Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 461-470

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 461

When Madeline heard voices, she turned around slowly. Eloise and Sean were looking at her with smiles on their faces.

Despite their smiles, they still could not hide the emotions and uneasiness in their eyes.

It had already come to this, so Madeline did not want to beat around the bush anymore.

“I’m guessing that you already know about it, right?” Madeline asked calmly.

Sean and Eloise were stumped for words. They looked at Madeline in shock after she asked that question.

After a few moments of silence, Eloise said cautiously, “Miss Vera—”

“Miss Vera,” Madeline repeated this name, interrupting Eloise with a smile. “Shouldn’t you be calling me Eveline Montgomery now?”



Eloise and Sean’s breaths hitched when they heard that.

They stared blankly at the cute smiling face in front of them. At that moment, tears started pouring out from their eyes.


Eloise was crying heavily as she ran over to Madeline emotionally. Her remorseful and apologetic eyes were filled with love and benevolence, enveloping Madeline warmly.

After a while, Eloise reached out a trembling finger and placed it on Madeline’s face gently.

She caressed Madeline’s flawless face gladly as she felt the warm touch on her fingertips. Eloise bit her lip and held her daughter while feeling distressed.

“My child! My baby daughter!” Eloise called out uncontrollably while holding Madeline tightly.

“Eveline, I’ve finally found you. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry!”

She was crying as she apologized, her voice sounding extremely shaky.

Sean’s eyes were red as he walked toward Madeline. He said with a sob, “Child, I’m sorry too. I’m so sorry.”

He apologized sincerely with a sorry gaze.

Sean lifted his hand, and after hesitating for a few seconds, he placed it on top of Madeline’s head before caressing her lovingly.

Madeline was motionless and unperturbed while she was showered by Eloise and Sean’s apology and love. There was no emotion on her face, and it was only her eyelashes that fluttered.

She did not fight them nor did she welcome their hugs. She merely allowed Eloise to hold her and Sean to caress her hair motionlessly. She allowed them to express the love and remorse they felt for Eveline Montgomery that had piled up after so many years.

After a while, Eloise finally released Madeline from her embrace reluctantly after Madeline’s phone started ringing.

She quickly wiped away her tears, her eyes focused on Madeline’s face.

Madeline looked at the caller ID and switched her phone into silent mode.

Eloise then ordered the maids, “Brew some black tea of the highest quality and fetch us some snacks.”

“Yes, Madam.” The maid quickly carried out her orders.

“Eveline, sit down. Let me take a good look at you.” Eloise approached her with tears in her eyes, reaching out her hand to hold Madeline’s. She wanted to pull Madeline to the sofa. However, before she could warm up her daughter’s hands, Madeline pulled away.

Eloise was stunned as she looked at Madeline with a disappointed gaze. “Eveline…”

“I’m leaving soon. Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery, you don’t have to entertain me so courteously.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 462

When Eloise and Sean heard how Madeline addressed them, they looked at her worriedly and were at a loss.

Eloise called out with a broken heart, “Eveline…”

Madeline smiled lightly, lifting her beautiful eyes to look around. She walked to the European-styled sofa and ran her fingers across the surface.

“That time, you guys invited me for dinner for Meredith’s sake and were willing to be courteous just to entertain an enemy like me. You guys must feel extremely uncomfortable now that the tables have turned, right?”

Eloise and Sean felt even more distressed when they heard that.

Madeline smiled calmly, saying, “Mrs. Montgomery, you asked me whether I found my parents after so many years.”

As she looked into Eloise’s apologetic gaze, she continued, “Mrs. Montgomery, do you remember what my answer was?”


“I said I found them, but we can’t reunite because even though I was standing right in front of them, they wouldn’t want to acknowledge me.”

Eloise’s eyes were bright red as she held Madeline’s hands with tears streaming down her face. “Eveline, please let me explain. Eveline…”

Madeline smiled. “You don’t have to explain. I’m not blaming you for anything. I just want to say that maybe we’re not fated to be family members.”

