Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 691-700

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 691
Yvonne was angry when she saw Jeremy running to them. She used all her force to push Madeline down the slope. “Off you go to hell, Madeline!”

Madeline lost her balance and felt her legs stepping in the air as she fell down the slope.


Jeremy extended his long arms, his hand accurately grabbing onto Madeline’s wrist.

Madeline raised her head to look up. Under the moonlight, her vision was occupied with Jeremy’s worried expression.


Jeremy was grateful as he stared at Madeline who was hovering in mid-air. He quickly pulled her up with effort.

“Don’t be afraid, Linnie. I’ll never let you go, never again.” He promised while giving all he got to pull Madeline up.

Yvonne got exasperated when she witnessed the scene.

She did not wish for Jeremy to pull Madeline up, but at the same time, she heard many footsteps approaching them.

Recalling that the 500,000 in cash had been taken away by her two other comrades, Yvonne was left with no choice but to flee the scene while gritting her teeth.

She did not wish to lose the money as well, not when she had failed to finish Madeline.

At that moment, Jeremy was not bothered by anything that was happening around him. All he cared about was Madeline.

Madeline never expected Jeremy to catch hold of her at the eleventh hour. She put in her effort as well and squeezed out all her strength to climb up.

However, given that the slope was too slippery, she felt she was moving downward as she continued climbing up.

She looked up and noticed that she was dragging Jeremy down the slope as well.

“Let go of me, Jeremy. I won’t be dead. At most, I’ll just roll all the way down.” She asked for Jeremy to let her go.

In the next second, she saw Jeremy’s eyes giving off a domineering aura as he looked straight into her eyes.

“The biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my life is that I didn’t hold on to you properly and never gave you the happiness you deserve. Listen up, Eveline. I’ll never let go, not even death can make me let go of you!”

Every word that left his lips was like droplets of boiling water that dripped into Madeline’s heart.

She was lost in thought as she stared at his worried face. Suddenly, her whole body dropped down the cliff, and the next second, Jeremy was dragged down as well.

At the split second when they both fell, Jeremy pounced forward and hugged Madeline.

“Jeremy! Madeline!”

Winston and Karen finally caught up to them, only to witness both of them falling down the cliff.

The scene made Karen’s lower limbs give way as she dropped to the ground.

The moment she called out Jeremy’s name, Madeline’s name also came up to her throat.

Madeline’s earlier action to rescue Karen left her in a bottomless confusion…

Soon, the rescue team arrived. However, after reaching the bottom of the cliff, they failed to retrieve anything and could not track down Jeremy and Madeline’s location.

The sky had become much darker, and it was not convenient to continue with the search.

They had no choice but to retreat for now and continue the next day.

At dawn, crystal clear dew dropped onto the cliff without a sound.

Jeremy moved his lids, feeling a chilling breeze blowing up against him. He gradually opened his eyes.

The morning sunlight shone through the heavy mist. As he breathed in the air, the fragrance of the grass drilled into his nose as well.

Jeremy blinked his eyes and suddenly thought back to the incident that occurred last night. He spun around and saw Madeline lying in his arms, still not awakened.

He got up and gently tapped on Madeline’s face.

“Linnie, Linnie, wake up,” he called out to her softly but received no reaction from Madeline.

Jeremy noticed that her face was extremely pale. He started searching high and low all over her body to look for any injuries, but nothing unusual was noted.

He then called out to her again, but Madeline still did not respond.

Jeremy got more anxious, and when he extended his hand again, he was stunned.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 692
He looked into a face that looked very similar to Madeline’s. He waved his hand gently as the colors and crystal clear images projected right in his vision.

‘Am I able to see things?

‘I really can see things again.’

Thinking back, he had actually recovered his vision since last night. He witnessed Yvonne pushing Madeline down the cliff and went over to catch Madeline.


At that moment, Madeline let out a groan, snapping Jeremy out of his thoughts. He hugged Madeline, who was still drowsy, in his arms.

When he lifted Madeline, he realized that just beneath the area where she was lying was a stone. The back of her head had hit it when they fell.

His heartbeat went erratic as he carried Madeline in his arms and walked straight ahead.

He attempted to search for an escape route, but after strolling around for a long time, he failed.

He looked down at her in his arms. She was still unconscious. Jeremy was anxious and started picking up his pace.


