Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 541-550

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 541

After hearing these words, Madeline could not help but furrow her brows.

She was about to push the door when her raised hand was gently grabbed.

Madeline turned her head and saw Felipe’s warm smile. “The procedure has been completed, let’s go.”

He took her by the hand and was about to leave when Madeline grabbed him. “Felipe, there’s a woman in there who’s bullying an old man.”

“We still shouldn’t bother about other people’s family affairs.” Felipe frowned as if he was troubled, but his gaze was affectionate. “After all, we don’t know the ins and outs of the situation. Let’s go.”

Madeline glanced into the ward again. Yvonne’s hateful face and the miserable-looking frame in the wheelchair made her feel dissatisfied.

Karen chased Madeline all the way to the elevator, but before she had the chance to vent, the elevator door closed before her eyes.

She cussed in anger, and as she was about to turn around, the elevator door beside opened.

Jeremy, who had just returned from the police station, walked out of the elevator. His handsome face was cold and solemn. His whole body exuded a powerful aura.

Karen hurried over. “Jeremy, where have you been all morning? Did you know that Felipe just left with Madeline? I say, they must have…”

Before she could finish speaking, Karen saw the anger that spilled from Jeremy’s eyes.

Jeremy glanced over, then turned around to leave.

“Jeremy, just leave that woman alone. Your grandfather will be discharged from the hospital in a while. What would he do without you?!”

Karen shouted to Jeremy with a worried expression on her face, then she began to act tenderly.

“Jeremy, your grandpa can’t speak or walk now. How pitiful!”

“Grandpa has loved you since you were a child. You won’t ignore your grandfather for a woman, would you? Although you say eloquently that this matter has nothing to do with Madeline, the evidence still points toward her. And regarding this poisoning, she couldn’t be unrelated!”

Jeremy swept his gaze across coldly. “Back then when Meredith framed Linnie, which matter was without evidence? Yet what was the result? Which of it was not a trap designed by Meredith?”

“Uhm…” Karen pouted her lips, feeling unconvinced. “That was also trouble she brought upon herself. Why did we not see Meredith frame others?”

This ridiculous guilt-shaming of the victim reached his ears, and the coldness in Jeremy’s eyes grew even more.

Seeing Jeremy seemingly angered, Karen hurriedly changed the subject. “Jeremy, we should stop talking about this. Let’s bring your grandfather back first.”

Jeremy knew that he could not ignore his grandpa even though he really wanted to catch up to Madeline now.

It just so happened that the elevator door opened just then. Sean and Eloise hurried out.

When they saw Jeremy, Sean said eagerly, “Jeremy, I’m glad you’re here. I just received a call from the police station saying that the report of Eveline’s car is out. The brakes of the car had been damaged by somebody. Someone wanted to kill Eveline!”

“Who’s so vicious that they would want to murder Eveline?!” Eloise was both heartbroken and angry.

“Hmph, it’s probably because she has offended too many people, so it’s only normal for such things to happen today.” Karen rolled her eyes.

However, as soon as she was done speaking, she got scared.

As she observed the cold expression on Jeremy’s face, she hurriedly turned around. “I… I will go back to the ward first. Remember to pick up your grandpa later.”

As soon as Karen left, Jeremy felt a lot better. He then assured Sean and Eloise, saying, “I went to the police station just now and have learned of everything. Don’t worry, I won’t let Linnie suffer for nothing.”

Eloise covered her face and wept. “I don’t know why God wants to torture my daughter. She has suffered so much these years and now she has even lost her memory…”

Jeremy’s eyes dimmed. “Maybe it’s a good thing for her to forget those unhappy memories.”

As Sean and Eloise heard his words, they felt even more guilty as their hearts ached.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 542

After learning that Madeline had been discharged from the hospital by Felipe, although Eloise and Sean were a little nervous, they were not exactly panicked.

While they did not know Felipe, they were pretty sure that Felipe would not hurt Madeline.

On the other side, Felipe had immediately taken Madeline back to their previous apartment.

Madeline was obviously no stranger to this apartment. She went into the bedroom on her own, then changed into simple home clothes.

Felipe watched her carefully from the side. Although he felt that amnesia was an unusual thing, Madeline’s behavior did seem to indicate that she had actually lost part of her memories.

Those memories were all related to Jeremy.

She had completely and totally forgotten about Jeremy. Whether it was her love or hatred, she could not remember any of it at all.

