “Carter, but the wedding ceremony is about to start…”

“Can’t you handle such a trivial matter? How are you going to take care of the entire family in the future?”

Carter’s questioning uplifted Ada’s mood, banishing her depressed feelings and cheering her up.

‘That’s practically acknowledging her as the female head of the house, isn’t it?’

“In that case, please attend to your business, Carter. I’ll handle the guests, ” Ada said happily, though she was barely finished speaking when Carter walked  briskly  toward  a certain direction…

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