Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1824

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1824

Carter’s eyebrows snapped together.

He stared into Shirley’s cold eyes which saw him as an enemy. Without warning, he reached over and attempted to pull off her mask.

“Shirley, I’m really curious to see your expression when you say such things,” he said furiously.

Shirley immediately moved her head away to evade and raised her hand to block Carter’s hand.

“You’d better not remove my mask. Don’t blame me if you catch my flu.”

“Hah!” Carter chuckled dismissively; his gaze was so piercing that it seemed like he was about to engulf her.

In one swift motion, he pushed Shirley’s hand aside and ripped her mask off.

Shirley felt her heart stopped for a split second. She hurriedly turned her face sideways, exposing the unscarred side to Carter.

Carter was enraged when Shirley avoided his gaze.

Reaching over, he grasped Shirley’s chin and turned her head firmly in his direction.

His anger and dissatisfaction vanished the moment he saw her whole face.

He unknowingly loosened his grip on her chin as well.

“Your face… Who did this?”

Carter was clearly suppressing his anger, but he was unable to hold it for long.

“Who did this?! ”

Shirley had anticipated Carter to be shocked, and maybe even disgusted, at her hideous face, but she had not expected him to be infuriated.

She was uncertain if this was his way of showing that he cared about her.

Even if he cared, how would things change?

Shirley grabbed her mask and swiftly put it back on and then, as if nothing had happened, responded,  ” I told you not to remove my mask. I won’t be held accountable for your fright.”

Carter exploded in rage when he saw Shirley’s impassive attitude.

He grasped Shirley’s shoulders, and in a cold tone, he probed, “Shirley, I’m asking you who did this?

Who did this to your face? Was it Jeremy? It’s him, wasn’t it? There’s nobody else except him! ”

“It wasn’t Jeremy, ” Shirley denied without hesitation, “Jeremy only injected me with the

«xT6g. He didn’t do anything else.”

Carter briefly paused, and his expression darkened. “If it wasn’t him, then who could it be? Are  you on his side now? Have you fallen in love with him now that you’re spending so much time together every day? That’s why you’re acting so heartless toward me.”

Upon hearing Carter’s questioning, Shirley stared a t him and laughed aloud. “You’re wrong. I love myself most.”


“Do you still don’t get it? I came looking for you today because I don’t want to suffer again. I need the anti-toxoid test reagent. I don’t want to experience the fourth stage’s torment. I don’t mind if you won’t give it to me. You can just wait until this tiny thing dies with me.”

Shirley’s cruel words opened Carter’s eyes.

Carter had no choice but to conceal his burgeoning anger.

All these years, he knew Shirley was unaware that he cared for her.

Years ago, he had brought her home out of kindness, but over time, he grew to love her. The feeling was something he had no control over.

He was not bothered by her background or the fact that she was older than him. His only concern was that he was not good enough for her, that she

would not like him.

He had once heard that the first thing that happens when falling in love was a feeling of inferiority. He had not believed it in the past, but now he did.

Regardless of how good he had become, she still walked away without hesitation back then.

As a result, he “hated” her.

He glared at Shirley with suppressed anger and dissatisfaction.

After taking a deep breath, he asked, “I can give you the formula and ingredients for the anti-toxoid test reagent, but first, you need to tell me who did this t o your face and legs.”

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