“No, Eveline. Don’t say that. It’s our fault. We shouldn’t have let that witch Meredith misguide us. We should have been able to tell who’s our real daughter…”

“Eveline, please give us a chance to make it up to you.”

Sean walked over, his handsome face filled with pain and sadness.

“Eveline, it has been so many years and we’ve never forgotten about you. Before Meredith’s existence, your mother would think about you every night and would wonder if you’re doing well. We preserved your room in this big house. Your mother would clean it meticulously every day so that one day you could come home.”


Madeline laughed.

“Is this my home? It looks so foreign. This isn’t my home.”

She laughed while looking at Eloise and Sean’s red tear-pooled eyes before turning her face coldly. Her eyes had become chilly.

“Perhaps when you first found out that Madeline was your daughter, you experienced a blow of remorse, but there was joy in finally knowing the truth, right? However, all it gave me was pain.”

Eloise and Sean felt as if a knife had sliced their hearts open after they heard that. The fiery pain was burning in their hearts.


They had made their daughter feel pain.

They had a lot of apologies stuck in their throats, but perhaps everything they said now would be futile.

Madeline turned around and smiled sarcastically. “You might not know this, but I knew you were my birth parents the day I was accused of killing Brittany.”


Eloise and Sean widened their eyes in disbelief as they felt excruciating pain in their hearts.

Looking at the pained and lost expression on the couple’s faces, Madeline laughed and let out a long sigh. “When you were hitting and yelling at me for Meredith’s sake, I had no choice but to accept the punishments given to me by the people closest to me.”


“I was fully conscious as I gritted my teeth. You were defending that heartless liar with all you got. You believed her lies and were so certain that I was the one who killed your adopted daughter, Brittany. You called me an animal. Even when I was in despair, I never cried. Do you know why?”

Madeline took a deep breath. “Because I didn’t have the courage to cry. I was worried that my tears would blur my vision. I wanted to take a good look at my parents before I died even though they hated me to the bone.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 463

After Madeline said that, Eloise was already crying hysterically. On the other hand, Sean could not control his tears anymore.

They remembered when they went to see Madeline in the conjugal room the time Brittany was murdered.

Madeline’s face had appeared white and haggardly. That image kept on appearing in their heads, as well as their brutal and cruel treatment toward her.

They had cursed and slapped Madeline all to defend Meredith. Sean even slapped Madeline who was already weak so hard that she collapsed to the floor.

Their hearts were hurting now as they thought back to it.

They could not endure the pain in their hearts that was caused by remorse.

Eloise and Sean could not imagine how strong Madeline had to be to not cry in that situation.

At this moment, Madeline was as tough and strong as she used to be. She smiled lightly when she recalled her miserable past.

“It’s all in the past. I don’t want to look into anything anymore.”

She smiled lightly as a disappointed glint appeared in her eyes.

“I don’t blame you for being fooled by Meredith’s meticulous ruse. I’m just upset that my birth parents were unable to distinguish right from wrong. You even chose to side with her and defend her after you knew how many inhumane things she had done.”


“When that pendant fell from me, I stole Mrs. Montgomery’s toothbrush from the hospital to check our DNAs. I knew there was a peculiar relationship between us, but you were so sure that I was the one who stole Meredith’s pendant. Perhaps it was fate. I’m destined to meet but not fated to be together with my parents.”

After Madeline said that, her disappointed gaze scanned Eloise’s body. Then, she looked at Sean who was feeling extremely remorseful.

“Despite having no chance to experience the love from my parents, I still want to thank you for bringing me to this world. The thing I longed for the most in this world is to have parents. The person I loved the most in this world was already destined to not be mine. I won’t make demands like how I used to back then.”

After she said that, Madeline turned around without holding back.

“Eveline! Eveline!” Eloise wailed and ran up to her with Sean following behind, but Madeline did not stop.