He suddenly heard Madeline’s voice and came to a halt. “Linnie? Are you awake?”

Madeline opened her eyes in a daze and nodded. “Put me down.”

“No, you’re still very weak.”

“I’m not as weak as you might think.”

Jeremy did not dare to go against her after seeing her being so determined.

He put her down cautiously and glanced at her with a concerned look. “Linnie, are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere?”

Madeline shook her head, and when she was about to speak, she noticed that Jeremy was staring hard at her.

She raised her hand and waved it in front of him.

The next second, Jeremy grabbed onto her hand.

Madeline’s heartbeat was racing. “You’re able to see?”

Jeremy nodded with a smile. “Linnie, I can see things again.”

He grasped her hand, and in his eyes remained a passionate look. “It’s been a while, Linnie. You’ve gotten much prettier.”

Madeline was dumbfounded. Words could not describe her current emotions. She tried to suppress her palpitation and retrieved her hand, but she was still puzzled.

“When did your eyes recover?” She remembered that he could not see a thing when he came to her rescue last night.

‘Did he recover after falling down the cliff?’

While still deep in thought, she heard Jeremy’s reply, “Last night, I was so worried looking all over for you, but just when everything seemed hopeless, I suddenly saw Yvonne about to push you down the cliff. That’s the moment I was able to see again.”

Madeline was flabbergasted.

‘Does it mean that I’ve got nothing to do with Jeremy losing his sight?

‘I didn’t expect him to regain his vision out of desperation when he couldn’t find me.’

That just showed how much he cared and missed her, to a point where a miracle occurred.

Of course, she did not forget the moment when he rushed to grab onto her and said, “Listen up, Eveline. I’ll never let go, not even death can make me let go of you!”

He did not let go of her and held her dearly in his arms, falling with her into the unknown danger.

However, Jeremy knew it deep in his heart that he could regain his vision in such a situation because he had overcome that psychological barrier within him.

Three years ago, Madeline lost her sight because Meredith took away her corneas. This had left a thorn buried deep in him.

He was unable to forgive himself, and even at this moment, he still could not free himself.

A hush befell among them, and Madeline turned around. Just when she took her first step, a burning and prickling sensation struck her, crawling from her toes upward.

She wanted to look at what was going on, but Jeremy suddenly went in front of her. His expression sank as he kneeled.

Madeline wanted to evade him, but Jeremy had already grabbed onto her left ankle.

“What are you planning to do, Jeremy?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 693
Madeline groaned in pain and frowned. It was followed by a cooling sensation on her calf.

Jeremy got down to his knees before her and pulled up her trousers only to find an enormous bruise on her calf.

Heartbroken, he frowned. “I’ll carry you, Linnie.”

“Thanks for your kindness, Mr. Whitman, but I don’t need you to do so.” Madeline rejected his offer. Bearing with the pain, she continued waddling ahead.

Jeremy knew she was mad at his previous actions, but he could not bear to see her torturing her body.

He quickly caught up to her, grabbed her waist, and hoisted her up.

Madeline fumbled, and when she lifted her gaze, all she saw was the side of Jeremy’s stony face.

“Put me down.” Madeline rejected in an indifferent tone. After a few attempts of struggling which failed, she grabbed onto his collar. “Jeremy, I’ve made myself very clear back at Glendale University. I don’t need your concern and you no longer need to treat me well.”

Jeremy looked at her with a passionate stare. “Linnie, I know you’re mad at me. You can continue being mad or even hate me, but please don’t harm your body just because of this.”

Madeline smirked. “Don’t you find it rather hilarious that today, you’re telling me not to harm my body?”

Jeremy grabbed her even tighter when he heard her comment.

He was staring at Madeline before him as though he was being brutally tortured himself.

“I’m sorry.”

He apologized sincerely but still continued carrying her and walking further ahead.

“I’ll never act all noble and hand you over to another guy. Linnie, you have no idea how much I desire for you to give me another chance to take care of you.” He suddenly blurted such a comment as if he was making a promise to her.

Madeline was dumbfounded. Silence befell them, and she sensed that Jeremy had picked up the pace.

At Whitman Manor.

Winston was feeling perturbed and was waiting for the news from the search party. He spun around and saw Karen sitting on the sofa blankly. The sight worried him.