For Felipe, this was a good thing.

Seeing Madeline suddenly starting to pack up her clothes, Felipe stepped forward with doubt. “Vera, what are you doing?”

“We’ve been here for a while, so I want to go back to F Country. I really miss Lilian.”

Felipe held her hand, his clear black eyes carrying hints of tenderness. “Vera, I promise you that I will give you and Lillian happiness.”

“I know.” Madeline smiled, her eyes were filled with trust for Felipe. “But Felipe, the doctor said that I’m missing a part of my memory. Do I really have amnesia?”

Felipe nodded without denying it. He raised his slender fingers and stroked Madeline’s beautiful eyebrows.

“Before you woke up, you were involved in a car accident and you suffered a shock to your head. The doctor said you have selectively forgotten some people and things that made you unhappy.”

Madeline furrowed her eyebrows thoughtfully after listening to Felipe’s words.

Felipe quickly interrupted her thoughts, saying, “Vera, since the memories you’ve lost are those that have made you unhappy, then let them pass. I promise you only happiness and joy in the days to come.”

As he said this, his phone rang.

The call was from an unfamiliar number and Felipe answered it without hesitation.

Eloise’s tone was anxious and a little worried. “Is this Mr. Felipe Whitman? I’m Eveline’s mother, Eloise.”

Felipe glanced at Madeline and greeted politely, “Aunty, hello.”

“Mr. Whitman, Eveline’s current situation is not very stable. Can I know where you’ve taken her to? We’re really worried.”

Hearing that, a smile flashed across Felipe’s face. “Don’t worry, I’ll bring Vera to see you tonight.”

Eloise paused before saying doubtfully, “Will you really bring Eveline to see us?”

“Not only will I take her to see you, but I will also reunite your family.”

Family reunion?

These words sound so beautiful that Eloise and Sean did not dare to expect anything.

However, that night, Eloise and Sean really saw Felipe and Madeline appear at the gates of Montgomery Manor.

Madeline appeared to look the same as before, but the look in her eyes was distant and alienated.

Even if Madeline did not want to recognize them back then, at least her gaze would not be so indifferent.

“Felipe, where is this place? These two are…” She looked at the couple in front of her with doubt. “This madam and mister seem to have been to my ward before.”

“Vera, they’re your biological parents.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 543

Eloise and Sean listened to Felipe’s introduction with expectant gazes.

Madeline widened her beautiful eyes in surprise. “My biological parents?”

She had obviously forgotten about this relationship.

Eloise and Sean smiled while holding back their pain. “Eveline, we really are your biological parents.”

Seeing the sad and distressed eyes of the couple in front of her, Madeline’s mood gradually became heavier.

She only remembered that she had only one relative since childhood and that relative was Grandpa Len.

Ever since she was a child, she had envied other children. She never knew what fatherly and motherly love was and she could never imagine what her parents would look like.

It turned out that this was how they looked.

“Vera, you already recognized your biological parents before the car accident. Your real name is Eveline Montgomery.” Felipe explained seriously.

Madeline gradually came back to her senses. She frowned and said, “I don’t remember at all.”

She whispered softly and could see the sincere love in both Eloise and Sean’s eyes. “You’re really my mom and dad?”

As Eloise heard this, she quickly stretched out her hand to hold Madeline’s hand tightly. Hot tears filled her eyes involuntarily.

“Eveline, I’m really your mother! Mom and Dad were too negligent back then and you were taken away by some bad people who made you suffer so much for so many years. Eveline, Mom will not let you suffer anymore! My darling…”

Eloise cried and hugged Madeline. Sean also sobbed and stroked Madeline’s head.

“Eveline, Dad will never let anyone bully you again. Even if we have to fight with our lives, Mom and Dad will protect you.”

Madeline was a little lost and just allowed Eloise to hug her tightly.

She really could not remember the parts missing from her memory, but she could feel a kind of warmth that she had never felt before but was very eager to feel. This warmth warmed her heart and also her eyes.

She raised her hand slowly as she hugged Eloise back gently while smiling. “Mom and Dad, don’t be sad. I’m fine now, so don’t cry.”

Eloise and Sean could not believe what they were hearing at this moment.

Madeline was calling them ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’. It sounded so angelic that the word jumped into their ears so unrealistically.

After being in a trance for a few seconds, Eloise let go of her hands and stared at Madeline with her wet eyes excitedly. “Eveline, you, what did you call us just now?”

