Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1872

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1872

The first reason was to expose Ada; the second reason was that she wanted to see Shirley.

Madeline followed behind them and arrived at Shirley’s room.

Although she did not go in, she saw Carter looking worried as he hurried to the side of Shirley’s bed.

He did not look as fierce and ruthless as he had been in front of Ada. He went up to Shirley, who seemed terrified, and pulled her into his arms, gently comforting her.

“Shirley, don’t be scared. I’m here, ” Carter comforted patiently.

One would know that Shirley held an important place in his heart upon seeing his worried expression.

“Fire! There’s a fire! Carter, I saw a huge fire! Addy was in the fire and he was burned alive! ”

Shirley grabbed Carter’s collar as she continued to murmur in terror.

“Addy can’t die. I promised mom and dad to take care of him. He can’t die, Addy can’t die…”

“He’s not dead, Shirley. Adam’s not dead. ” Carter patiently comforted Shirley who was increasingly losing control of her emotions.

“He’s dead. They’re all dead. There’s also a girl named Cathy…”

Shirley’s almond-shaped eyes were wide, and they were welling up with tears.

“Cathy? Who’s Cathy? Why can’t I remember? I think she was always with me. Where is she? She was also burned alive! ”

“No, she’s not dead either. Shirley,  they’re not dead. Stop overthinking. There’s no fire. You’re just having a bad dream.”

Carter remained patient, but Shirley’s expression remained frightened.

Camille was disquieted by the scene before her.

“Carter, what’s wrong with her? Could it be that the incident set her off?”

Carter could not help but frown upon hearing that.

He knew that even though Adam and Cathy’s deaths were a great emotional blow to Shirley, she would not turn out like this because something had triggered her.

She was behaving like this because of AXP6g.

When AXP6g reached its final stage, it would make the individual injected with it remember certain heart-rending memories.

However, throughout this misfortune,  the fortunate thing was that Shirley became closer to Carter.

This could perhaps be the side effect of AXP6g, but Carter could not figure out the particulars of it either.

“Carter, why don’t we take her back to St. Piaf? If this goes on, she won’t be able to care for the child in her,” Camille suggested.

Carter looked at Shirley who was leaning against his arms, seeking comfort, and he seemed to fall into deep thought.

“ I am not doing this entirely for the grandchild of the Grays’ eldest son,” Camille explained, worried that Carter might misunderstand her.

“Back then, she didn’t come to us by coincidence. Perhaps this is fate. All those years ago, I’ve watched as the two of you got closer to each other,

and she’s smart and sensible. I’ve already treated her as if she’s my own child. I’ve even figured that she’ll become one of us properly one day.”

Camille sighed softly after speaking. With a gentle gaze, she looked at Shirley, whose face was terror- stricken.

“I was furious when she left without notice back then, but I can’t bear to see her in this present state. Carter, let’s take her back to St. Piaf first.”

After pondering for a while, Carter nodded gently. “ We’ll do as you’ve said. We’ll leave in two days.”

“Okay, I’ll make the arrangements now.” Camille turned around after speaking. When she reached downstairs, she noticed that Madeline was gone, and she figured Madeline had left herself. However, Madeline had not left. She had gone into the closet and waited. When she heard Carter’s footsteps leaving Shirley’s room, she cautiously left the closet and opened the door to Shirley’s room…

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