Ever since Karen was rescued last night, her overall condition became strange. She would not talk at all.

He wanted to question Karen whether she was feeling unwell when Felicity entered the scene.

Winston felt uncomfortable when he saw the lady who looked like Madeline.

Karen heard the commotion and turned to look. She got up to her feet when she saw Felicity and was agitated. “Madeline?! You’re back in one piece?”

Meredith smiled. “I’m Felicity, Aunty.”

Karen looked disappointed to hear it.

She took a closer look and it was indeed not Madeline.

‘Madeline’s facial features are much more delicate than Felicity’s.’

Sensing the weird atmosphere, Meredith asked, “Did something happen?”

Karen went back to sit down, feeling dispirited and not in the mood to talk.

Seeing Karen’s reaction, Winston felt curious. Just when he was about to ask, the police force called and claimed that they had found both Madeline and Jeremy. They had sent them both to the hospital.

Winston let out a breath of relief when he heard the news but was surprised to see Karen being so agitated. She even pestered him to drive her to the hospital immediately.

Meredith tagged along and got into the back seat before they all went to the hospital together.

Upon arriving at the hospital, Meredith came to know the entire incident that took place last night.

She did not expect there would be other people plotting a scheme against Madeline before she took any action herself.

Knowing that Jeremy sacrificed himself just to save Madeline and ended up falling from the cliff with her, flames of jealousy within Meredith lighted once again.

She could not tolerate the fact that Jeremy cared so much for Madeline.

She felt that she should create a crack between them if Jeremy was so concerned about Madeline.

After Meredith made up her mind, she suddenly thought of someone else.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 694
This person would be able to help her fulfill her wish of seeing Jeremy.

As Meredith thought about that, she left the hospital hurriedly.

Karen and Winston received news that Madeline and Jeremy were being rescued in the emergency room. As such, they had hurried to the hospital.

However, Winston noticed that Karen looked oddly frantic. “Karen, you’ve been looking unwell ever since you came back last night. Did something happen?”

Karen shifted her gaze away from him, saying, “What else? I was almost killed by my damned niece.”

After she said that, she saw Jeremy walking out of the emergency room with Madeline.

Karen stopped abruptly, and at that moment, she did not know how to face Madeline.

Madeline’s determined gaze and tone when she pushed her toward the door kept replaying in her head.

She had sincerely wanted to save her.

However, what about her?

Before Madeline saved her, she was still cursing at her. She even said that Madeline should have died three years ago.

Winston patted Karen’s arm when he saw her standing there without moving. “Karen, what happened to you?”

Madeline and Jeremy looked over at the same time when they heard that. When Madeline saw Karen and Winston, her eyes remained calm. However, Karen averted her gaze in guilt. and felt that her face was burning at that moment.

“Jermy, Maddie, are you hurt?” Winston walked over and asked.

Madeline removed her hand from Jeremy’s and asked, “Did they catch Yvonne and her accomplices?”

“The two men were arrested but Yvonne escaped.”

“She’s so good at escaping.” Madeline smiled softly. She could see Karen looking at her from the corner of her eyes, but when Madeline looked over, Karen averted her eyes in a hurry.

“Eveline, Eveline!”

Eloise and Sean arrive hurriedly at this moment.

When they saw the bandages on Madeline’s left calf, they were heartbroken.

“Why didn’t you tell us about this? How could you risk your life like this?” Eloise held Madeline’s hands with lingering fear. Then, she peered at Karen. “Even after you save that certain someone, they’ll still think that you’re just trying to hurt them.”

“…” Karen knew Eloise was hinting at her. If this was before, she would have fought with Eloise, but at this moment, she could not say anything.

“Sean, you should carry Eveline home.” Eloise hinted at Sean.

Madeline wanted to reject, but Sean had already knelt in front of her.

“Eveline, come. Daddy will carry you.”

‘Daddy will carry you.’

At his words, Madeline felt tears in her eyes. She did not reject him anymore and climbed onto Sean’s back gingerly.

Even though she did not remember some parts of her life, she did not forget that she never had parents ever since she was young. She also did not forget how she longed for the love from her parents. She longed to be carried by her father and accompanied by her mother like other children.

Jeremy wanted to follow them, but when he saw Madeline deep in thought as she leaned against Sean’s back, a smile appeared on his face. He realized that he should not go and disturb them.

