Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1906

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1906

Madeline then knew why her emotions were affected—it was Carter’s hypnosis again.

“Carter, you’re the noble Viscount of St. Piaf, and you’re also highly educated. Why can’t you be a straightforward and upright person?” Madeline looked at him in contempt.

Although Carter did not show any emotion despite his hypnotism was interrupted, he glared at Shirley.

Shirley, however, looked back at him fearlessly because she had seen through everything. If she was not afraid of death, what else would she be afraid of?

“What can truly be considered straightforward and upright?” Carter asked Madeline in disdain. “Were the things Jeremy had done to you straightforward and upright?”

“Carter, don’t try to distract me with the things that happened between me and my husband in the past. We don’t need your meddling. You ought to mind your own business.”

“My own business? Mrs. Whitman, pray tell, what business of mine needs your concern?”

Carter asked. There was a faint smile on his handsome face, but that smile did not look friendly at all.

“Carter, you’re asking me? Why did you go find my husband? Aren’t you making a fuss out of nothing?”

“Oh, that.” Carter looked as if he came to a realization. “ I’ve warned you about that before, so why are you asking me again?”

Carter said slowly and walked to the side of the bed. His eyes were fixed on Shirley’s face, then his gaze darkened.

“I’ve said that I want to avenge my innocent child. I won’t let my child’s sacrifice be in vain.”

Intense hatred shot out from Carter’s eyes as he spoke.

Shirley bit her lip. “Carter, I gave up on that child myself. It had nothing to do with anyone else.”

“Nothing? You’re telling me that it has nothing to do with anyone else?” Carter laughed. “If Jeremy hadn’t injected the AXP69 poison into your body, you wouldn’t have given up on our child.

“If you hadn’t tried to get the AXP69’s anti-toxoid test reagent for Eveline, you wouldn’t have used our child to deceive me, to get the ingredient for the anti-toxoid test reagent.”

Carter suppressed his anger. He looked into Shirley’s gradually reddening eyes and asked his last question.

“We’ve reached this stage and you’re still telling me that our child’s death had nothing to do with them? Huh?”

Shirley pressed her lips together, sobbing, and said, “They had nothing to do with this. I developed the poison and you gave the order.”

“Carter, you got one thing right. Our child was innocent, but you and I are not. We brought this upon ourselves. Thankfully that child is gone, otherwise, he’d also feel ashamed for having parents like us.”

After listening to what Shirley said, Carter’s face darkened immediately.

“ Shirley Brown. ” Carter coldly spat out Shirley’s name through his thin lips.

Shirley looked at the enraged man neither obsequiously nor superciliously.

“Carter, I’ve come to my senses now, and so should you. We were the ones at fault, and we killed our child. We can’t blame anyone.”

Shirley lifted her red eyes and looked at Madeline at one side.

“Eveline, I hope it’s not too late for me to do this. I won’t ask for your forgiveness. I don’t deserve it anyway.”

Shirley’s eyes grew solemn as she spoke.

“Eveline, you should leave. Don’t come to me anymore. I’m grateful that you and Jeremy chose to believe me in the end. I finally know how it feels to be a good person instead of a bad person. Thank you. Go now. Don’t concern yourself with me anymore. Go.”

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