Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1867

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1867

Ada had initially turned around, about to leave, but when she heard Madeline’s words, her obstinate temper flared.

She turned around defiantly and when she saw Madeline already sitting on the sofa without being invited to, Ada immediately resumed her appearance as Mrs. Gray and scoffed.

“I don’t need you to remind me how the Gray family receives their guests. You, though, have a complete lack of manners when visiting people’s homes. You came in and sat down straightway.

Have you got my permission? I’m the female hostess of this family.”

“Female hostess of this family?” Madeline smirked as she looked around. “I don’t see any hostess around. I do see a pitiful woman here claiming to be the hostess of the family, though.”

The persistence in Ada’s smile crumpled suddenly, and she glared furiously at Madeline. “Eveline, it seems like you’re here to cause me trouble, aren’t you?”

Madeline gave another smirk upon hearing that. ” You have utterly no value to this family. Is there anything about you that’s worth my time to find trouble with?”

“You…” Ada was so furious that she nearly had an outburst!

This was clearly a deliberate attempt in provoking her! “Eveline, you…”

“Mrs. Whitman, what are you doing here again?” Camille appeared suddenly behind Ada.

Madeline’s impression of Camille was the same as she had remembered; noble and graceful, Camille had a magnanimous and dignified appearance.

Madeline stood up, remembering how Camille had helped her evade Carter’s tracking.

“Madam Gray, we meet again, ” Madeline greeted in a polite and friendly manner.

Camille returned her smile and nodded. “Indeed, we meet again. We had met yesterday, Mrs. Whitman. Are you here again today for your two friends who passed away in the fire?”

As Camille spoke, she motioned for Madeline to sit down and instructed a servant to prepare tea and snacks, completely ignoring Ada who was standing at the side.

That further fuelled the fury in Ada’s heart.

That exchange had proven Madeline to be correct— Ada’s position in this family was completely non- existent!

Even her mother-in-law disregarded her as if she were nothing more than air!

“Yes, I’m here today again because of my two friends, ” Madeline explained the purpose of her visit, casting an ambiguous yet piercing glance over Ada’s face.

“Because, from the very beginning, I believe that it was no mere accident—it was man-made.”

“That’s absolutely impossible, ” Camille denied outrightly, “no one could create such an accident. “

“How can you be so certain, Madam Gray?” Madeline gave her a puzzled look.

Ada, however, interrupted Camille’s reply with a sudden, cold laugh.

“Mrs. Whitman, by saying that this was a man-

made accident, aren’t you implying that my husband Carter deliberately caused this tragedy?

“The entire villa is aware that Carter had brought Adam and Cathy back. Carter was also clearly not satisfied with the both of  them, which was why he’d confined them in that small house located on the villa’s side grounds. If you put it that way, Carter becomes the only suspect in this case.”

The moment Ada finished her sentence, Camille’s expression turned dark.

“If  you don’t know how to speak properly, keep quiet so that no one would think that you’re dumb!”

Ada pursed her lips. She had wanted to add a few more words to clear any suspicions on herself, but considering Camille’s current mannerism, it would be unwise to speak again.

Madeline, however, gave Ada a skeptical look after she heard those words. “It seems that not only you have a low EQ but you also have a low IQ Mrs. Gray.

“What?” Ada glared indignantly at Madeline. ” Eveline, is that the way you should speak? Are you mocking me?”

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