Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1865

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1865

Although Madeline only had a fleeting glimpse of the figure flashing past, intuitively, it felt very familiar to Madeline.

Madeline ignored Jeremy, who reached out a hand to wipe her tears, and quickly walked out.

“Linnie.” Jeremy found this odd and immediately caught up to her.

Once outside, Jeremy immediately spotted a woman walking away hurriedly.

Although he could not recognize the figure from the back, he too found it familiar.

Suddenly, an image of a particular person’s face flashed across Jeremy’s mind. “Ada?”

“That’s her,” Madeline confirmed as she quickened her pace to catch up to Ada who was rushing off hastily.


Madeline strode up to Ada and obstructed Ada’s path.

Ada had no choice but to stop.

She looked impatiently at Madeline, who was standing firmly in front of her, and rolled her eyes. ” Don’t stand in my way, Eveline. Are you aware of my current status?”

Madeline studied Ada’s smug and arrogant appearance, then raised her pair of beautiful cold eyes.

“Of course, I’m aware of your status. You’re merely Carter’s wife in name.”

A look of dissatisfaction flashed across Ada’s arrogant face.

She had not expected that even Madeline knew that Ada was merely Carter’s wife in name.

Upon noticing Ada appearing to be going through some mental struggle, Madeline looked at her calmly.

“Carter married you, but he cares for another woman instead—he has even fathered a child with her. In light of this plain fact, will anyone still believe that Carter regards you as his wife? “

“You…” Ada’s anger was ignited instantly. “What are you trying to do, Eveline? Did you come here deliberately just to make fun of me or something?”

“I don’t have time to make fun of you, nor will I do anything else,” Madeline said and glanced toward the burned house behind Ada. ” I just want to find out why you were sneaking at the door and looking into the house suspiciously just now.”

” ” Ada was momentarily stunned.  Instinctively, her guilty gaze avoided Madeline’s beautiful eyes. A few seconds had passed before she finally opened her mouth to speak in a domineering tone.

“What a joke! I’m Mrs. Gray of this family. The entire villa belongs to me. I’ve had too much to eat and was bored, so I decided to go for a walk in the garden of my own villa. Is that something I need to report to an outsider like you?”

After a series of angry retorts, Ada snorted coldly.

“What a troublesome early morning. People coming in and out, all merely because of the death of two insignificant outsiders. Is it worth all the excitement?”

Madeline’s emotional state had initially calmed down, but when she heard the way Ada had described Cathy and Adam, the suppressed anger in her flared up immediately.

Seeing Ada about to leave, Madeline reached out with an arm, grabbed Ada’s wrist, and pulled her forward.

Ada softly cried in pain. She was contemplating to struggle when Madeline, who was standing in front of her, startled her with a piercing glare.

“What did you just say?! Say it again! What do you mean they were just two insignificant, dead outsiders?! How is it that everybody related to the Gray family, except for Carter’s mother, so inhumane? Do two human lives worth nothing in your eyes?”

Ada, who refused to be restrained by Madeline this way, shouted furiously.

“They were indeed merely two persons of no concern. What do they have to do with me? Who cares whether they’re dead or not? It’s better if they’re dead! That way, my house will be more peaceful, and Shirley can forget about restoring her appearance or standing up again!” After yelling those words out loud, Ada felt more at ease in her heart. However, barely a few seconds had passed when she realized that she might have divulged more information than she should.

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