Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1838

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1838

Shirley had intentionally spoken those words in hope that Carter would stop bringing her for medical examinations, but Carter took her word seriously.

Across town, Adam, who had noticed that Shirley was missing, spent two consecutive days searching for her.

Watching him, Cathy felt conflicted.

It turned out that Shirley had made prior arrangements  before she left for the Gray Manor.

She left Adam a note saying that she left on her own because she was no longer interested in staying with  Adam  and  she did not  want to see him again.

In reality, however, she had asked Cathy for assistance before leaving the house.

As Cathy watched the distressed Adam searching everywhere for Shirley, her heart was unsettled.

Following two days of mental struggle, Cathy finally decided to confess.

“Adam, I’m really sorry. I was the one who brought Shirley out.”

Adam was about to leave the house in search of Shirley again when he heard Cathy’s words.

He immediately turned around and rushed up to Cathy.

“Cathy, are you telling the truth? You were the one who brought Shirley out? Where have you taken her? Where is she now?”

Adam asked several questions in a row.

When she saw the flustered and worried Adam, Cathy smiled. “You seem to care a lot for your sister. Rest assured that she’s in a place with people who’re taking care of her. She’ll be fine.”

Adam frowned. He did not bother hiding the fact that he truly cared about Shirley. Hastily, he asked, “Tell me, Cathy. Where is she?”

“This…” Cathy felt embarrassed. ” I’ve promised her that I won’t tell you.”

“Why not? Cathy, you don’t know her. In her current state, she’s likely to do something extreme. Tell me. Where exactly is Shirley now?”

Faced with Adam’s questions, Cathy was again caught in an internal struggle. “Adam, I really can’t tell you.”

“Adam, if she can’t tell you, I can.”

Just as Cathy finished speaking, a man’s voice came from the entrance.

Adam and Cathy concurrently looked up to see Carter, his presence cold and stern, walking toward them.

When Adam saw Carter, it dawned on him immediately. “Is Shirley at your place?”

Carter’s lips seemed to curl up into a smile. “Yes, she’s with me. If you wish to see her one last time, then you should come with me now.”

“One last time?” Hearing this, Adam, usually gentle and amicable, charged toward Carter aggressively.

Cathy too was worried. “Carter, what have you done to Shirley? She’s pregnant with your child now. You cannot harm her!”

The sight of the panicked Adam and Cathy contrasted with Carter’s unusually calm appearance.

“Since you’re so worried about her, just follow me.” Carter turned around after speaking.

Without hesitation, Adam and Cathy followed Carter closely and got into the car.

In the car, Adam, glaring at Carter who was sitting in the passenger seat beside the chauffeur, spoke in a harsh tone.

“Carter, if you’ve done anything to harm Shirley, I’ll make sure you regret it.”

Carter raised his eyes, looking at Adam in the rear- view mirror, and calmly said, “Tell me, what kind of regret could you possibly cause me?”

The expression in Adam’s eyes darkened, his handsome face revealing a knowing look, as he looked at Carter and spoke slowly.

“Carter, I know why you are in Glendale.”

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