From the back, she looked carefree. However, tears were threatening to spill from Madeline’s eyes even though Sean and Eloise could not see.

The dim streetlight blurred her vision, but she was still walking carefreely.

Eloise ran outside and watched as Madeline’s car sped away.

At this moment, Eloise finally collapsed and knelt on the icy ground. Tears of sadness and remorse poured from her eyes as she pleaded. “Eveline, my Eveline… I’m sorry. I’m so sorry!”

Sean knelt on the ground with one knee in remorse. He held Eloise who was wailing uncontrollably.

Then, it started snowing lightly with snowflakes fluttering around them. The bone-chilling coldness penetrated their bodies, but it could never compare to the sadness and pain in their hearts.

Madeline’s phone rang on the way home.

She turned to look and saw Jeremy’s name on the caller ID.

She ignored it before blocking Jeremy’s number without hesitation.

When she was back in the apartment, she took a shower and went to bed.

The next morning, Madeline received Felipe’s call. She got up, cleaned herself, and went to Whitman Corporation.

When Madeline got there, a gentle smile appeared on Felipe’s handsome face. His bright eyes that looked like onyxes were twinkling softly.

Madeline smiled back at him before bringing Felipe to the office that used to belong to Jeremy.

Felipe looked at the scene outside the french window and saw the snow fluttering among the skyscrapers and onto the nooks and crannies of the bustling city. He was able to capture all those in his eyes.

He lifted the corners of his lips as a rare smile appeared on his face. “This position never belonged to Jeremy in the first place.”

There was a hint of dissatisfaction in Felipe’s voice, as well as a trace of anger in his eyes.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 464

Madeline could understand his dissatisfaction. After all, how could reputation mend the pain and ache of a destroyed family?

Felipe turned around and looked at Madeline. The ominous glint in his eyes disappeared quickly and there was just gentleness left.

“Vera, from now on, everything will belong to us.”

Madeline smiled and nodded. “It’s yours. After all, it’s the Whitmans’ property. I never wanted to take over this company. Now that it’s back to you, it’s going back to its rightful owner.”

Felipe was shocked. “You don’t want any of this?”

“The thing I want the most right now is to see Jeremy dispirited while having nothing,” Madeline said and frowned as if she was in deep thought.

“However, I keep feeling like the reason why I could hack into Jeremy’s computer so easily to transfer the stocks and important information is that he’s purposely allowing me to do so.”

“You’re saying that he knows you’d do this but he didn’t stop you?” Felipe frowned.

Madeline was quiet. What Jeremy said that day kept replaying in her head. ‘The person I’ve loved this entire time is you.’

“Vera, Vera?”


Madeline came back to her senses as she lifted her head to look into Felipe’s gentle eyes.

Felipe asked in concern, “What are you thinking about?”

“Felipe, can you not touch Whitman Manor?” Madeline asked with a pleading tone.

Felipe frowned, looking at Madeline solemnly before grabbing her shoulders. “Vera, don’t be fooled by that old man. Back then, in order to get the Whitmans’ estate, he schemed to kill my parents. It’s evident that he’s not a nice person.”

After Madeline heard that, she was silent.

‘Is Grandpa someone who’d do anything just to get what he wants?

‘If he is, then why did he care for an outsider like me so benevolently?

‘Even though he knows I’m back for revenge, he still supported me.’

“Vera.” Felipe’s gentle voice caressed her ear like the spring breeze.

When Madeline came back to her senses, Felipe was already holding her hands.

The man was smiling softly with his eyes filled with emotions.

“Vera, you keep saying that I saved you throughout these three years. However, you have no idea that you’re the one who saved me.”

“Hm?” Madeline did not understand what Felipe was saying.

Felipe did not explain much. He only held her hands gently with a gaze that was even more passionate than before.

“Now that everything’s been sorted, I only have one wish. I hope you can marry me and become my wife. I will cherish you and protect you in this lifetime. I’ll give the best to you and Lily. Vera, will you marry me?”