Madeline raised her pink lips and smiled. “Mom and Dad.”

She smiled and repeated without any ambiguity.

Eloise and Sean were both surprised and happy, their tears falling like rain in an instant.

“Eveline! I’ve waited for this day! Eveline…” Eloise hugged Madeline tightly again, the joy and excitement in her heart beyond words.

Sean also shed tears of relief.

Although this hard-won reunion was due to Madeline’s amnesia, the joy in her heart was still real.

Felipe watched with a light smile as a flash appeared in his eyes.

Eloise then led Madeline into the house, bringing her around. She finally brought Madeline to the bedroom they had prepared for her since a long time ago.

This was the room that Eloise and Sean had carefully arranged for after knowing that Madeline was their biological daughter.

The light blue scheme was very gentle and girlish. They had been looking forward to having Madeline stay here all this while.

While Madeline was looking around the room, Eloise and Sean settled their emotions and invited Felipe to the living room.

“Thank you, Mr. Whitman, for bringing Eveline back home and telling her that we’re her biological parents.”

Felipe sipped the black tea elegantly, showing a gentleman’s smile. “It’s the truth that both of you are indeed Vera’s biological parents. I’m merely stating the facts.”

“Although this is indeed a fact, but…” Eloise hesitated to finish her sentence. She looked at Sean guiltily. “If Eveline still remembered the past, she might not want to recognize us.”

“Forgetting the unhappy things in the past may just be a good thing for Vera. As long as Vera is happy in the future, the past is not important.” Felipe smiled. “And you’re Vera’s biological parents, after all. Even if she’s really angry with you, you are all still a family.”

Hearing what Felipe said, Eloise and Sean released a sigh of relief. They were feeling a lot better in their hearts.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 544

At first, they were a little nervous calling Felipe.

In addition to that, Jeremy had reminded them that Felipe was a dangerous person. However, from what they could tell, Felipe seemed like an elegant gentleman.

“Thank you, Mr. Whitman.” Eloise thanked him.

“You’re welcome. I only wish for Vera’s happiness,” Felipe said with a touch of embarrassment, “But please don’t mention my nephew, Jeremy, in front of Vera.

“The wound that Jeremy has inflicted upon Vera is too deep. There was never a minute where Vera was happy when she was with him. Now that she has chosen to forget Jeremy, it’s the best proof that Jeremy had hurt her the most.

“Also, when Vera and I were in F Country, we gave birth to a daughter. Her name is Lilian and her nickname is Lily.

“I originally planned to finish the matter here and take Vera back to register our marriage, but since she has met you guys now, I’m hoping that she’ll become my official wife as Madeline Montgomery. I hope that the two of you will be my witnesses.”

Eloise and Sean were aware of Felipe’s concerns.

Although they could see Jeremy’s remorse, they could not deny that the damage he caused to Madeline was irreparable.

However, Eloise could not help but wonder. “Mr. Whitman, is Lily really your and Madeline’s child?”

Felipe smiled and nodded without hesitation. “I wouldn’t hide anything from you guys. I’ve liked Vera since a long time ago, but she always had her eyes on Jeremy. I thought that she’d be happy after getting married to Jeremy, but you guys have seen what has happened.

“In order to make sure she was alive three years ago, I brought her to F Country and we eventually got together.”

Felipe’s explanation sounded logical.

“Felipe, what are you talking about with Mom and Dad?” Madeline’s sudden appearance startled Eloise and Sean, causing them to jump from fright.

On the other hand, Felipe was not surprised at all and said, “I’m talking about our marriage with my future in-laws. Vera, why don’t we register our marriage in Glendale? You’ll feel better if your parents were there to witness our wedding.”

Madeline showed a shy smile upon hearing it. “Okay, you can take the lead.”

She nodded and agreed, then looked at the slightly startled Eloise and Sean. “Mom, Dad, will you bless our marriage?”

Eloise and Sean returned to their senses immediately and gave them their blessings sincerely. “We don’t ask for much in our lives except for you to be happy and successful in life.”

It had been days since Jeremy last saw Madeline. Every day, he would watch secretly from downstairs of the apartment because he was worried that his presence would trigger her.

On that morning, he received a wedding invitation in the mailbox.

When he opened it, he saw that the groom was Felipe Whitman and the bride was Madeline Montgomery.