This was the love and warmth that Linnie had been yearning for for a very long time.

Winston saw Jeremy looking in the direction where Madeline left and was shocked. “Jeremy, c-can you see?”

Karen was spacing out at one side but ran over emotionally when she heard this. “Jeremy, can you see now? Is that true?”

Jeremy averted his gaze indifferently and shook his head. “I can’t.”

Winston and Karen sighed in disappointment.

Montgomery Manor.

Sean carried Madeline all the way to her room.

When Madeline was in the shower, Eloise stayed outside the door. She was worried that Madeline would fall or bump into things.

When she finally lay in bed safe and sound, Eloise left while feeling relieved.

Madeline was exhausted after what happened tonight. When she was about to rest, her phone rang. She had never seen this number before.

After hesitating, Madeline still picked up the phone. However, she did not expect to hear Felicity’s voice. Her attitude was pleasant at first, but she did not expect Felicity to say the words she said next.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 695
“Miss Nell.”

Felicity was addressing Madeline this way with a friendly and humble attitude.


Madeline had not forgotten this name.

When she was wondering why Felicity was addressing her like this, she heard her continue, “Hello, Miss Nell. Someone recommended me to you. I want to buy a special aromatherapy kit from you.”

Madeline understood. It seemed that Felicity just wanted to buy a special aromatherapy kit from her.

Her memories of Jeremy from three years ago were shattered and in pieces. However, she remembered the three years of her living in F Country.

Aside from being a successful and well-established jewelry designer, she was also an exceptional perfumer.

However, compared to perfumes, she was more fond of jewelry design. That was why aside from Felipe, no one knew about the fact that she knew how to blend different scents.

However, there had to be something fishy about Felicity wanting to buy an aromatherapy kit from her.

Madeline deliberately lowered her voice and answered lazily, “Hello, I’m Nell. Do you have anything you want, Miss?”

Felicity was happy when she got a response. “Miss Nell, I want to buy a special aromatherapy kit from you.”

“How special do you want it to be?”

“My boyfriend and I are in a bit of a rough patch recently. I want to better our relationship with your aromatherapy kit. I think you know what I mean, right, Miss Nell?”

Felicity gave her this explanation.

Madeline immediately understood what Felicity wanted. However, was the boyfriend in question Jeremy?

“Miss Nell, can you do it?” Felicity asked impatiently.

Madeline’s tone went cold. “It’s easy. However, I don’t know if you’re able to afford it.”

“Money’s not a problem! I’ll pay any amount as long as you’re willing to help me, Miss Nell.” Felicity was straightforward and spoke as if she would definitely get what she wanted. “I really want to spend an unforgettable night with my boyfriend.”

“If that’s the case, give me your address. I’ll send you what you want in three days.”

Felicity agreed, and Madeline hung up the phone before anything more could be said.

Madeline was feeling sleepy at first, but now, she could not sleep at all.

Felicity knew Felipe. Did he know about her buying an aromatherapy kit from her as well?

Was Felicity going to use it on Jeremy?

Madeline rested for one day before going back to her previous apartment as all of her equipment was still there.

After finishing up her work, she left her apartment.

Jeremy could already see, but aside from Madeline, he did not tell anyone else about this.

It had been three days since he last saw Madeline and was missing her dearly.

However, Madeline rejected all of his calls and seemed to be ignoring him.

At this moment, he called Madeline again but still achieved the same result.

Jeremy was feeling dispirited when he heard the sound of high heels clicking. The sound was gradually approaching him.

He was already familiar with Madeline’s footsteps and this was clearly not Madeline.

“Jeremy.” The woman’s voice sounded as gentle as water.

Jeremy lifted her head and looked over to the source of the sound pretentiously.

His eyes looked blank as if he was someone who was trapped in the dark and had no access to the light. However, what was reflected in his eyes was a face that was 70 to 80 percent similar to Madeline’s. When the woman smiled, she even had dimples that were similar to Madeline’s.

No wonder Winston had such a strange reaction when he saw this Felicity Walker. Now, Jeremy understood.

When Meredith saw Jeremy’s blank and icy stare, she walked over with a smile.