Madeline knew Felipe had liked her this entire time, but aside from gratitude and appreciation, she did not have any romantic feelings for him.

However, she had told herself that if Felipe were to propose one day, she would not reject him.

After pondering about this, Madeline came back to her senses.

Madeline smiled when she looked at Felipe’s expectant gaze.

Right as she was about to say yes, a stern and overbearing voice sounded from the office. “She doesn’t want to.”

Madeline was taken aback. Then, she lifted her gaze and saw Jeremy’s icy expression as he strode over to her domineeringly.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 465

Madeline was shocked by Jeremy’s sudden appearance. However, for some reason, she let out a sigh of relief.

Felipe was annoyed as his profession of love and proposal was abruptly interrupted. A hint of anger appeared in his gentle black eyes. “Jeremy, why are you here? You no longer have a position here.”

Jeremy’s narrow eyes stared straight at Felipe, then his eyes landed on Madeline’s face.

When he met her cold stare, his gaze turned soft.

“I know you hate me and you want me to die. I accept all kinds of revenge from you, but I won’t allow you to be with him… Let alone get married to him.”

Jeremy had no room for negotiation in his tone, and there was a domineering aura in his dark eyes.

When Madeline was about to say something, she heard Felipe chuckling behind her.

“You won’t allow this?” he laughed as he questioned, “Who are you to not allow this? Did you forget how you used to treat Maddie? What were you doing when she was sick and injured? You were having the time of your life with another woman. When she was all alone and yearning for an ounce of your trust, what did you do? You asked her to die.

“Jeremy, just ask yourself, who are you to interfere with Maddie’s business? She’s not related to you anymore. Plus, you’re not worthy of her.”

Jeremy knitted his eyebrows together when he listened to what Felipe said. His eyes darkened, and he even lost the courage to look at Madeline.

Felipe smirked when he saw Jeremy lowering his head dispiritedly.

He lifted his arm and draped it across Madeline’s shoulder. “Vera, let’s go.”

Madeline nodded, her cold eyes scanning Jeremy’s side profile.

She saw that Jeremy was pressing his lips tightly, his handsome stained with a trace of bitterness that she had never seen before.

Madeline did not ponder about what Jeremy was thinking at this moment. She left the office with Felipe without hesitating.

Jeremy stood where he was for a very long time in low spirits. Finally, there were some emotions on his handsome face. However, it was only endless pain and regret.

After he left Whitman Corporation, Jeremy drove his car aimlessly. Finally, he stopped his car by the beach at April Hill.

At this moment while looking at the endless sea, the memories of him hurting Madeline kept replaying in his mind.

She had been crying helplessly as she begged him. She loved him so much but could not help but to only admire him from a distance. He could not get rid of these memories no matter how he tried.

Jeremy closed his eyes when a bone-chilling wind blew past him. When he opened them again, his eyes were red. His Adam’s apple bobbed as he sobbed soundlessly.

The snow fell on his shoulder, and gradually, he was being enveloped by cold air.

Jeremy stood motionlessly as he faced the sea. It felt as if the waves were crashing against his heart. Then, painful ripples started spreading wider and wider.

He did not know how long he stood there. He eventually went home after he received a call from Karen telling him there was an emergency at home.

Jeremy did not want to bother himself with the matter, but when Karen told him it was about Madeline, he immediately sped back to Whitman Manor.

The moment he walked into the door, Karen ran in front of him frantically. “Jeremy, is that woman insane? Not only does she want to take over the entire Whitman Corporation with Felipe, but she even wants to take Whitman Manor as well! Those shameless adulterers, she—”

“Shut up,” Jeremy interrupted her impatiently, his cool demeanor shocking Karen instantly.

Karen pursed her lips together in dissatisfaction. “Did I say something wrong? If she can do it, then I’m not allowed to say it? Hmph, what have we done to her? She deserved all of those things that happened to her back then. Why is she back to seek revenge from us now?”

