Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1863

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1863

Carter, who had suddenly appeared, immediately turned around after speaking.

Madeline and Jeremy exchanged glances and, with tacit understanding, strode forward.

Shortly after, Carter arrived in front of the house that had caught fire the previous night.

Before the accident, he had indeed restricted Cathy and Adam’s movements, enforcing them to remain in this house.

It had never occurred to him that something like this would happen last night, but he felt that it was a human act.

Staring at the burnt ruins before her, Madeline could not help thinking about the fire that had taken place at Montgomery Manor.

During that time, the most painful part of the situation had been her believing Jeremy to be the one who set the fire. Of course, it was equally painful when she had thought that her biological parents were killed in that fire.

Fortunately, though, it was all just a scheme.

Madeline felt a painful tug in her heart as she thought about Adam and Cathy dying here last night.

She truly hoped that Adam and Cathy’s accident was also only a scheme, that they were, in fact, safe and sound.

“Carter, did you keep Adam and Cathy locked in this house, preventing them from leaving?” Jeremy’s interrogative tone pulled Madeline out of her contemplation.

Madeline cast a questioning glance at the indifferent-looking Carter.

Despite Jeremy and Madeline’s scrutiny and skeptical gazes, Carter remained completely unmoved.

” I kept them here because they were useful to me. Thus, I had no reason to burn them to death, dirtying my place in the process.”

“Carter, you’re ridiculous. Do you think that saying that would exempt you of your relation to this?” The expression on Madeline’s face grew a few shades darker. “Two human lives were lost because of you, and you intend to escape responsibility with

just two simple sentences?”

“Responsibility? What sort of responsibility do I have?” Carter retorted. “I had them here to help me in my matters. Now that something has happened to them, I’m the one who’s suffering the biggest loss.”


Jeremy interrupted Carter in a chilly tone; a piercing stare shot out of Jeremy’s cold eyes.

“I won’t let my friends die without a clear understanding.”

Carter seemed to pause for a while, then smiled. “

That would be best. I,  too, want to get to the bottom of this and figure out who had disrupted my original plan.”

His smile was faint, and his beautiful eyes had no trace of warmth or remorse.

Two people had died before him, but to Carter, their deaths seemed to be nothing more than the withering of flowers and plants. Their deaths were not worth mentioning.

As long as he could accomplish his goals, all humans, matters, and objects were nothing but air.

There was no conscience or humanity in him.

A sudden wave of chill swept through Madeline. She found it unbelievable. Was this really the man who had rescued her out at sea the last time?


Maybe he never thought about saving her.

Perhaps he had known she was Jeremy’s woman beforehand. Therefore, all his actions had been planned.

Madeline did not feel her speculations were far- fetched. She had not understood Carter at first, but now that he had revealed his true colors, it was truly spine-chilling.

Carter, noticing that Madeline had been staring at him, took a step toward her, his thin lips curling up slightly.

” It appears that AXP6g’s anti-toxoid test reagent has had a positive effect on your body. She’s really a genius. Within a short span of time, she managed to develop a perfect and effective anti-toxoid test reagent.”

Carter was obviously referring to Shirley when he used the word “she”.

Hearing that, Madeline’s lips pursed slightly, and her beautiful eyes flashed with cold contempt.
“You play with the lives of others in your hands, yet you seem proud instead of guilty. In some sense, you and Shirley are indeed a perfect match.”

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