“Jeremy, I heard about what happened a few days ago. I was so worried about you.” Meredith’s voice was filled with concern. However, there was a smirk that showed the opposite on his face.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 696
He could not tell how much she was worrying about him.

Jeremy curled his lips into a sly smile. “Are you here just to see me?”

Meredith replied, “I wanted to come here two days ago but I didn’t have the time. I’m here to see you today. Plus, I want to tell you that tonight is the best time for psychological intervention.”

Meredith added when she saw Jeremy not saying anything. “Jeremy, your retinas are not damaged, which means that your mind is the reason why you can’t see yet. As long as you can get over the obstacle in your heart, you’ll regain your vision again. Trust me.”

Jeremy nodded as a rare smile appeared on his face. “You’re so considerate of me, so why should I reject you?”

When Meredith saw that Jeremy was smiling at her, the lingering emotions in her heart started becoming even more restless.

She had been waiting for the day when everything was ready!

She could finally get close to this man! She could finally sleep with him!

Madeline came to the address that Felicity gave her earlier than the runner she had hired to deliver the parcel.

After Felicity received the aromatherapy kit, a delightful glint appeared in her eyes.

She drove away quickly and had no idea Madeline was following behind her.

Indeed, the person Felicity went looking for right after was Jeremy. However, what surprised Madeline was that Jeremy willingly got into Felicity’s car.

His vision had recovered, so it meant that he did not need any psychological interventions. However, he still got into Felicity’s car.

Madeline followed behind Felicity’s car. Then, she noticed Felicity and Jeremy were on their way to the same hotel they went to last time.

What else could a man and a woman do in a hotel at this hour?

Could it be that Jeremy and Felicity were really dating? Did it mean that Felicity was telling the truth? Did she really buy the aromatherapy kit to better her relationship with Jeremy and to have an intimate relationship with him?

When she thought about this, Madeline’s grip on the steering wheel tightened.

If they were really dating, why should she stick her foot in their relationship?

However, if it was real, why did Jeremy risk his life to save her?

Madeline decided to follow them to see what was going on.

After a while, Jeremy followed Meredith into a room. She asked him to lie down on a sofa and proceeded to tell him about the treatment.

Then, in the next second, Meredith started undressing in front of Jeremy.

Jeremy lowered his gaze as he was not interested in looking at Meredith.

After Meredith changed into a flimsy and sexy nightgown, she walked to one side and poured two glasses of red wine.

She knew Jeremy could not see, so she added something extra in the wine without a care in the world. Then, she played some soft music before lighting the candles.

White smoke started rising from the aromatherapy pot.

The refreshing scent filled up their hearts. At that moment, they felt like they were in an extremely relaxed state.

Meredith felt that this aromatherapy kit was such a miracle. She lifted her sultry eyes and took a sip of her wine. Then, she held the other glass and walked toward Jeremy.

Looking at his exceptional features and his breath-taking face, Meredith felt that the man exuded a certain charm that was able to bewitch her. She could not wait anymore because she had been waiting for this day for about seven years!

“Can we start the treatment?” Jeremy lifted his head and asked.

Meredith got closer to him like she was in a trance. “Jeremy, drink some wine. The wine will help you relax and you’ll get into the mood quicker like this.” She purposely lowered her voice to make herself sound more alluring.

Meredith could feel herself getting more and more delighted as she looked at Jeremy.

Madeline arrived after them, and when she passed by their room coincidentally, she could hear Felicity’s soft voice coming from behind the door.

She turned around and realized the door was not closed. There was a card stuck at the door frame, so that was why the door was not fully closed.

Madeline pushed the door open quietly and smelled a familiar scent. It was the smell of her aromatherapy kit.

She looked into the room and saw Felicity in a flimsy nightgown, trying to lean against Jeremy’s chest.

She did not expect them to be a couple. Madeline felt like such a clown for worrying that Jeremy might get scammed by Felicity.

Madeline turned around to leave. However, in the next second, Jeremy’s action shocked her.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 697
She thought Jeremy would go along with Felicity’s acts, but he lifted the wine glass in his hand and poured the contents in the glass on her face.

Meredith screamed, having not ever expected Jeremy to do that.

She was dumbfounded as her face was covered with red liquid. Then, she looked in utter horror as the man in front of her stood up slowly. “Jeremy, w-why did you splash me with the wine?”

