Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 551-560

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 551

Madeline immediately resisted and elbowed the person behind her.

The man did not block her blow but wrapped his arms around her. “Linnie, it’s me.”

The man’s deep and thick voice slipped into her ears.

Madeline was taken aback for a moment as she took in a vaguely familiar scent of cedarwood.

“Linnie, don’t be afraid. I won’t hurt you. I just don’t want you to make a decision that you’ll regret for the rest of your life,” Jeremy said softly with a hint of humble request in his tone. “Please, will you come with me?”

Madeline’s beautiful eyebrows frowned. “Let me go first.”

When Jeremy heard what she said, he let go of her even though he was reluctant.

Madeline turned around and saw the handsome face that was very close to hers. The fire in her eyes lit up in an instant.

Unexpectedly, he saw the flame of hatred in Madeline’s eyes and was a little startled.

The personality that was in control of her body at that moment merely hated him and avoided him, so why was there suddenly such a strong hatred?

He did not overthink it and grabbed Madeline’s hand. “Linnie, don’t marry Felipe. He’s not the guy you see on the surface. He’s just using you. You don’t love him at all. You’ll regret marrying him—”


Before Jeremy finished his sentence, he was interrupted by Madeline’s sudden slap.

She did not show any mercy and gave him a big slap across the cheek.

Jeremy’s handsome profile looked lost.

Even so, he was not angry. Even if the woman in front of him stabbed him with a knife, he would not stop her.

“Regret marrying Felipe? Have you looked at the mirror? Shouldn’t I regret having married you?” Madeline asked coldly.

Jeremy looked at her with his big round eyes. What he saw was the cold look on her face and her piercingly cold eyes.


“Shut up,” Madeline scolded angrily, “Don’t pretend to be affectionate in front of me. Felipe told me everything, you inhuman scumbag!”

When Jeremy heard what she said, it sent a chill down his spine.

He did not know what Felipe told Madeline, but he could see that the hatred toward him in Madeline’s eyes was serious and so abhorrent.

“Jeremy, how could you wish to kill me for such a vicious mistress?!”


Jeremy furrowed his eyebrows deeply. ‘Kill her?’

He never wanted to kill her.

“Linnie, Felipe lied to you. I never wanted to hurt you.”

“You never wanted to hurt me? Haven’t you hurt me already?” Madeline was blunt and straight to the point. “Not only did you hurt me, but you even killed my own flesh and blood so that you could get away with your mistress happily! And what about the part where your family made me break up with Felipe? I’ve never loved you, let alone got married to you. Who are you trying to fool?”

As Madeline questioned him, Jeremy was at a loss.

He could not deny that he had hurt her.

However, when he heard all of what she said, he realized how serious it was.

Felipe had lied to Madeline and told her that Madeline and he were in love!

Before he came to look for Madeline, he had prepared himself for her cold treatment toward him but did not expect that things would develop in a worse direction than how he imagined.

He could accept Madeline’s hatred toward him, even if she hated him to his bones.

However, the only thing he could not accept was her erasing the memory of her deep love for him.

The pain in his heart was like death by a thousand cuts. Jeremy lost control of his emotions in an instant. His eyes turned red while the corners of his eyes burned.

He grasped Madeline by her shoulders. “Linnie, you have no feelings for Felipe! The person you love is me! I’m the only man for you!”

“I’ve never loved you. The person I’ve loved since the beginning has always been Felipe. You were the one who tried to break us up,” Madeline retorted in a cold voice and had a hostile look in her eyes.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 552

Jeremy felt as if he was going crazy, and his initial calmness had long been tossed out the window.

He hugged Madeline like a madman and kept insisting, saying, “No, Linnie! You don’t love Felipe, you love me! From the first time we met when we were young, I’m the only man who has had your heart!”

Madeline pushed him hard. “Let me go, Jeremy! I wouldn’t fall in love with a cold-blooded scumbag like you! Let me go!”


The curtain of the fitting room suddenly opened.

When Ava and Eloise heard the sounds, they hurried in. Upon seeing Jeremy holding Madeline as soon as they opened the curtain, Ava hurried forward to pull him away.

“Jeremy, you scumbag! What are you doing here? Let go of Maddie right now! Let go of her!”

Ava scolded him and pulled Jeremy away with force.

“You scumbag! When will you stop torturing Maddie?!”

Jeremy was stunned by Ava’s scolding.


Was he torturing her?


He promised never to torture her.

When Ava saw that Jeremy was lost in a daze, she pulled him away and shielded Madeline to her side. “Maddie, are you all right? Why is this scumbag here?”

Madeline glared at Jeremy. “I don’t know how he got in. I don’t want to see him ever again.”