The name Madeline Montgomery felt as if an arrow was piercing through Jeremy’s heart. He could no longer hold his breath and immediately located Madeline’s whereabouts with the bracelet’s location.

Madeline was at the mall with Felipe to choose a wedding ring.

When he saw the scene, Jeremy’s eyes were instantly filled with envy.

Yes, it was envy.

He was envious of how much the other man could make Madeline smile.

He wanted all of her good and bad to himself.

At that moment, Felipe had to answer a call and stepped aside. Immediately, Jeremy rushed up toward Madeline and pulled her without hesitation.

Madeline was shocked, but before she could react, Jeremy had already pulled her away.

“It’s you! Are you Felipe’s nephew, Jeremy? Why are you pulling me?”

“Linnie, I’m your husband! I’m not somebody’s nephew.” Jeremy emphasized, pulling Madeline away with more force.

“What are you talking about? You’re my husband? Who are you kidding? Let go of me right now, let go—”


In a coincidence, two cars collided in front of them when Jeremy was pulling Madeline out of the mall.

When Madeline heard the crash, she was paralyzed and stopped moving.

“Linnie? Linnie, what’s going on?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 545

Jeremy held Madeline’s shoulders and called out to her nervously and with worry.

However, it was as if Madeline could not hear him. She merely stared blankly at the two cars in front of her that were involved in the accident.

“Linnie, are you okay? Linnie, what’s going on with you?” Jeremy became more worried. There was a trace of panic in his deep eyes.

“Hiss. That hurts!”

Madeline finally gave some sort of reaction, but she was holding her aching head while tapping it gently.

“My head hurts…”

When Jeremy saw Madeline frowning and in pain, he was heartbroken.

He lifted Madeline by her waist, passed through the crowd watching the accident, and brought Madeline into the car before driving to the hospital.

“Don’t worry, Linnie. I’ll always be by your side to protect you. You’ll be okay.” Jeremy held Madeline’s hand to comfort her.

Madeline leaned back in the car seat and whispered non-stop about something particular…

After Felipe ended his call, he found that Madeline was missing.

The cashier told him that Madeline was taken away by a handsome man. Immediately, he knew that it was Jeremy.

He quickly called Madeline’s phone. After a few rings, the call was hung up.

He tried calling Jeremy’s number, but his call was hung up immediately.

A dark wave started to rise in Felipe’s pupils. He narrowed his eyes coldly as his thin lips moved slightly. “Jeremy.”

On the way to the hospital, Jeremy was worried that Madeline was going to get worse. He beat himself up because he wondered if he should have shown up and said those words to her.

Fortunately, Madeline did not cry out in pain for a while and seemed to have fallen asleep in a daze.

When they finally arrived at the hospital, Jeremy parked the car and immediately went over to the passenger seat to open the door.

“Linnie,” he called out softly, reaching out to carry Madeline.

Madeline opened her hazy beautiful eyes in shock. When she saw his handsome face so close to her, she looked like a frightened fawn. Her eyes looked down cautiously as she said, “Jeremy, I had nothing to do with it. I didn’t push Meredith.”


Jeremy, who was about to pick up Madeline, paused.

He looked at the woman who said those words in disbelief. Even though he was still confused, his heart began to ache.

He slowly approached her and asked in his low, magnetic, and honeyed voice that carried a tinge of tenderness, “Linnie, what are you talking about?”

Madeline opened her beautiful eyes and said with surprise, “Huh? Linnie? Are you asking me, Jeremy?”

Jeremy suddenly felt his eyes getting wet. He did not understand why Madeline was acting this way, but it still made his heart ache.

The look in her eyes and the tone of her speech were exactly the same as when she first married him.

He curved his thin lips and smiled softly. “Silly girl, of course, I’m asking you. You’re my wife. Come here, I’ll carry you to the doctor.”

Before Madeline could respond, Jeremy walked into the hospital with her in his arms.

Madeline was like a little kid with her arms dangling, not knowing where to put them. In the end, she tremblingly wrapped them around Jeremy’s neck.

“Jeremy, I really didn’t push Meredith. She fell on purpose and tried to frame me.” She suddenly explained.

Jeremy suspected that Madeline’s memory was still off and looked at her heartbrokenly. He nodded. “Yeah, I know you didn’t. I believe you.”

“Really?” Madeline’s surprised eyes gleamed.