Jeremy did not even want to look at her. He turned his face away in disgust. “Not only can red wine help one relax, but it can also wake someone up.”

His voice was alluring, but it sounded icy. “Are you awake now?”

“…” Meredith was confused. Her face was filled with rage, but she asked innocently, “Jeremy, what’s wrong? I’m doing this to help you regain your vision quicker. This is one way of psychological treatment.”

“What a unique way,” Madeline walked over as she said slowly.

Meredith wanted to flatter Jeremy some more when she heard Madeline’s voice. She turned around and saw Madeline strutting over to her elegantly.

“Madeline?” Meredith was shocked. However, she changed her way of addressing Madeline immediately. “Miss Montgomery, why are you here? How did you come in?”

“I’m here to watch how a psychologist like you treats her patients.” Madeline smiled with interest before inspecting Meredith’s outfit.

“Oh, do you need to wear a nightgown thinner than paper when you treat your patients? Do you also need to listen to music and drink wine as well?”


Meredith looked like she was at a loss. Then, she looked at Jeremy. “Jeremy, Miss Montgomery is just speaking nonsense. I played music and let you drink some wine to help you relax. Plus, I’m not wearing a nightgown. I’m always professional and serious when I’m treating my patients. I’d never do anything that goes against my conscience and medical ethics!”

Meredith denied it in deadly earnest, her tone sounding righteous. However, she was scowling at Madeline threateningly and with disdain.

She thought Jeremy could not see, so she did not hide her expression at all.

“Miss Montgomery, are you trying to incite disharmony between me and Jeremy by saying that? Are you trying to destroy my image in Jeremy’s heart? I hope you remember that you’re just his ex-wife, and on the contrary, I’m his current girlfriend.”

She emphasized the words ‘current girlfriend’ with a pleased smirk on her face.

However, her smirk cracked as soon as Jeremy opened his mouth.

“I think you’re overthinking things. You have no position in my heart and you’ve left zero impressions on me.”


Meredith looked at Jeremy in shock.

Then, she saw him walking to Madeline smoothly. His deep eyes were twinkling softly as his gaze enveloped Madeline tightly.

“The only person I care about is just Linnie and Linnie only.”

Madeline was dispirited after hearing what he said. The words had struck Meredith heavily.

However, how could she accept it? She had meticulously planned for a fun night with Jeremy when Madeline’s sudden appearance ruined it.

Meredith tried to suppress the rage and dissatisfaction in her heart, wanting to make Jeremy stay. However, she saw his sharp gaze landing precisely on her face.

“Don’t try to start anything with me. I won’t feel anything even if you stand buck naked in front of me.”

“…” Meredith was frozen instantly. That sentence gave her such a huge blow.

However, Jeremy would not care about how she felt. He grabbed Madeline’s hand and turned around.

Meredith stood frozen on the same spot, her face feeling like it was burning due to embarrassment.

She turned around furiously and pushed the wine on the bartop to the floor.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 698
“Madeline, you insufferable b*tch!” Meredith clenched her fists and tried to suppress the rage inside her that was threatening to burn everything in her way. The flames in her eyes were burning brighter and brighter. She wanted so badly to burn Madeline into ashes.

Jeremy pulled Madeline into the elevator. Now, there were only the two of them in the enclosed space.

“Linnie, I knew you’d come.” It was as if Jeremy knew what was going to happen and was not surprised about Madeline’s appearance.

Madeline could already figure things out after listening to him. “You knew I was following behind you, so you also intentionally left the door open for me, right?”

Jeremy nodded. “I just wanted to see what Felicity was trying to do.”

“So have you seen it now? She likes you and is even presenting herself to you.”

Jeremy smiled and looked at Madeline after he heard that. He could sense a hint of jealousy in that sentence.

He took one step closer to her. “Linnie, you’re concerned about me.”

Madeline scoffed nonchalantly when he said that. “Jeremy, you’re overthinking things just like Felicity. I’m not concerned about you.”

After she said that, the door of the elevator opened. Madeline walked out of the elevator without even turning back.

Jeremy chased after her all the way to the parking lot. “Linnie, Linnie!”

He kept calling her name despite her ignoring him, his tone still gentle as he followed her patiently.

He was experiencing what Madeline went through back then by being so patient and careful.

What was his experience right now compared to what she had gone through?