“Did you hear that, Jeremy? Maddie doesn’t want to see you ever again. Get out of here!” Ava scolded him bluntly and did not give Jeremy any leeway.

After being scolded by Ava, Jeremy suddenly walked up to her. “You’re Linnie’s best friend, right? Tell her who she has loved all these years.”

Jeremy’s sudden anxiousness surprised Ava.

She glanced at Madeline who was frowning and immediately answered, “The man who Maddie loves the most has always been Felipe! Maddie has never loved you, you scumbag! So get lost!”

Ava’s answer dumbfounded Jeremy.

Afterward, Madeline sneered, “If you’re done with your act, you can get lost now, Jeremy. And don’t you dare show your face in front of me ever again.”

Jeremy’s heart was shattered when he heard her indifferent and emotionless expulsion.

He looked at Madeline with nostalgia, but she had already turned around without even looking at him.

Jeremy had no choice but to leave. Not long after he left, Felipe came.

When Felipe found out what happened just now, he whispered his gratitude to Ava while Madeline was trying on the wedding dress, “Thank you for going along with me.”

Ava waved her hand and looked in the direction of the fitting room heartbrokenly. “I would rather Maddie never remember the fact that she had once loved Jeremy that much. I can’t bear to see the poor look on her face ever again.”

She sighed and looked back at Felipe.

“Although you’re Jeremy’s uncle, I can feel that you’re different from Jeremy because of how caring you are toward Maddie. Besides, the two of you already have children together. That’s why I think Maddie really likes you. I wish you two the best.”

Felipe smiled gently. “I’ll take good care of Vera and will never disappoint her as Jeremy did.”

“I also hope Maddie will choose the right person this time.” Ava wished her friend well.

Felipe promised, saying, “I’ll make sure of that, but in order to avoid Jeremy coming and causing trouble again, I had to push the wedding date forward. After our wedding, I’ll take Vera to Country F to start our new life together. That way, Jeremy will never have the opportunity to contact Vera again and she’ll never have to face her unhappy past again.”

Ava breathed a sigh of relief after hearing what he said. “That’s good. I hope that Maddie will be happy from here on out.”

After Jeremy left the bridal shop, he drove away reluctantly. When he passed an intersection, a car suddenly appeared in front of him. He stepped on the brakes immediately.

He initially thought that he almost got into a car accident because his mind was somewhere else, but when he saw the person getting out of the car, he knew that it was no accident.

“Jeremy, do you have time to talk?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 553

The night without moonlight was as dark as a pot of inkwell overturned.

In the bar, colorful lights swayed as the romantic ambiance seemed to envelop and engulf everyone who entered. At that moment, two guys sitting in front of the bar counter clinking their glasses were ignoring the sexy women who came up to them to chat them up.

After Daniel learned about Madeline’s condition from Adam, he drove furiously to stop Jeremy. He thought that there would be a war between them, but the two of them ended up at the bar and started being sarcastic with each other.

“Serves you right, Jeremy.” Daniel mocked. He rarely drank alcohol, but that day, he drank several glasses in silence.

“Little Madeline finally belongs to someone else. She has never belonged to me.” Daniel chuckled bitterly and downed another glass. The cold liquid entered his throat and went down to his chest. It was pungent.

His heart was broken again.

His usual gentle and elegant front crumbled the moment all his hopes for his secret love crumbled and died.

At that moment, he just wanted to get drunk.

“Jeremy, it’s all your fault. You made Madeline this way. If you still have a conscience, don’t provoke her anymore. Felipe will give her the happiness she deserves.”


Jeremy put down the stemmed glass heavily with great force, shattering it.

“Linnie won’t be happy. She doesn’t love Felipe at all. She has forgotten it now, but one day she’ll remember that the man she loves the most is me.”

“Heh,” Daniel sneered, “So what if she remembers? Little Madeline will never love you anymore. She hates you. Think about what you did. Why do you think you deserve to have her?”

Jeremy curled his lips, a gentle smile appearing in his dreamy round eyes as droplets of tears reflected the colorful lights above him.

“It’s true that Linnie hates me, but she loves me more. I’ve always been in her heart and she isn’t over me yet. Lily is the best proof of her love for me.”

“Lily?” Daniel was tipsy from the alcohol and did not recognize the name.

After he drank one last drink, Daniel laid his head on the bar and said drowsily, “Little Madeline, I wish you all the happiness in the world. I won’t be attending your wedding tomorrow. I hope that after getting rid of that scumbag, Jeremy, you’ll finally be happy from here on out…”

Jeremy’s blurred eyes instantly regained clarity. “Wait, Daniel. What did you say? Tomorrow? Isn’t it supposed to be two days later? How could it be tomorrow?”