Jeremy knitted his eyebrows together with an icy gaze. “You still have the nerve to say all of those things?”

“…” Karen did not dare to make a sound.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 466

“If this will make Madeline feel better, anything is possible.”

“W-What? Jeremy, what did you say?” Karen widened her eyes in shock. “You despise that woman so much, so why are you… Did you really fall in love with Madeline?”

Jeremy did not answer Karen. However, his softened gaze was the best answer.

“I’ll find a suitable place for you to move out soon. Don’t annoy me if there’s nothing urgent.”

After he finished saying that, he turned around to leave. However, he stopped when he saw the old master in front of him.

Old Master Whitman was holding his cane, and although his shrunken face looked strict, his eyes were still benevolent.

“Follow me,” he said to Jeremy before turning around.

Jeremy hesitated for two seconds before following after him.


Old Master Whitman was facing the grey sky outside the french window. After a long while, he sighed.

“What are you going to do now?”

“Don’t worry, Grandpa. I’ve lost Whitman Corporation but I’ll definitely get it back.”

Jeremy looked at the old master’s back and gave him a determined answer.

The old master sighed again before turning around. “I don’t want to know about this. You should know what I’m asking about.”

Jeremy was silent. He knew that the old master was asking about Madeline.

The old master held his cane and walked over to Jeremy, saying, “You know some things that other people don’t. You came to me when you married Maddie. You begged me to officiate this marriage.”

Jeremy’s heart skipped a beat when the old master brought up what happened six years ago.

Then, he heard the old master talking again.

“Everyone, including Maddie, thought that you were forced by an old fart to marry a woman you don’t love. However, in reality, you know the reason why you married Maddie.”

After he heard that, a hint of panic appeared in Jeremy’s eyes.

He looked like a child who had made a mistake. At that moment, he felt as if he was at a loss.

Old Master Whitman looked disdainfully at Jeremy in rumination. “You liked Maddie from a very long time ago. In order to prevent other people from stealing her away from you, you decided to marry her so that she can become Mrs. Whitman. However, why didn’t you admit it? Why did you want to torture her and hurt her?”

Jeremy curled the corners of his lips into a bitter smile when he was faced with the old master’s questions. “I was wrong.”

“Make amends and make things right if you know you’re at fault.”

“She won’t forgive me,” Jeremy said, “She doesn’t love me anymore.”

When he said this, Jeremy felt as if his heart was being gnawed by a million ants. He was the only one who could feel the debilitating pain.

“I don’t know if Maddie still loves you, but I know she won’t be able to get too close to Felipe.”

When Jeremy heard that, he lifted his head. “Grandpa, what secrets does Felipe have? Why do I feel like he’s very hostile toward me?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 467

Jeremy asked the old master the question that he had been keeping in his heart. The old master looked at the grey sky, and there was a flash of sadness in his eyes. “This story started 23 years ago…”

The story went back to more than 20 years ago. When Jeremy was feeling puzzled, he could guess that this might be related to Felipe’s parents.

Indeed, after listening to the old master’s story, Jeremy had a concrete answer.

At the same time, this also proved that Felipe was a very dangerous person. He could not allow Madeline to get so close to Felipe.

The old master stopped Jeremy when he was about to leave. “Maddie might know about this sooner or later. Plus, Felipe helped her through the most difficult moments of her life, so she trusts Felipe a lot. On the other hand, Maddie resents and despises you, so she won’t believe anything you say.”

“I don’t long for her to believe me, but I won’t allow Felipe to lie to her or even hurt her.” Jeremy frowned, his gaze intense and determined.

He left after he made up his mind. However, he saw a photo on the desk on his way out.

Jeremy was taken aback. He walked over to the desk to pick up the photo frame.

The two 50 or 60-year-old men in the photo were wearing plain and simple outfits. They were seen doing military salutes as they stood together like heroes in a war.