It was nothing.

When he saw Madeline getting into the car, he quickly climbed into the passenger seat.

“Why are you here?” Madeline stopped starting the car. “Get out.”

Jeremy did not dare to go against Madeline’s wishes. However, at this moment, he decided to go against her.

“Jeremy Whitman, I asked you to get out.”

“Linnie, let’s not fool ourselves, okay?” he said all of a sudden.

Madeline looked at his clear eyes in confusion before frowning. “Fool ourselves? What do you mean?”

Jeremy looked into her confused eyes with a solemn gaze. “Linnie, I love you. I don’t want to lie to myself that I don’t care about you so that I can give you to Felipe.”

He got slightly closer to her and continued, “I hope you’ll do the same, Linnie. Stop lying to yourself. I know you still have feelings for me and there’s still a spot for me in the deepest part of your heart.”

Perhaps Jeremy’s eyes were too bewitching, so Madeline was stuck in a daze for a few seconds before coming back to her senses. With a smirk, she said, “Jeremy, I feel nothing for you. The person I like is Felipe.”

Jeremy shook his head after she said that. “The person you’ve liked this entire time is me. Even if you’ve lost your memories and have forgotten how you used to love me, it still won’t stop you from developing feelings for me.

“It’s because I still exist in your heart, Linnie. That’s why you saved me without hesitating when I was almost hit by the car. That’s why you frantically screamed out my name at that moment. These are the best proof of it.”

Madeline’s eyes glinted ominously when she heard that. Then, she averted her eyes from him and said coldly, “Jeremy, shut up. I have no feelings for you. I told you, I don’t want to owe you anything.”

She was starting to not make sense as she chased him away. “Get out.”

However, Jeremy reached over and grabbed her before putting his face close to hers. “Linnie, stop lying to yourself. You still love me.”

Madeline glared at him angrily. “Jeremy, I’m going to tell you one last time. I don’t. The person I love is Feli… Huh?”

Before Madeline could utter the last syllable, Jeremy leaned down and captured her lips in his.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 699
Before Madeline could say the last syllable, Jeremy leaned down and captured Madeline’s lips in his.

The narrow interior of the car was dimly lit.

Madeline widened her eyes and looked shockingly at the man who was suddenly kissing her. His eyes were closed and he looked focused. However, it looked as if he was enjoying kissing her even more.

She could feel Jeremy’s breath on her face, and his scent was making her face heat up.

Madeline jerked back to reality quickly and pushed Jeremy away, only for the man to pull her even closer to him.

Her resistance only made him want to dominate her even more.

Madeline’s fingers gripped Jeremy’s sleeves tightly in an attempt to push him away.

When she saw Jeremy having no intention to let her go, she decided to bite down on him.

The sharp pain caused Jeremy to stop what he was doing as the metallic taste of blood started spreading across his lips immediately.

He then reluctantly let go of Madeline. When he saw the blood on her lips, he leaned down and kissed her softly again. However, in the next second, he received a hard slap from Madeline.

She glared at him, her beautiful eyes filled with anger.

Despite knowing that he was acting impulsively before, Jeremy did not regret it at all.

“I won’t allow you to say that you love him.” He suddenly emphasized this with a tone that was filled with stubborn childishness. His deep eyes were filled with intense possessiveness and prejudice for her.

“Jeremy, who are you to not allow me to do that?” she asked him with a gaze that was even more intense than his. “Did you ever appreciate me when I loved you? Who are you to disallow me to love another man now? Do you think you can wipe away all of the hurt you caused me with just an apology?” Madeline asked angrily while trying to calm herself down.

“You’re right, I don’t remember a lot of things, but your mother told me that you blinded and disfigured me for Meredith! Even if you hadn’t disfigured me or blinded me, you’re still the person who enabled Meredith’s sinister intentions!

“Get out.”

She kicked him out again.

Jeremy looked at Madeline’s icy gaze and finally got out of the car.

Madeline drove away quickly, leaving Jeremy to stand on the same spot.

He could still feel the fiery pain of Madeline’s slap and the sting from where Madeline bit him just now, but he was not in pain at all.

On the other hand, he felt rather satisfied.

This satisfaction did not come from the kiss just now, but rather, he felt that Madeline was truly concerned and cared about him.

If not, she would not have followed him earlier.