He kept asking Daniel, but all he could hear were his mumbles. “Little Madeline, Little Madeline…”

Jeremy hurriedly left the bar and rushed to Montgomery Manor.

If Madeline was going to marry Felipe tomorrow, she would be staying in Montgomery Manor that night because they were going to be her in-laws.

As soon as he walked toward the gate of Montgomery Manor, he saw their servants going around the place. There were wedding decorations everywhere.

As Jeremy looked at how lively and joyful the place was, he appeared as if he was bogged down by darkness.

His eyes gradually became hot and angry.

His mind went to the wedding he had with Madeline six years ago. He wished that the particular moment could last forever.

The woman was still there, but she was not his anymore.

The woman who loved him so much for all those years could only live in his vivid memories.

“Jeremy?” Eloise came out of the manor and saw him standing in a daze at the door. “Are you here to look for Madeline?”

Jeremy regained his senses and froze for two seconds before speaking, “Is Linnie going to have her wedding with Felipe tomorrow?”

Eloise was surprised. “How did you find out?”

“Felipe didn’t want me to know about it, so he brought the wedding date forward, right?”

After hesitating for a while, Eloise was straightforward and said, “Yes, Felipe didn’t want you to pester Madeline anymore. And frankly, Madeline hates you now, more than ever, so…”

“I want to see Linnie. Is she here?”

Eloise shook her head helplessly. “Madeline wouldn’t want to see you. Plus, I’m worried that you’ll trigger Madeline if she sees you again.”

“I see.” Jeremy nodded. “Don’t tell Felipe that I was here,” he said solemnly before turning around decisively and walking away from the iron gate.

It was a late night in early spring, so the evening breeze was chilly.

Somehow, it started drizzling. Jeremy sat in the car silently as he kept his eyes in the direction of Madeline’s room.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 554

A night had passed and he could not even sleep. His deep-set eyes appeared red while the vessels could be seen.

His meticulous face remained stunning, yet some signs of being lifeless could be seen on his face as well.

The rain continued to pour as rain droplets smashed onto the ground.

At around 9 AM, Felipe’s fleet of wedding cars arrived.

Soon, he witnessed Madeline strolling out from the house.

She was in a stunning white wedding gown. With makeup on her face, she looked just like a piece of fine art while her hands held onto a bouquet of fresh flowers.

She suddenly let out a gentle smile, the image of her graceful gesture sitting deep within Jeremy’s orbs.

He grasped onto the steering wheel as a strong sense of possessiveness brewed in his eyes.

‘Linnie, you’re mine. Aside from me, I won’t allow any other man to own you.’

His thin lips were tightly sealed as he started following behind Felipe’s fleet of wedding cars.

Felipe, who was sitting in the wedding car with Madeline, had long ago noticed that Jeremy was among the fleet of cars.

He remained composed, holding onto Madeline’s hands with one hand while giving a warm smile. The other reached out for his phone to send a message. After receiving a reply, he chuckled and deleted the message.

“Vera, you look stunning today.” Felipe praised sincerely. Her face that was just as beautiful as artwork was reflected in his orbs.

Madeline replied with a shallow smile, “Felipe, we’re finally going to be together.”

“Yeah,” Felipe answered with a smile, “At last.”

Finally, the moment he longed for had arrived.

Felipe smiled as a memory flashed back in his mind, bringing him way back to the time at the beach of April Hill.

He could never forget that innocent and pretty smiling face. The most unforgettable part was that little girl who gave him courage and warmth during his low times in life.

Jeremy succeeded in trailing behind Felipe’s fleet of wedding cars. However, the fleet took a turn at a corner suddenly and headed away from the city, off to an area with very few cars.

He found it weird, and just when he made the turn, the few wedding cars ahead of him suddenly came to a halt. Only the main wedding car along with two other cars continued ahead.

As for the few wedding cars behind, they surrounded Jeremy’s car in no time.

Jeremy grasped on the steering wheel and scanned his surroundings without feeling worried.

It was as though a hush befell the entire atmosphere, leaving only the rhythmic sound of the wind.

Jeremy noticed that the people from the surrounding cars were up to no good. He raised his icy brows, changed gears, and slammed on the gas pedal.

The silver sports car rushed through the middle between the few black cars like a sharp sword.

The few black cars hurriedly went to catch up to him.

While Madeline was talking about her wedding to Felipe, they suddenly heard two continuous, ear-piercing impact sounds.

Her hands that were holding onto the fresh flowers fumbled as she shifted her gaze.

Felipe smirked, knowing that he had taken care of those he was supposed to tackle. He raised his gaze to Madeline, who looked absent-minded, and gently comforted her. “There might be an accident nearby, but don’t be scared, I’ll protect you.”

Madeline tilted to look at Felipe and nodded.