He recognized that one of them was Old Master Whitman and thought that the other man looked familiar.

However, what shocked him was that the background of the photo was at April Hill. In addition to that, there was a beaming little girl happily playing tag with a little boy at the beach behind them.

He was the little boy.

He still remembered that innocent and adorable face. It was this little girl who gave him the shell. She was Madeline when she was a kid.

Jeremy looked at the photo dispiritedly as his thoughts started to wander.

The old master walked over to him and looked at the photo, saying, “Do you know why I keep defending and supporting Maddie? It’s because her grandfather was like a brother to me.”


Jeremy was stumped for words after he heard that. The other man in the photo was the deceased Len Samuels.

“Back then, I brought you to the seaside villa to help you relax from the heavy school work. When I was there, I ran into my old buddy. He had a little girl with him too and that girl was Maddie.”

“I joked with him and told him to marry his granddaughter to my grandson and he agreed with a grin. However, for some reason, he left without saying goodbye. I never saw him again after that. However, recently I was told that my buddy passed away…”

Jeremy’s hand that was holding the frame lowered slowly after he heard what the old master said. He felt an indescribable bitterness and pain in his chest.

He examined the innocent and adorable face in the photo as his vision slowly started to blur.

After a long while, Jeremy placed the photo down and left the room silently.

The sky had turned dark. Jeremy drove all the way to Madeline’s apartment.

When he saw the lights and the familiar figure through the window of the apartment, his gaze started to soften.

After a while, he saw Felipe appearing behind the french window.

The gentleness in his eyes disappeared instantly. What replaced it was intense dissatisfaction and jealousy.

He never thought that he would be jealous of another man.

However, at this moment, he indeed felt very uncomfortable.

He got out of the car and slammed the door shut in agitation. He wanted to go upstairs, but he did not have any valid reasons to get close to her.

In the end, he grabbed a bottle of wine from his trunk and stood in the cold snowy night. He downed his icy wine, his eyes never once leaving the apartment.

Unbeknownst to him, the snow and wind grew stronger. The cold winter penetrated every inch of his skin.

However, Jeremy was not cold. He only felt that time was passing too slowly.

It was almost the middle of the night but Felipe was still there.

Was he staying the night?

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 468

When he was contemplating about that, the lights in the apartment went off.

Jeremy felt his breath hitch as his mind started wandering.

He tossed the empty wine bottle to the bin and turned around without hesitating.

However, when he was about to go into the apartment, he saw Felipe walking out.

Some of Jeremy’s pent up frustration disappeared and he stopped walking. When he saw Felipe driving away with a grim expression on his face, he finally went into the building.

Jeremy went to Madeline’s unit with ease. He still remembered that she had invited him to her apartment before when she came back to his life as Vera.

At that moment, he discovered that she was not actually living with Felipe.

Now, Jeremy walked slowly to the door and stood there quietly.

The wind and snow fluttered into the building from the window. The bone-chilling coldness pierced through his skin like needles, but Jeremy was not bothered.

This was nothing compared to the hurt he had once caused Madeline.

He leaned against the wall and bent his knees. Then, he found a stool and sat down in front of her door quietly.

Madeline was a light sleeper. She heard a muffled thud coming from her door in her sleep. It sounded like someone was knocking but not entirely.

She was curious, so she walked out after putting on a coat.

She looked through the peephole cautiously and saw no one there. However, she could still hear some muffled noise coming from the door.

After hesitating for a few seconds, Madeline decided to open the door.

When the door was opened, to her surprise, she saw Jeremy leaning against the wall next to the door.

His head was lowered and his dense eyelashes cast two shadows under the incandescent light in the hallway.

He did not have his frigid and elegant aura anymore. He looked like a defenseless child in front of her as he slept peacefully.

Madeline looked at him in silence. Then, she turned around.


Suddenly, when Madeline was about to close the door, she heard Jeremy mutter that word.

She stopped in her tracks and looked at the sleeping man.