On the way home, Madeline kept replaying what Jeremy said just now and his sudden possessive kiss.

“Linnie, stop lying to yourself. You still love me.”

The man’s clear and alluring voice lingered in her ear.

She shook her head and forced herself to stop thinking about it.

At this moment, she received a call from Felipe. He said he had just gotten out of the plane and asked if Madeline could pick him up.

Madeline drove straight to Glendale Airport, and when she saw Felipe, there was a woman next to him. She was fair and had a pair of long legs.

Felipe draped his arm across Madeline’s shoulder and introduced that girl to her, “Cathy, this is my wife, Eveline.”

When the girl heard that, a hint of disappointment flashed across her eyes. Then, she introduced herself magnanimously, “Hello, Eveline. I’m Felipe’s sister. You can call me Cathy.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 700
‘Felipe has a sister?’

Madeline was surprised when she heard the girl explaining. “I’m not Felipe’s biological sister. My parents died when I was 15. During the lowest and most helpless point of my life, Felipe appeared and financially supported me. That’s how I managed to graduate from university this year. It’s all thanks to Felipe.”

Madeline understood. At the same time, she also vaguely understood why Felipe would support her financially from her words.

It was because both of them had also lost their parents.

Perhaps Felipe felt sorry for this girl because of their shared experience.

Madeline then drove Felipe and Cathy back to the house in the suburbs.

The maid had already prepared Cathy’s room for her.

Madeline was about to go back as it was getting late, but Felipe stopped her.

He held her gently and caressed her long hair with his fingers. “Eveline, I missed you so much after I left.”

He told her how he missed her and how his longing for her came from his heart.

Madeline leaned against Felipe’s chest emotionlessly. She could not stop herself from recalling how she felt when she was with Jeremy.

“Eveline, are you okay with me bringing Cathy here?” he asked her as if he was asking for her permission.

Madeline escaped from Felipe’s hold and said, “Of course, your house is her house too.”

Felipe smiled tenderly, his deep eyes staring straight at Madeline’s face.

He caressed her eyebrow with his warm fingertips, then they slowly traveled down to her lips. “Why are you bleeding here? Are you hurt?”

Madeline’s face heated up after she heard that, and she lifted her hand to touch her lip. “Maybe I accidentally bit myself just now.”

She wiped away the dried blood hurriedly.

Felipe’s eyes shifted as he watched the changes in Madeline’s expression like he was in deep thought.

“Felipe, it’s late. I want to go home now. Jack and Lily are waiting for me.”

“Okay.” Felipe did not stop her.

Cathay turned around dispiritedly when she saw this from outside the study.

After Madeline went home, Felipe called Meredith.

Meredith told him everything about Yvonne kidnapping Madeline and Karen. However, she did not mention anything about her slandering Madeline online and her attempts to seduce Jeremy.

She was terrified of Felipe. This man was truly something else if he was able to save her from execution.

However, Felipe did not just have Meredith as his pawn. His subordinate whom he had planted here told him about Meredith’s whereabouts these few days after a short while.

He also presented the photo of Jeremy and Madeline kissing in the car to him.

Felipe was livid and smashed the iPad into pieces. His usually calm and composed face was overtaken by a hint of darkness.

He called Meredith and ordered her to come to his place with a tone that was extremely cold. One could not decipher his emotions at this moment.

After he hung up the phone, he threw it onto the desk. He spat out a few words frigidly. “Teach her a lesson. Just leave her with one last breath.”

“Roger, Mr. Whitman.”

Meredith arrived at his place in the middle of the night, feeling terrified. When she got there, she was dragged to the basement by Felipe’s bodyguards where she was beaten violently.

When she was gasping for air, Felipe appeared in front of her. He was towering over her as he peered at her. At that moment, he looked like a tyrant who had control over everything. He had a stern and murderous aura around him.

Meredith wheezed and begged for mercy. “I won’t do it again. I really won’t…”

Felipe squatted and looked disdainfully at her face that was similar to Madeline’s. “I don’t think you’re taking what I say seriously.”

“No, I won’t do it again. I swear.” Meredith’s eyes were filled with terror.

Felipe scoffed. “You even went to that perfumer to buy an aromatherapy kit to try to seduce Jeremy. However, do you know who that perfumer Nell is?”

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