After a moment, the wedding car arrived at the wedding hall.

There was almost no one at the scene except for Eloise, Sean, and Ava.

They could not invite every friend and family, given that the wedding was planned in a rush.

Finally, following the wedding ceremony, Madeline, who was holding onto Sean’s hand, sauntered to Felipe. He was waiting before the oath table while Eloise and Ava were crying out of joy.

After handing over Madeline’s hand to Felipe, the priest then asked whether Felipe would take Madeline as his wife. Felipe fixed his gaze upon Madeline, and without a single thought, he answered, “I do.”

However, when it was Madeline’s turn, she kept silent while staring at Felipe.

“What’s wrong, Vera?” Felipe questioned with a gentle tone. He could not help but feel that the person before him was not being herself.

Madeline looked at Felipe, and just when she was about to speak, she saw a familiar outline rushing into the crowd out of her periphery vision. “Linnie, don’t marry him.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 555

Jeremy showed up with a domineering voice.

There were only a few people in the hall, and they all spun around to look at him.

Jeremy was dressed in black, his face giving off a domineering aura.

He walked at a fast pace, elegant like a burst of wind. Then, he was next to Madeline.

Jeremy took Madeline by her hand when everyone was still dumbfounded. “Linnie, don’t marry him. You’re my wife. You belong to only me.”

Madeline was surprised. She opened her little mouth slightly, and when she was about to speak, Felipe appeared in front of her. He yanked Madeline to his side.

He faced Jeremy and revealed a stony expression on his handsome, gentlemanly face. “Jeremy, seeing that you’re my nephew, I’ll let go of this matter if you leave now.”

“Let go of this matter?” Jeremy sneered, “Felipe Whitman, do you think I don’t know what you’ve done. I must have surprised you as I’m still able to show up alive, right? As long as I’m alive, I’ll never allow Linnie to be with you.”

Then, a glint of darkness was swirling in Felipe’s eyes.

Jeremy walked past Felipe, placing his gentle stare onto Madeline’s face. He pleaded, saying, “Linnie, come with me.”

Felipe smirked and let out a confident smile. “Vera will never go with you.”

However, the moment he was done saying it, Madeline walked around him and went to Jeremy’s side.

Madeline’s action stunned the crowd, including Felipe who never expected such a result.

The most shocking part was Madeline reaching out for Jeremy’s hand at her own account, securing herself next to Jeremy.

“What’s happening, Jeremy? Why am I dressed up like this? Why am I here? Quick, take me away.”

Ava was flabbergasted as she sprinted over to Madeline, feeling anxious and worried. “Maddie, stop… Stop making mistakes. Listen to me, don’t follow this scum. Jeremy will only give you the worst!”

Madeline frowned and said apologetically, “Ava, wait till you meet the man who you truly love. That’s the time you’ll understand what I’m feeling right now.”

“No, it doesn’t work that way, Maddie.” Ava was almost speechless. She wanted to give an explanation, but she could not figure how she should put it into words to make Madeline understand it better.

However, Jeremy knew fully well that Madeline had once again changed her personality.

Her current memories and attitude had stopped back when she was madly in love with him.

He felt sorry for Madeline, but at that moment, he also felt rather delighted.

He held onto Madeline’s hand dearly before spinning around. “Linnie, let’s go. I’ll bring you home.”

“Alright.” Madeline nodded with a smile. As for Felipe, his black eyes were brewing with madness.

Feeling worried, Ava took out her phone and dialed Daniel’s number. As soon as the call was connected, she blurted out the entire situation while feeling anxious. “Dan, the thing that Dr. Brown mentioned is happening. Maddie really has a second personality. Just now, at the wedding ceremony, she voluntarily left the scene with Jeremy!”

Daniel, who had just awoken from being drunk, immediately sobered up after hearing Ava.

He quickly called Jeremy, but the latter did not pick up the call.

At the wedding ceremony, Eloise and Sean were not out of their wits. Instead, they felt rather relieved.

Despite knowing that Felipe was a good man and would make Madeline happy for life, they could not help but feel something was off.

Perhaps it was the guilt that was coursing through them after they had lied to Madeline, claiming that Felipe was the only man she loved.

After all, a lie would remain as a lie at the end of the day.

All the so-called happiness might vanish if Madeline fully recovered one day.

There would never be any happiness if there was no love between the two people.

Besides, they hoped that their precious daughter would achieve genuine happiness in her life.

Jeremy brought Madeline back to the villa.

She pulled down the wedding gown and put on her usual attire. This made Jeremy breathe a sigh of relief.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 556

She looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress. However, he selfishly wished that he was the only one to own that pretty side of her.

Madeline tried to recall why she would end up wearing the wedding gown, but it ended up fruitless.