“Really like…”

Madeline scoffed sarcastically after she heard what he said.

“Jeremy, are you here just so you can put on an act for me?”

Jeremy woke up from his slumber all of a sudden after he heard the voice that he longed for day and night.

He lifted his hazy eyes and saw Madeline in front of him. Then, he got up slowly after the initial wave of surprise receded.

Madeline finally noticed that his face was abnormally red. Plus, there was a strong smell of wine on him. It was obvious that he had too much to drink.

“Maddie,” Jeremy called out to her softly. His dazed eyes were filled with such an intense passion that Madeline had never seen before.

Madeline looked at him coldly. “Jeremy, stop coming to me. I don’t want to see you. Plus, don’t call me Maddie. Your stupid and dumb ex-wife Madeline is dead.”

Her gaze was colder than the wind outside the window as she glanced at Jeremy. Then, she lifted her hand to slam the door.

Jeremy reached out his hand to stop the door. “Eveline.” He changed how he called her, his wine-stained eyes looking even more intense and gentle. “Don’t reject me. I have something to tell you.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 469

The man’s voice was soft and certain. However, it also sounded like he was begging her. His eyes were hazy and fazed. Though he looked sober, he also looked intoxicated at the same time.

Madeline looked at him indifferently and said, “I don’t want to listen to anything you say. I feel disgusted when I see you.”

Her words were a blatant show of her disdain toward him while her resentful eyes caused Jeremy to stand there feeling dumbfounded.

He felt as if his heart had plunged into a bottomless abyss where the bone-chilling coldness spread from his heart to his entire body.

He missed this so much. Back then, she would look at him with so much admiration and love in her twinkling eyes.

Now, she was looking at him with a gaze that was even colder than how one would look at a stranger.

When she saw Jeremy looking at her with a dazed look on his face, Madeline’s attitude was more firm than before. “Jeremy, if you don’t leave now, I’ll call the security.”

Hearing this, Jeremy quivered as he lifted his intoxicated eyes. “I’ll go. I just want to tell you something first.”

After he said that, a bone-chilling wind swept over them.

Madeline looked at Jeremy’s abnormally red face and released her hand that was on the doorknob. Then, she turned around and entered her house.

When Jeremy saw that Madeline was willing to take a step back, a smile appeared in his deep eyes.

He followed after her and closed the door.

The heat in the unit quickly evaporated the frost on his coat. However, what warmed Jeremy up more was Madeline’s tolerance.

“Spit it out. Don’t waste my time,” Madeline said coldly.

Jeremy looked at Madeline’s frigid face, his intoxicated eyes filled with passion. “Don’t get too close to Felipe. And you can’t marry him. He’s not as simple as you think he is.”

Madeline chuckled after she heard that, a hint of sarcasm appearing in her eyes. “Jeremy, who are you to interfere with my business? Who are you to me?”

Her tone was mocking while her eyes were filled with contempt.

“I don’t care what kind of person Felipe is. I only know that he genuinely likes me and he genuinely wants to make me happy. He won’t humiliate, hurt, and insult me like how you once treated me! At least when I’m with him, I get to keep my most basic dignity as a human and I’m trusted.”

Madeline’s words traveled into his ears as he looked at the figure that was standing in front of him, feeling at a loss. His eyes were filled with remorse and pain.

“Jeremy, if this is what you want to tell me, then you’re done. Please leave. I don’t want to see you again.”

When he saw Madeline walking into her room after giving him the cold shoulder, Jeremy could not help himself and ran up to her before hugging her from behind.

“Don’t go!”

He called out in a low voice. There were fear and terror in his voice. It was as if she would disappear from his world completely if he did not hold her now. Madeline stopped abruptly in her tracks when she was suddenly held from behind.

She was stuck in a daze for a few seconds before she started to reject him. “Jeremy, let me go.”

