Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1833

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1833

Realizing that Carter had come prepared, Shirley felt slightly nervous.

She knew better than anyone the power of Carter’s hypnosis.

Sometimes, he did not even require any props; he could manipulate a person’s emotions with just a look, causing the person to unwittingly lose himself in his territory.

Carter vaguely caught a hint of hesitation in Shirley’s eyes.

The corners of his mouth faintly turned up as he brought his deep, dark eyes closer to Shirley and stared at her.

“Shirley, if you really aren’t lying, then look into my eyes earnestly now.”

The tone of Carter’s voice had suddenly become as gentle as a spring breeze.

It was a type of gentle feeling that could make people unwittingly let go of their emotions and gradually allow their imaginations to enter a state of relaxation and comfort.

Shirley, who seemed to sense that Carter was attempting to hypnotize her, intuitively turned her face to avoid Carter’s eyes, but he held her chin tightly.

He forced her to look into his eyes. “Shirley, look at me.”

Carter demanded as the warmth of his every breath caressed Shirley’s face.

In what seemed to be a blink of an eye, Shirley’s eyes began to feel tired, losing the focus they had, merely staring blankly into Carter’s eyes.

Carter knew that Shirley had entered a shallow hypnotic trance which was already sufficient for his questioning.

When he was about to begin asking, Carter hesitated again.

What would he do if the answer was a yes?

In his mind, Shirley was indifferent to him because of her disfigurement and disability; he imagined that she did love him.

What if, however, the answer was not as he had expected?


The answer would be exactly as he had envisioned.

She must have pretended not to love him because she was disfigured and disabled.

In his heart, Carter repeatedly told himself the same thing while his eyes were firmly locked on Shirley’s soulless, hollow eyes.

After some time, he finally decided to give up.

Carter’s brows furrowed as he lifted his slender fingers and traced them along the scar on Shirley’s face, his heart aching unwittingly.

“Shirley, you’re exhausted. Close your eyes and go to sleep.”

He spoke to Shirley in a gentle tone.

Shirley closed her eyes obediently the next second.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Carter embraced Shirley gently against his chest before carrying her to bed.

Before covering her with a blanket, Carter could not resist placing a hand on her abdomen and holding it there for a few seconds.

Although he could not feel the presence of the child

yet, he could feel the warmth in his heart and palm.

After leaving Shirley’s room, Carter walked straight to Ada’s door.

Of course, he could not be bothered to knock. He simply thrust the door open rudely.

Ada was pondering about how to deal with Shirley when Carter suddenly appeared in her room.

When Ada saw Carter coming like an approaching storm, her heart began to race.

“Carter, regarding Ms. Brown’s incident, you’ve misunderstood me. I really haven’t done anything! I’m not sure why Ms. Brown is accusing me, but you must believe me.”

From the moment she spoke, Ada made it sound like she had been wronged.

Carter glanced coldly at Ada without bothering to ask any unnecessary questions.

“If I wanted to hear the truth from you, it would be too easy, but I don’t want to waste my time with a person like you.”

“….” As soon as Ada heard Carter’s words, she realized he was referring to hypnosis.

Yes. If Carter hypnotized her, he would find out the entire truth immediately.

Ada looked at Carter with a flustered expression, fearing that he might truly do that.

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