Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1859

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1859

As soon as he heard that, Carter turned around hastily and strode toward Shirley’s room.

However, as Carter approached the room, his heartbeat became increasingly rapid with apprehension by the second.

The production of AXP6g had originally been intended for Madeline.

It contained a terrifying ingredient that would take effect and mutate upon entering the human body.

In the end, it would shatter the person’s soul by inducing hallucinations, forcing the person to relive their most painful and humiliating memories.

Carter’s footsteps grew heavier as these thoughts played on his mind.

He felt nervous, along with an unprecedented sense of panic.

He feared that, in a moment, he would see such a version of Shirley too.

An undignified Shirley who was trapped in her painful memories.

Carter’s thoughts ceased abruptly when he arrived a t the door of Shirley’s bedroom.

He felt a wave of inexplicable weight upon him and, for a moment, he felt weak.

Amid Carter’s hesitation, Shirley’s voice drifted from the room. She sounded confused and in pain.

“What happened to my legs? Why don’t they have any strength? Why?”

Upon hearing these words, Carter furrowed his brows. Something did not feel right.

He walked straight into the room without any further hesitation.

As Carter entered, however, all eyes turned to him suddenly.

Camille’s eyebrows were knitted deeply as she gazed at Carter with a mournful expression on her face. “She doesn’t seem to be herself. It’s like she’s forgotten everything that’s happened lately.”

Carter’s heart froze when he heard that. Indeed, she had forgotten.

Indeed, the final stage of the poison was tormenting in that manner.

Carter’s brows snapped together into a deep frown. Carter, intending to talk with this version of Shirley in private, was about to tell everyone to leave the room.

However,  Shirley’s eyes met his gaze, and suddenly, her expression changed. She looked so helpless and weak, and so forlorn.

“Carter, my legs… My legs seem to be disabled.”

Carter had not expected Shirley to address himself i n that tone at this particular time.

Bewildered, he looked at Shirley whose eyes were welling with tears. After several seconds of silence, Carter tentatively asked, “Shirley?”

Shirley, who did not seem to reject or feel estranged by the way Carter had addressed her, nodded and looked at Carter expectantly.

“Carter, what happened to my legs? Why can’t I move at all?”

A sense of realization crept into Carter’s heart. He glanced over at Camille, who had an equally bewildered expression on her face, and gave her a knowing look.

Camille understood, then immediately instructed the servants to leave the room. When she turned around, she saw Ada, who was grudgingly standing at the side, gritting her teeth, and Camille went straight to Ada and dragged her away.

As the door closed, Carter and Shirley were left alone in the room.

Shirley looked like a frightened fawn at this moment; the charming and tough personality she had in the past was gone.

She looked at Carter, her almond-shaped eyes filled with tears.

“Carter, my legs…”

Carter hurried over to the bedside. Wrapping his arms around Shirley’s shoulders, he tenderly reassured her, “Don’t be afraid. I’m here. Your legs will recover soon. I promise.”

“But what happened to my legs? Why are they like this all of a sudden? I can’t remember anything, Carter…”

Carter had never dreamed that there would be a day when Shirley would call out his name like this.

His heart wavered slightly as his arms tightened around Shirley.

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