Jeremy knew that Madeline’s current memory and attitude had gone way back to the time when she was still madly in love with him. He was feeling grateful but was in pain at the same time. He brought her to the bed and sat down. His hand gently laid atop her gorgeous brows as he said, “Linnie, stop thinking about it. You can’t recall it because you’ve lost your memories.”

“Me? Lost my memories?” Madeline’s eyes grew wide as she was confused.

Jeremy looked at her and nodded, feeling a pinch in his heart. “Linnie, we got married six years ago. It’s just that something went wrong with your memories and you’ve forgotten many things. They cured the tumor inside you, Meredith and her family have received the punishment they should get and were already judged by the law. As for us…”

He stuttered. The sense of fear that he had never once felt before made him retreat.

He lost the courage to tell her the truth that occurred within these six years. He was sincerely afraid that she might end up hating him and even leaving him.

“Jeremy, Jeremy, why aren’t you talking? What’s wrong with us?”

Jeremy snapped back to reality after hearing Madeline’s pestering. He wore a gentle smile and faced Madeline.

Madeline’s cheeks went pink when she saw his stunning face. Her gorgeous orbs looked down slightly, not wanting to look into his eyes.

Her bashful appearance was just like a young lady who first discovered what true love was.

“Linnie, how about leaving the past in the past? For the days to come, I’ll protect you, take care of you, and we’ll be together just fine.”

He hooked his little finger to hers.

“Just like the promise we made back at that time. We’ll always be together forever.”

Madeline gradually raised her teary eyes, meeting Jeremy’s passionate orbs. “Jeremy, this all feels like a dream to me.”

“This is not a dream, silly. It’s the reality you’re experiencing.”

Jeremy’s eyes looked even more gentle, but he was still feeling a pinch in his heart.

It was just a simple feeling of happiness, yet to her, it was like a dream that was hard to be fulfilled.

That was all because he had given her endless coldness and darkness in the past. Hence, all the warmth that she was feeling currently just seemed unreal to her.

“Linnie.” Jeremy held her dearly in his arms.

‘I’m sorry, Linnie. I’ve told you a lie, just like them.

‘It’s a fact that you used to love me. However, you might come to hate me more than you used to when you’ve recovered your memories in the near future.’

The thought of it made Jeremy hug Madeline even tighter, as though he would want to just infuse her into his bones.

Regardless of life and death, he only desired to be with her in his entire life.

Madeline suddenly struggled when Jeremy was still indulging in the hug. She put on an anxious look and stared at him, saying, “Jeremy, you said that it’s been six years since then. Then, then where’s my baby…”

Subconsciously, she touched her tummy with her hands.

“I only remember that not long after I got pregnant, Meredith claimed to be pregnant as well…”

“Don’t worry, Linnie. Our child is doing well. It’s a boy and his name is Jackson. I’m the one who named him.”

“Jackson,” Madeline muttered the name as her eyes glinted in excitement.

“Also, let me tell you this, Linnie. Meredith and I have never had an intimate relationship, and I never came to love her. Back when I thought she was you, I’ve never laid a finger on her. Linnie, I only like you. We’re meant for each other.”

Jeremy’s comment left Madeline shocked and delighted, but more toward the latter.

“Jeremy, I want to meet our child as soon as possible. Where’s he now?”

“He’s at his grandparents’ house, your biological parents’ house.”

“My biological parents?” Madeline was still in a daze when Jeremy held her hands. “Come, let’s go get our son.”

He placed his fingers between hers and headed downstairs.

Suddenly, the main door flung open and a silhouette showed up before them.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 557

Felipe was still in his groom’s attire that was made specifically for that day.

He was holding onto an umbrella as the rain had started pouring even heavier. He still appeared to be as elegant as usual, but the warmth was no longer seen in his eyes.

Madeline stared at Felipe who was standing in front of her while her mind was flashing with memories, telling her she somehow knew the man before her.

Time passed as the rain continued pouring heavily, and Felipe was still holding onto the umbrella while dressed in his black tux. He was walking over to her.

“Felipe, why are you here?” Jeremy’s voice made Madeline snap out of it.

She lifted her gaze and coincidentally saw Felipe’s lips curling up.

“I’m not here for you.” Felipe’s gaze fell onto Madeline’s face, which then became much soothing. “Madeline, you must be very puzzled as to why you were about to marry me back at the wedding ceremony. That’s because—”

“Felipe Whitman!” Jeremy interrupted, crossed. He stood ahead and shielded Madeline behind him with a stern look. “Stop feeding my wife with memories that don’t belong to her.”

Felipe let out a faint smile. “I think you’re the one who’s feeding her with fake memories. Do you think you’d be able to hold her hands if it’s not for her memory loss?”