“Really.” Jeremy nodded firmly. “Linnie, I was in the wrong before. I’ll never make that mistake again. No matter what you say or do, I’ll always believe you.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 546

Madeline was even more surprised when she heard those words.

She stared at Jeremy’s face carefully, as if to question whether the person in front of her was actually him.

However, from Madeline’s response, Jeremy felt even more remorseful.

He knew that the injuries and damage he inflicted upon her was far too great.

He wondered what he would need to do to make atonement.

Jeremy brought Madeline to the nearest hospital from the mall. After seeing the doctor, he realized that the doctor was Adam Brown.

Even though Adam went to school with Jeremy previously, he was good friends with Daniel, so Jeremy was a little wary of him.

“When did you become a psychiatrist?” Jeremy questioned.

Adam had a slight grin and casually took out a card from his drawer. The card said that he was Dr. Adam Brown, a psychiatrist.

“I just had nothing better to do and did some research and studies. That shouldn’t be a problem, right?”

Jeremy was speechless for a while. He was about to explain Madeline’s condition when Madeline suddenly said, “Jeremy, can you go outside for a while?”

Her request confused Jeremy a little, but he did not question her and went outside.

As soon as Jeremy went out, Madeline made a straightforward request. “Dr. Brown, I think Jeremy knows about my illness. If he asks about it later, can you keep it a secret for me?”

Adam was taken aback. When he looked into Madeline’s sincere and clear eyes, he had an inexplicable ache in his heart.

After a while, the door of the consultation room opened and Madeline looked at Jeremy with a relaxed face. She told him that she wanted to go to the bathroom and asked Jeremy to wait for her in the parking lot.

When he saw that Madeline kept looking at him, he pretended to turn around and leave. When Madeline stopped looking at him, Jeremy returned to Adam’s office.

Jeremy told him about Madeline’s condition. After Adam listened to what he had to say, he came to a clear conclusion. “After preliminary consultation, it’s most likely that she’s suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder from trauma. This means that she has cognitive impairment in terms of her identity. Based on what you told me, it seems that she has two personalities as of now.”

“Two personalities?” Jeremy was surprised, and his heart ached.

Adam narrowed his eyes solemnly. “We still have to continue to observe her situation. From what I can tell, Madeline’s current memory is still stuck on the day she got sick which was six years ago. When she asked you to leave just now, she wanted to make sure that I wouldn’t tell you about her illness.”

After he said that, the air became still and quiet.

Jeremy felt as if his heart had stopped.

Tears formed in his eyes instantly.

When Madeline found out that she was sick six years ago, she chose to bear it alone.

At that time, he was indulging Meredith, the demon, who was intent on destroying her already fading body.

At that moment, the fragments of the past seemed to be pieces of broken glass that were dumped into his heart. The pain of his crushed and mangled heart was so intense that it made it hard for him to breathe.

He waited for Madeline in the parking lot in a daze and pretended that he had never gone back to look for Adam.

Madeline returned to the car shortly afterward and saw Jeremy standing there waiting for her. She felt that he was faking it and started to get even more frightened.

Jeremy endured the pain in his heart and opened the car door for Madeline before sending her back to the villa.

The docile and meek Madeline who obeyed his every word made him feel somewhat bittersweet.

Just after arriving at the villa, Jeremy received a call from Eloise.

Jeremy did not hang up that time. He answered the phone and admitted that he had taken Madeline.

Without saying much, he hung up the phone. He then packed up some clothes and drove away, taking Madeline to the beach of April Hill.

He checked into a room in a small hotel by the beach and brought Madeline in.

Madeline was confused and followed Jeremy into the room. When she felt the warmth of Jeremy’s hand holding hers, her heart jumped for joy. “Jeremy, why did you suddenly bring me here?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 547

Madeline asked in disbelief and looked at Jeremy carefully.

In her head at that moment, this was the man she loved but who did not love her back. In fact, he hated her.

Jeremy saw Madeline’s perturbed gaze. He held her hands and looked at her lovingly. “Linnie, don’t be afraid of me. I’ll never do anything to make you sad ever again.”

Madeline stared at Jeremy blankly, unable to believe that those words had sounded from his lips.

Not long ago, he was fierce and angry when he grabbed her by the neck and said he wanted to avenge Meredith. His icy eyes had pierced through her bones. They were like ice picks, but now…

“Jeremy, a-are you okay?” Madeline was worried.