“No. I can’t let you go again. I can’t…” He tightened his arms, wanting so badly to keep her in his life. “I’m sorry, Maddie. I’m sorry. I was wrong. I was wrong right from the start…”

He kept on apologizing, his deep mutters spreading warmth to her ear. There was also a hint of panic and shiver in his voice.

Madeline listened to Jeremy’s apologies in amusement. There was only sarcasm in her eyes.

“Maddie, give me another chance. Please?”

His wet and hot breath fanned her face along with the faint smell of wine. The electrifying feeling penetrated her skin and into her heart.

However, it would never be able to strike the broken chord in her heart anymore.

Jeremy held Madeline dispiritedly. Even though he could never get her answer, this hug right now was enough to satisfy him.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 470

Amidst the silence, Jeremy could hear Madeline chuckling lightly.

“Jeremy, everything’s too late. I won’t have any feelings for you no matter what you say now,” Madeline said coldly. She no longer had the same yearning for him any longer.

“Because I don’t love you anymore.”

Even though he knew that she did not love him, when he heard her saying it out loud, Jeremy finally felt what it was like to have a million arrows to his heart.

He felt like invisible knives were raining down on him, slicing away his flesh from his body. What was left of him now was just his bones.

Madeline lifted her hand suddenly and pushed away Jeremy’s lifeless arms.

She turned around and looked sarcastically at the dispirited man.

“Jeremy, I’m done with you. The moment you asked someone to break open my grandpa’s tombstone, I instantly regretted falling in love with a cold-blooded and heartless man like you.”

When he heard her saying this, Jeremy felt the cold wind taking over his body. The temperature of his heart plummeted into sub-zero temperature.

Madeline chuckled again when she saw Jeremy looking at her with a stunned look on his face. However, in an instant, her face turned solemn and even her gaze became sterner.

“When I loved you the most, you did everything to hurt and insult me to no end. You even forced me to sign the divorce papers before I died just for the sake of that demon Meredith.

“Do you know that even after you forced me to sign the papers, I still wished that you’d turn around to look at me even if it’s just a single glance?! But you didn’t. I watched you leave carefreely from my vision with the last ray of light that I had left. I could only lie on the floor and endure the excruciating pain. I could only wait for my eyes to completely lose their vision and my life to end.

“So, don’t tell me that you’re sorry or you’re wrong. Jeremy Whitman, you’re not wrong! I’m the one who’s wrong because I loved the wrong person!”

Jeremy felt tears stinging at the corners of her eyes after he heard what Madeline said.

He sobbed soundlessly, his red eyes meeting Madeline’s determined gaze that was filled with hatred. At that moment, he felt so petty and despicable.

He had hurt her so deeply, but now, he was trying to get her forgiveness by apologizing to her.

Jeremy did not dare to look into Madeline’s eyes. He felt that he was not worthy to even look her in the eye.

“I got it.” He lowered his gaze, looking as if all life had been sucked out of him. “I’ll try to not disturb you,” he said before turning around slowly. After a few steps, he turned back around again.

“Is Lily our daughter?”

Madeline pressed her lips together. “No, Lily isn’t related to you. She doesn’t have such a cold-blooded father.”

After Jeremy got her concrete answer, the light in his eyes diminished completely.

At this moment, he finally realized the extent of the heartbreak Madeline had suffered back then. His heart sank like a rock as he was plagued with despair and pain.

Jeremy left the unit, his tall and slender body looking so desolate and bleak.

After he closed the door, Madeline looked in the direction where Jeremy left. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. When she opened them again, her eyes were red.

‘Jeremy, back then, I had a fatal attraction toward you. Finally, I burned the innocent part of me to death. However, I won’t repeat the same mistakes again.’

Madeline went back to her room to lie down. Even after tossing and turning, sleep never came.

She lit up some incense and forced herself to sleep for a few hours.

She woke up again in the early morning. For some reason, she wanted to go for a morning jog. However, when she opened the door of her apartment, she was shocked when she saw Jeremy lying on the icy floor.

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