“She wouldn’t be marrying you if she hadn’t lost her memories,” Jeremy retorted with full confidence. Then, he opened an umbrella and escorted Madeline into the car.

He drove the car at full throttle. Madeline, who was sitting at the front passenger seat, raised her gaze to look into the rear-view mirror.

Felipe and the smile on his stunning face gradually vanished from her sight.

Eloise and Sean never expected that Jeremy would send Madeline back home to Montgomery Manor.

After a thorough introduction by Jeremy, Madeline came to learn that both Eloise and Sean were her biological parents.

She was quite astonished to receive such a piece of news, yet she could feel the warmth of the couple before her.

“Mommy… Mommy.”

At that moment, they heard an innocent and crystal clear voice that was like a bell.

Madeline looked up at the source of the voice and saw a delicate little face.

Jackson ran to her and hugged her leg. “Mommy, it’s been a few days since Jack last saw you. Jack really misses Mommy…”

“Jack?” Madeline slowly got down to her knees, and before she realized it, she was touching the doll-like face.

She stared at the pair of orbs that looked like Jeremy’s. Heat accumulated behind her orbs as she hugged the little kid dearly and said, “Oh Jack, Mommy misses you too.”

“I knew Mommy would miss me,” said Jackson proudly while still in Madeline’s arms, behaving coquettishly.

Eloise and Sean felt the heat in their eyes as well after witnessing the scene. They could not help but sigh. “Eveline has gone through so much suffering.”

“As long as I’m still around in this world for even one day, I’ll never let Linnie suffer again.” Jeremy gave his words.

“With her current situation, I wonder what we should do,” said Eloise worryingly, “Why did Eveline suffer from dissociation disorder?”

“It’s all because of me.” Jeremy placed the blame on himself.

He could still recall vividly the day when Madeline was met with the car accident. She emphasized that she had never pushed Meredith even though she was already losing consciousness.

Deep at the bottom of her heart, she still remembered those years of suffering from being wronged.

“Jeremy Whitman!”


Daniel and Ava suddenly came in.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 558

They came intending to learn of Madeline’s whereabouts, yet they bumped into Jeremy.

“Jeremy, you’re such a scumbag. Where did you hide Madeline?” Ava rushed to the front of Jeremy, anxious and exasperated.

A few seconds ago, Madeline was still in the hall, but coincidentally, she had gone to the backyard with Jackson.

Jeremy was about to explain, but the infuriated Ava hoisted her arm high in the air, about to slap Jeremy.

“Ava!” Daniel quickly stopped and comforted her, saying, “Calm down, Ava. Maddie wouldn’t be in any trouble.”

“How am I supposed to calm down? Maddie is bound to be in trouble if she continues lingering around him! Let me go, Dan. I want to beat this scumbag up so badly!” Ava said through her gritted teeth, staring with her reddened eyes.

“You’re such trash, Jeremy. Do you think I don’t know what you’re up to? You’re planning to avenge Meredith! How dare you be so shameless and cheat Madeline, claiming that you love her? Do you even know what it’s like to love a person? Do you know?!” Ava scolded. She was trying to lecture the scum on behalf of her bestie, yet tears started streaming out from the corners of her eyes.

She felt utterly sorry for Madeline.

“Jeremy, do you know how much Maddie suffered those years she spent by your side? Was there any time that she was sincerely happy ever since you two were married? Was there a time she smiled? She was all over you, to a point where she was willing to discard her pride. But how about you? How did you treat her in return? You’re such a cold-blooded man. You even joined forces with Meredith and made her suffer in prison for three whole years! You two even disfigured her and took her biological child away from her!

“Jeremy, do you know what decision she made when she first found out she was pregnant and at the same time, noticed she was suffering from a grave disease? She brought me to the beach at April Hill and said to cast her ashes into the ocean if she couldn’t survive. It was at the place where you and Madeline made a promise to each other. Despite facing death, she still loved you so much!

“Do you have any idea how much courage Maddie had to summon to get back on her feet? Yet why aren’t you letting go of her up to this day? Why are you so unsatisfied that Maddie is lucky enough to have a happy day in her life?!”

Ava’s condemning marks made Jeremy utterly heartbroken.

Although there were some misunderstandings, Jeremy had no intention to defend himself. No matter what, he had indeed hurt her before.

Ava was not done, and just as she wanted to continue on scolding, her eyes sparkled. “Maddie!”

She struggled to free herself from Daniel and sprinted to Madeline before hugging her in her arms.

“Maddie, thank God you’re alright. Promise me, never bother Jeremy again. He has already harmed you once, so don’t give him another opportunity to harm you for the second time!”

Madeline, who was being held tightly by Ava, sneaked a peek at Jeremy.