Jeremy looked at her with a pain in his chest. “Linnie, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have believed Meredith’s lies. I’ve wronged you. I shouldn’t have broken your heart again and again.”

Madeline’s eyes lit up. “Jeremy, are you saying that you finally believe me? So you believe that I didn’t hurt Meredith?” she asked him repeatedly, and there was a strong desire to be trusted and understood in her eyes.

Jeremy felt the immense guilt in his heart again.

His heart hurt even more, but his eyes are full of warmth and determination. “Linnie, I believe you. I’ll believe every word you say in the future. Forgive my ignorance before. Please, will you let me make it up to you?”

Madeline’s eyes turned red as tears flickered in her eyes.

As she looked into Jeremy’s devout and earnest eyes, she nodded. “Okay.”

Jeremy thought he would be happy after receiving her forgiveness, but there were only ten folds of the pain and hatred in his heart.

He was hurting for Madeline and the hatred was directed at himself.

Why should she forgive him for all the pain she had endured because of him?

How much love did she have for him that she could love him without any hesitation?

He got another call. Even though it was an unknown phone number, Jeremy could guess who it was. He simply turned off the phone because he just wanted to enjoy his time alone with Madeline.

At dusk, the ambiance in April Hill seemed simple and tranquil.

The breeze blew gently as the waves beat against the white sand. It was the same scene that they saw years ago.

The only difference was that they were all grown up now.

Jeremy held Madeline’s hand as he walked her to the beach. The breeze in April was soft and dreamy. With the smell of sea salt in the air, it brought back memories of the past.

However, Jeremy was not sure if the current Madeline still remembered their first meeting.

When he turned his head and saw the faint smile on Madeline’s face, he could not help but smile. “Linnie, do you remember when we first met here?” he asked tentatively.

Madeline turned her head quickly as a hint of excitement showed on her beautiful and clear eyes. “Jeremy, have you finally remembered what we did here the last time?”

Jeremy gave her a gentle smile. “Silly girl, how could I forget? Even though it’s been more than ten years, I’ve never forgotten you nor have I forgotten our promise.”

Madeline’s eyes widened in surprise. Images of Jeremy treating her coldly and his disdain for her flashed in her head. It was completely opposite to the Jeremy who was standing in front of her at this moment. She frowned, saying, “But Jeremy, previously…”

“Linnie, I’ve done a lot of wrong things. I’m not in the position to ask for your forgiveness, but there are some things that I’ve kept inside for a long time that I must tell you today.”

Jeremy interrupted her and brushed her picturesque eyebrows with his warm fingertips. There were deep sadness and guilt overflowing from his eyes.

If Madeline’s memory had gone back to six years ago, then it would be as if God had given him a chance to redeem his sins in the past.

“Linnie, after I broke off with you years ago, I’ve always thought about you ever since. I’ve even tried looking for you but I could never do so.

“12 years later, I accidentally met a girl on campus. The girl slammed into my arms ignorantly. When she raised her head to apologize to me, I had butterflies in my stomach for the first time, and that girl was you.

“But I was foolish. I was so stupid that I didn’t recognize that the girl was the little Linnie I’ve promised to spend the rest of my life with. And at that time, a bad girl appeared and told me that she was little Linnie, so I was fooled…

“In order to fulfill my promise to little Linnie, I forced myself to avoid you, treat you coldly, and pretend not to like you. I even indulged the bad girl who impersonated little Linnie willfully but ended up hurting the actual person who I really loved.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 548

At that point, the tears formed in Jeremy’s eyes had already blurred his vision.

Through the tears, he saw that Madeline’s eyes were also red.

“So the bad girl posing as me was Meredith?” Madeline said her guess out loud.

Jeremy nodded slightly with regret. “I’m sorry, Linnie. I made you suffer.”

He embraced her with sincerity, love, and apology.

Madeline broke down and leaned against Jeremy’s chest. Hot tears rolled down her cheeks. “So the reason you treated Meredith well was because you thought she was me…”

She pursed her lips that were wet with tears. “Even though it was just a naive and childish thing I said, you took it seriously and kept it as a promise. I’m very happy, really.”

Madeline did not blame him for what he did and that made Jeremy feel even worse.

She should blame him. Even if he had gotten the wrong person, he should not have been so cruel to her, and neither should he have deceived himself after meeting her again and falling in love with her.

If he could turn back time, he would choose to go back to the day they met again in college.

He would have never hidden the fact that he liked her.

