Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman's Sinner Wife chapter 1908 - MiladoweB

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1908

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1908

“Glendale isn’t the only shortcut for you to obtain the right to rule. You have other shortcuts too.”

Camille’s graceful and beautiful eyebrows had an additional hint of worldliness that showed she was thinking ahead.

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Carter was confused when he heard what Camille said. “Another shortcut?”

“Yes. ” Camille nodded, then walked up to Carter and whispered.

After hearing that, Carter’s eyebrows furrowed further.

“Carter, I know that you’re unconvinced and that it’s hard to let this go, but perhaps that child is not destined to be with us, so stop clinging onto the child.”

Camille advised and then lifted her hand to pat Carter’s shoulder.

“Get ready and get Shirley. We’ll go back in two days. We can’t waste any more time.”

“Perhaps it’s time to go back, ” said Carter suddenly. However, something changed in his eyes.

He looked in the direction where Madeline left and narrowed his long eye.

Madeline had wanted to speak with Shirley about something, but she had not expected Carter to show up so quickly.

Furthermore, judging from Shirley’s reaction, she was still scared of that man. Otherwise, her hand would not have plummeted in temperature at that moment.

Madeline had also sensed that Shirley wanted to leave Carter, but she could not take Shirley away just like that.


Madeline thought about what Shirley could not finish saying. “Eveline, listen, you and your family will be in danger, especially…”

“Especially what?”

Madeline asked herself but she could not find the answer.

She went back to her home and saw her youngest son playing with Cathy’s children. That scene seemed very sweet.

When she thought about Cathy, however, her eyes turned red against her volition.

“Mommy.” Pudding saw Madeline and ran toward her shakily with his stubby legs.

Madeline immediately opened her arms and went up to him to pick him up into her arms.

However, when she lifted her eyes, she saw the siblings watching Pudding getting pampered by his mother, then Madeline let go of Pudding and walked up to the children.

Madeline squatted and touched the siblings’ hands with a warm smile.

“Jan, Juan, do you like cake?”

“Yes! Mommy’s cakes are the best!” Jan said, blinking his clear, big eyes.

Madeline smiled softly. “Should we bake a cake?”

“Will Mommy come home after we bake the cake?” the child asked innocently.

Madeline felt her heart aching upon hearing that.

However, at this moment, she had no choice but to feed the children with white lies.

“Of course. When Jan and Juan have made a delicious cake, your mommy will come home.”

When the siblings heard this, cheerful smiles appeared on their small faces.

“We’ll definitely make a very delicious cake for Mommy to eat.”

“Yes! ”

The children had joyous smiles on their faces, and in the next second, they held hands and walked further into the house.

Madeline suppressed her sad emotions and held the hand of her youngest son to walk into the house as well.

After baking the cake, Madeline looked at the time. It was almost time to pick Jackson up from school.

Although Carter seemed to want to take action against Jeremy, Madeline felt that he wanted to start with the children. That was why she would take Jackson to and from school every day.

Madeline arrived at the school as the school hours ended. When the bell rang, Madeline waited at the entrance. However, after a long while, she did not see Jackson coming out.

Madeline felt something was not amiss, so she walked into the school.

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