Jeremy was perturbed, thinking perhaps Madeline had heard all the things that Ava mentioned. He strode over to her, saying, “Linnie—”

“Jeremy, stop coming any closer to Maddie!” Ava stood in front, defending Madeline. “Maddie, don’t bother about him. Right now, you’re making a big mistake because you’ve lost your memories. Wait till you’ve recuperated, then you’ll remember how much you despise this scumbag. You’ll remember just how much you hate him, to the point you want his reputation to go bad and make him never have the chance to stand up proudly ever again!”

Just when Jeremy had no chance to argue back, Madeline held Ava’s hand and smiled. “Thank you, Ava. I’m very glad to have such a good friend like you.”

Ava also grasped on Madeline’s hand. “If that’s the case, please listen to my advice, Maddie. Never bother about this scumbag again!”


Dimples appeared on Madeline’s smiling face as she walked to Jeremy, facing his apoplectic gaze.

“You’re right, Ava. I lost my memories, and because of that, I only remember that I really love this man. Despite him having treated me coldly, I still can’t control my emotions. I keep thinking about him and missing him. This feeling of determination and love has been with me ever since the first time I met Jeremy.”

Jeremy was speechless when he heard the comment, tears building up behind his eyes. “Linnie…”

His voice trembled as he held onto Madeline’s hands. He got down to one knee as he looked at Madeline with his eyes brewing with remorse and love.

“I’m sorry, Linnie. I’m terribly sorry…”

He apologized sincerely, his eyes reddened and drenched.

“Linnie, please give me another chance to love you. A chance for me to make up for all the terrible things I’ve done in the past. I swear to God, I’ll ensure you’ll be happy for the rest of your life. You’ll live a life without suffering or tears.

“Linnie, let us start a brand new life, alright?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 559

Jeremy got down to one knee, tears almost flowing out from his eyes.

His eyes were swirling with sincerity, giving off a strong sense of love.

Madeline nodded with a smile. “Yeah, let’s start all over again.”

Ava snapped back to reality after hearing Madeline’s reply.

She could not believe she was lost in her thoughts at the sight of Jeremy’s gestures.

However, she still could not accept the fact that Madeline had once again returned to Jeremy’s side. After all, the bloody past was still flashing vividly in her mind.

Especially the fact that Madeline used to hate Jeremy so much back when she had not lost her memories yet.

Daniel was observing from a corner. He could not explain the sense of relief he was feeling when he heard Madeline’s reply to Jeremy.

He finally came to understand that the person who could hurt Madeline so badly was the same person who she really loved.

Ava attempted to stop Madeline but was halted by Eloise and Sean. “Miss Ava, just let Eveline be.”

Ava clenched her teeth and suppressed her feelings, afraid that she might aggravate Madeline’s illness.

On the journey back, Ava was feeling grumpy in Daniel’s car. “Dan, why didn’t you speak a word earlier? Maddie will definitely be tortured to death if she returns to the grasp of that devil, Jeremy Whitman!”

She let out a sigh. “Is Maddie’s intelligence ruined because of her appearance? She doesn’t want to be with such a good man like you or a gentleman like Felipe. She chooses that cold-blooded scumbag instead. She’s really out of her mind!”

Daniel let out a smile. “Perhaps this is the part of love where most find it hard to resist.”

“Hmph, this is not love. Just you wait and see. Wait till Maddie gets her memories back and she’ll come to hate Jeremy so much!”

Daniel glanced at Ava who was still infuriated. “Then, how about we make a bet?”


“Yeah.” He nodded his head slightly. “I bet Maddie will love Jeremy more after she recovers her memories.”

“What?” Ava’s eyes widened as she waved her hand, irritated. “You’re mad! Dan, you’re out of your mind!”

Dan just let out a smile as he drove away from the scene. The leaves that were hovering in the air came stumbling on the ground again, leaving behind miraculous suspense.

The sky turned dark, and both Madeline and Jeremy were still at Montgomery Manor.

Eloise and Sean dared not long for happiness as one complete family. However, their eyes turned red whenever they heard Madeline greeting them as her parents.

Madeline got to know from Jeremy that other people had deliberately taken her away when she was young. Since then, she parted from her biological parents.

She had no recollection of the hurtful things both Eloise and Sean had done to her in the past. At that moment, all she could feel was the love from her parents.

After dinner, Jeremy started the engine of his car and drove Madeline and Jackson back home.

Madeline was carrying the little kid who had dozed off. She stared at him, admiring his little face.

‘Jack looks gorgeous.

‘His brows look just like Jeremy’s.

‘His eyes, I think they look like mine?’

Madeline chuckled.

‘This is Jeremy’s and my kid.

‘Six years. I didn’t expect myself to lose six whole years of memories.’