He would have never let down the girl he liked for a promise.

Even so, he was really grateful whether the person he met was the young girl or the woman she became after. She was the same person—the same girl who made his heart flutter.

Despite that, he had lost all that time he could have spent with her.

Since the start, both Madeline and he were manipulated by Meredith.

Jeremy did not know how long Madeline’s memory loss would last, but he was really happy to find that she still loved and cared for him.

For a moment, he selfishly hoped that Madeline’s personality and memories remained at that moment when she loved him deeply.

The rays of the setting sun were like tiny pieces of gold scattering on her face. He finally saw the bright and warm smile on her face. It was incredibly beautiful…

Jeremy and Madeline spent the night at the guest house. After a long time, he finally had a good night’s sleep.

After Jeremy woke up and saw the tiny woman sleeping in his arms, he smiled gently and kissed her forehead.

During breakfast, many tourists went to the nearby guest houses. The owner of the guest house said that there was a festival in the town for the next two days and tourists had come to celebrate the holiday.

That night, Jeremy brought Madeline to the town.

Under the dark blue night sky, the bustling street was packed with stalls where souvenirs and various street food were sold.

Jeremy held her hand as he led her around, weaving through the crowd and occasionally stopping to look at the stalls.

He wanted to make sure she was taken care of and that she felt happy.

She had never experienced that kind of care and tenderness from him before.

At that moment, Madeline, whose memories were still stuck at the time when she was seriously ill, thought to herself that as long as she had these memories with Jeremy, her life was complete.

As long as she knew the person he loved was her, she had no other regrets.

However, just as Madeline was enjoying her new memories with Jeremy, big fireworks suddenly shot up in front of them.

The sound of the fireworks sounded in the sky loudly. Fizz! Hiss! Boom! Bright fireworks bloomed like flowers in the night sky.

Jeremy held Madeline’s hand and walked forward, but suddenly, she stopped.

He was uncertain of what was happening and turned his head. As the fireworks broke into multiple different colors in the sky, he too saw the subtle and gradual changes in Madeline’s eyes.

He had a bad hunch. “Linnie?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 549

As he called out her name, the tenderness in Madeline’s beautiful eyes disappeared in an instant and was replaced with a thorny edge.

“It’s you?” She looked at Jeremy with a solemn expression and uncertainty in her eyes. “Where is this place? Why did you bring me here?”

When Jeremy heard what she said, he instantly understood that Madeline had switched her identity—the identity that did not have him in her memories.

It was obvious that this identity of hers did not have the memories of her previous identity. Otherwise, she would not look at him so coldly.

If she had them, she would remember that they had been getting along very well for the past two days.

Jeremy’s short-lived joy was like the fireworks blooming in the sky. After the explosion, there was only icy coldness left.

In a daze, Madeline broke free of his hands, turned, and walked away.

Jeremy returned to his senses and hurried to catch up with her. “Linnie, where are you going?”

“Don’t call me that. We’re not that close,” Madeline replied indifferently without turning around.

The place was crowded and Jeremy was afraid that he would lose Madeline again, so he decisively pulled her back. “Linnie, don’t go.”

Madeline, who was held back by him, glared at Jeremy with displeasure. “If Felipe’s still your uncle, you should respect me as your aunt.”

When she mentioned that, the gentleness in Jeremy’s eyes turned into possessiveness. “You’re not my aunt. You’re my wife. You’re my woman.”

“Heh.” Madeline chuckled. “You’re being ridiculous. I don’t even know you.”

She shoved his hand away again with annoyance.

However, when Madeline looked around, she looked troubled.

‘Where is this place?’

She seemed as if she had never been to this place before.

Madeline wanted to call Felipe. She reached out and felt her pocket but did not find her phone. She only felt something cold.

When she took it out, it was a bookmark made of leaves.

When Jeremy caught up to her and saw Madeline staring at the bookmark in a daze, his heart fluttered a little. A smile appeared on his handsome face.

“Linnie, if you still kept this bookmark, it means you still care about me deep down in your heart.”

When Madeline heard Jeremy’s words, she became even more dissatisfied. “I only have Felipe in my heart.”

Jeremy frowned, his eyes looking solemn. “Linnie, listen to me. You don’t have Felipe in your heart. You don’t love this man at all.”

“Don’t you think that it’s a little rude of you to be confusing my fiancée?” Felipe suddenly appeared, his relaxed voice drifting through the crowd with clarity.

