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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1812

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1812

“Mr. Gray, why are you so mad? I’m merely a chess piece to you. Since we were both using each other, and I didn’t mind such a relationship, then why would you be bothered about it? Could it be that, on the surface, you pretend to be unconcerned about me, but deep down, I’m always in your heart?”

Shirley’s eyes bore a hint of a soft smile, staring into Carter’s eyes.

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However, she was conflicted. She was waiting for Carter’s answer, an answer she had longed for, but in the end, all she got was Carter’s sneer.

“In my heart, there’s only my wife now,” Carter replied.

Shirley furiously clenched her fists hiding in her sleeves.


He had said it rather smoothly.

“Shirley.” Carter’s cold eyes squinted, a dangerous aura emanating from within. “Shirley, I’ll not let you live your life as you please.”

Shirley’s heart abruptly trembled, but her face continued to smile.

“I’ll wait for it, Carter. I’ll wait for the day when you won’t let me live my life as I wish.”


Carter chuckled coldly, and his palm, still clutching the back of Shirley’s neck, gripped tighter.

“Those who betray me don’t have a good end. I think you’re very clear about the way Ryan died.”

Shirley’s heart was racing. “You plan to kill me as well, then?”

” I won’t let you die.” Carter smiled but that smile hid a sinister and obscure intention. ” I’ll make you wish that you were dead.”

“Shirley, when the time comes, don’t come begging because it would be useless.”

His expression darkened as he finished speaking.

He then loosened his grip, and his cold eyes washed over Shirley’s body.

Shirley could only sit on the sofa, letting Carter’s figure instantly vanish from her sight.

Tears immediately flowed from the corners of her eyes. The warm temperature brushed the scar on her face, and, as if salt was sprinkled upon it, the pain made her heart tremble.

After a few steps, Carter stopped walking and turned to look at Shirley. Upon seeing her still sitting on the chair, not budging an inch, his gaze darkened, and Carter finally left the scene.

As for Shirley, she was unsure whether her emotion had caused the poison to flare up. She had initially thought that she was just feeling pained by Carter’s words, but now, as the pain within her was truly growing more painful, she was certain that the poison had flared up.

This was the third stage.

That bone -piercing, cold pain immediately flooded her breathing and heartbeat.

She had no way to alleviate this feeling, so she could only endure it.

She was afraid that Carter had not walked far enough and he would see her true appearance.

Ugly and deformed.

‘How am I supposed to face him?’

Currently, the only person who could save her was her brother Adam.

Shirley endured the pain as she hurriedly searched for her phone, but realized that her phone had dropped at a corner on the balcony when she had moved herself to the sofa earlier.

She could not be bothered with the pain if she were to fall onto the floor. She used all her strength to furiously drop herself against the floor.

Bang! Her elbow knocked against the cold, hard tiles, doubling her pain.

Shirley mustered her strength to crawl toward the corner of the balcony. She reached out with her long hand and finally touched her phone. With her trembling fingers, she searched for Cathy’s contact number in a daze. When she was about to dial it,

she could feel someone running toward her from behind.

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