The next day after sending Jackson to school, Madeline took the initiative to make a trip to the hospital.

As he was feeling perturbed, Jeremy brought Madeline to the hospital.

He held her hand. The warmth he was feeling made him fear losing the sweetness he was experiencing.

After a thorough check-up, Adam scanned through the report earnestly and said seriously, “This is the only way for the time being. If you want to recover her memories faster, the only way is to use a much more aggressive method to stimulate her, but this method might make her condition even worse.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 560

Following the doctor’s comment, Jeremy’s expression darkened as he would not want to take the risk.

He feared that not only would Madeline not get any better, but she would forget his existence for good.

He would rather have her hate him than to have her memories wiped off forever.

On their way home, Jeremy received a message from Adam. There were things that were not convenient to be said in the office. Besides, it would be better not to let Madeline know about it.

Adam’s message to Jeremy was that Madeline was currently having a double personality. One of them was in love with Jeremy while the other was holding a grudge against him. Both of them were not on the same page and would go to the extreme. Only during certain circumstances would a particular personality be expressed.

Jeremy had already figured out the certain circumstances that Adam mentioned.

It was when there was a heavy blow or if there was a sudden crashing sound.

The only way to make Madeline recover completely would be to awaken her dominant personality.

Jeremy read through the message, then turned to look at Madeline.

A selfish thought flashed through his mind. He wished for Madeline to forget all about the unpleasant past forever. From then on, only happiness would have existed in her life.

“Jeremy, I want to pay my grandpa a visit. Let’s take a trip back to the old house.” Madeline suddenly suggested.

Jeremy came to a halt, then explained. “Linnie, there are some changes that happened in the old house and someone else has bought it. Grandpa got ill as well.”

After hearing this, Madeline was shocked. “Then where’s Grandpa now? Jeremy, let’s get Grandpa back to our villa. I want to take care of him.”

Jeremy was caught by surprise but soon nodded with a gentle smile. “Alright, we’ll go get Grandpa and get him to stay with us.”

After over ten minutes, his car came to a halt at a district building. Then, he led Madeline up the building.

Karen had pushed the task of wiping the old master’s body to Yvonne. Just when she was about to head out to go shopping, she saw Jeremy and Madeline walking to her. They were both behaving intimately.

She thought she had seen an illusion and rubbed her eyes, only to witness clearly the two outlines that were inching closer.

Karen was about to scold and curse. However, Madeline saw her and called out, “Mom.”


Karen was thrown for a loop.

She was sure that Madeline’s tone and the smile on her face did not seem to be teasing her.

‘Did she really lose her memories?’

Karen thought to herself as she trailed them when she saw Jeremy bringing Madeline into the house.

Meanwhile, Yvonne got fed up and threw the towel to Old Master Whitman while cursing at him.

“Jesus! You’re annoying! Why aren’t you dead yet?! Who do you think you are to make me clean your face and feet every day?! If not for Jeremy, I wouldn’t…”

The door suddenly flung open when she was cursing.

Yvonne was thunderstruck to see that it was Jeremy. She quickly put on a smile on her face. “Jeremy, you… You’re back.”

She smiled, trying to get closer to Jeremy, but the smile on her face vanished the moment she saw Madeline following closely behind him.

Jeremy ignored Yvonne and walked to the front of the wheelchair. He grabbed onto the old master’s icy hands and whispered, “Grandpa, Linnie and I will bring you home to stay with us. You’ll be better in no time.”

Madeline was about to head over when she noticed Yvonne staring hard at her. “I think we’ve met somewhere before, right?”

“Hmph.” Yvonne gave an awful reply, “Why are you putting on an act? How dare you show up after what you’ve done to Grandpa? Do you think you’ll be able to make the fact that you harmed Grandpa vanish into thin air just by pretending to have your memories wiped off?!”

Madeline was confused. “What are you talking about? I harmed Grandpa?”

“Don’t listen to her nonsense, Linnie. How’s it possible that you harmed Grandpa?” Jeremy glared at Yvonne, giving her a warning. “Stop talking gibberish in front of Madeline.”

“Jeremy, I’m just stating the fact! It’s this lady who harmed Grandpa. It’s all thanks to her that Grandpa is now paralyzed!”

Yvonne was serious about her slander while wiping off the tears on her face.

“These days, I give my everything to taking care of Grandpa, cleaning his face and washing his feet. Despite Grandpa not being able to talk, I know he knows it. There are a few times when I asked Grandpa whether it was Madeline who harmed him and he blinked his eyes, which is to say he agreed!”

Just when Yvonne was using the old master’s name to accuse Madeline, the old master suddenly voiced out. His rough right hand was shaking as he pointed to Yvonne, and with all his might, he said, “You…”

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