Madeline suddenly smiled. “Felipe! I’m so glad you see you.”

She ran to him with a big smile on her face.

It felt as if Felipe was her savior, the man who made her feel safe.

Jeremy looked at him, his gaze meeting Felipe’s that always seemed to be gentle and smiling. “You know very well whether what I just said is the truth or not. Linnie will recover and realize the truth one day.”

“The truth?” Felipe chuckled. “The truth is that you’ve hurt her with exceptional cruelty. The truth is that she hates you.”

The two points that Felipe made were indeed true and Jeremy did not want to deny it.

However, when he saw the bookmark just now, he was sure that Madeline still cared for him deep down.

Otherwise, she would have thrown the bookmark out a long time ago so that she would break off all ties with him.

“Vera, let’s go.” Felipe turned around and took Madeline’s hand. “You’ve been missing for two days and your parents have been very worried about you.”

‘Two days?’

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 550

Had she been missing for two days?

Why did she have no memory of her going missing for the past two days?

She only remembered Jeremy pulling her away forcibly in front of the mall and that she witnessed a car accident. Then suddenly, she was here.

Jeremy stood at the same spot without moving as he watched Felipe gradually disappear with Madeline toward the end of the crowded street.

A touch of anxiety and crazy possessiveness quietly overflowed in his lonely eyes.

‘Linnie, I’ll never let you slip away from me again.


Madeline followed Felipe back to the apartment.

On the way back, Madeline still had the bookmark in her hand. Jeremy’s words echoed in her mind, “Linnie, if you’re still keeping this bookmark, it means you still care about me deep down in your heart.”

‘What’s this bookmark about?’

After entering their place, Madeline asked Felipe a straightforward question to quench the doubt in her heart, “Felipe, do I have a history with Jeremy? Does my amnesia have something to do with him?”

Felipe seemed surprised when he heard that and smiled bitterly. “It seems that I have to confess to you.”


“Yes, Vera. Your lost memories are indeed related to that person.” Felipe admitted frankly.

The rhythm of Madeline’s heart suddenly went all over the place. When she recalled Jeremy telling her that he was her husband, Madeline asked with more nervousness in her voice, “Were we married before?”

“You were indeed married before, but you never loved him. He was always very cruel toward you to the point that you hated him. So that was why you hated him to his bones.

“The reason why the two of you got married was that someone set the two of you up. You had no choice but to be forced into marriage by Old Master Whitman. After the two of you got married, Jeremy ignored your feelings for him and got intimate with his mistress. He even condoned the mistress to hurt you physically. When your life was hanging on by a thread, he was still thinking about how to get rid of you.”

Felipe held Madeline’s hand with pain and solemnity in his eyes. “But Vera, you’re not tied to him anymore. Please don’t be fooled by this man. He’s only getting close to you because he wants to avenge his mistress.”

Madeline could not help but doubt his words, but Felipe continued on.

“Vera, if you don’t believe what I’ve said, you can ask your parents or you can check online. The name you had when you were married to him was Madeline Crawford. You can even search about it on the internet.”

“Madeline Crawford…”

Madeline repeated her past name gently, experiencing an inexplicable familiarity in her subconscious.

Afterward, she searched the internet and found the things that Felipe had told her about. She found out about Jeremy hating her, cheating on her, and loving only Meredith…

The more she read, the stronger the anger in Madeline’s eyes grew.

‘It turns out that I really had a relationship with you.

‘It turns out I was trampled and hurt by you.’

Madeline clenched her fists and looked at the picture of Jeremy displayed on the phone screen. The man was clearly very handsome and attractive, but the anger in Madeline’s eyes had escalated into hatred.

Felipe watched the changes in Madeline’s expression silently, and after seeing the sorrow on her face, the corners of his lips lifted without a trace.

The next day, Felipe announced his marriage to Madeline on the internet and that their wedding will be held three days later.

Eloise and Ava were invited to accompany Madeline to the bridal shop to try on wedding dresses. Although Eloise felt it was strange that Madeline and Felipe were going to get married so suddenly, since Madeline was willing, she had no reason to rain on her parade.

Madeline walked into the fitting room and stood in front of the huge mirror. When she was about to take off her clothes and try on her wedding dress, a dark figure suddenly barged in from the side.

The moment Madeline noticed him, the man quickly stepped forward, carried her by the waist from behind, and covered her mouth gently.

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