Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman's Sinner Wife chapter 1817 - MiladoweB

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1817

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1817

Cathy stopped in her tracks. She had no idea Shirley’s hearing would be this good.

Shirley could tell that the person approaching her was Cathy and not Adam.

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Cathy could no longer sense the usual arrogance and disdain in Shirley’s tone; her tone had a hint of sincerity instead.

Cathy continued walking towards Shirley. “What would you like me to do for you?”

Shirley opened her eyes slowly. Her eyes, though smiling, were stained by a moist, red tint.

” It’s very simple. You just have to accompany me somewhere. The condition is you can’t let Adam.

A place where Adam was not allowed to know about. Cathy felt uneasy about this.

In response to Cathy’s hesitation, Shirley demanded, “Do you want to save Madeline or not?”


“She’s in a coma, no different from a living corpse. Do you want her to be like this for the rest of her life?”

Upon listening to Shirley, Cathy, worried, furrowed her brows. “Didn’t you say that this poison wouldn’t cause death? Besides, you’re infected with the same poison.”

“Indeed, it won’t cause death, but the coma which Madeline is in now wasn’t within my expectation. I’ll have to figure out the reason, and the answer lies with Carter.”

Shirley explained.

Cathy suddenly realized that Shirley was unusually calm and also appeared to be extremely serious right now.

“Stop hesitating. If you want to save Madeline,

you’d better agree to my condition. If you dither, Madeline might not wake up.”

Cathy indeed wanted Madeline to recover as soon as possible, but  Shirley’s  determination  was unsettling Cathy.

However, if this went on for too long, Madeline’s life would truly be at risk, so Cathy could not afford to hesitate.

She promised Shirley, and the following day, while Adam was busy with experiments in his laboratory, she went out with Shirley.

Cathy had no idea where Shirley wanted to go until the taxi stopped in front of the gate to the Gray Manor.

It dawned on Cathy that this was Carter’s villa in Glendale.  

It seemed that Shirley was here to find Carter. Shirley truly took the initiative to meet Carter. This caught Cathy by surprise.

Not too long ago, Shirley dared not even face Carter at his wedding, but now she wanted to meet him.

Cathy was still in shock when Shirley steered her wheelchair toward the gate.

The bodyguard stationed at the entrance noticed them and was about to intervene when Shirley spoke with a bold, ice-cold voice.

“My name is Shirley Brown. Let Carter Gray know to come out and meet me.”

Shirley’s tone shocked the bodyguard stationed at the entrance.

“Do you not understand human speech? Tell Carter Gray to come and see me, or I’ll kill his son.”

Shirley’s words not only astonished the bodyguard but also Cathy.

Shirley’s words made Cathy gradually understand the reason Shirley wanted to come here this time.

Ada, who was about to leave for shopping, happened to notice the scene outside the gate.

Ada looked at Shirley. Despite being in a wheelchair and wearing a mask over her face, Shirley’s eyes shone with haughtiness. Ada’s expression darkened, but to maintain her image as a noble viscountess, she decided to adopt an expression of surprise instead.

“Miss Brown? Is that you?” Ada asked in astonishment as she assessed Shirley from head to toe. “What happened to you, Miss Brown? Why’re you sitting… in a wheelchair?”

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