Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 781-790

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 781
When Cathy said this, Madeline was surprised and confused.

She said she did something undue to Jeremy and her?

Madeline could not figure out what it could be, but she promised Cathy to take Jeremy to see her.

Jeremy did not ask much and just followed Madeline obediently.

The meeting place was a very secluded cafe where there were no others except the cashier.

After Madeline and Jeremy came in, the female cashier asked, “Are you friends of Miss Cathy? She’s waiting for you upstairs.”

“Thank you.” Madeline thanked her and went upstairs with Jeremy.

As soon as she got to the second floor, Madeline saw Cathy sitting by the window with an absent gaze. She looked haggard with a pale complexion. Even her lips held no blood and her eye sockets were ever red and misty.

Madeline was a little worried as she walked over quickly. “Cathy, are you okay?”

Only then did Cathy notice that Madeline and Jeremy had arrived. She was thinking about what Felipe had said to her in the hospital that day and the pain in her heart distracted her from noticing them.

She quickly restrained her grief and gave Madeline a friendly smile. “Evie, you’re here.”

“Cathy, you don’t look so good. What happened to you?” Madeline asked, concerned.

Cathy shook her head and smiled. “I’m okay. It’s just that the weather is too cold and I feel a little unwell after catching a cold.”

She found a reasonable excuse to prevent Madeline from asking further. Then, she quickly changed the subject.

“Evie, I’m very sorry. I did something wrong that caused Jeremy to separate from you.”

“Could it be that you did something to Jeremy that made him unfamiliar and cold toward me?” Madeline guessed.

Jeremy had been listening, and his face was already cold.

Cathy nodded and admitted, “It’s me. I hypnotized him.”


This really was not something Madeline expected, but she finally understood why Jeremy would say that there was always a voice in his mind telling him that his beloved was Felicity. It turned out that it was because he had been indoctrinated with such thoughts.

“You actually hypnotized me to make me forget the one I love? Why on earth?” Jeremy was obviously angry and his tone was extremely cold.

Madeline quickly thought of something. “Cathy, is this what Felipe meant? He doesn’t want Jeremy and I to reunite with one another, so he asked you to do this.”

“No, it has nothing to do with Felipe. I acted on my own because I wanted to help him with his worries.” Cathy took the fault upon herself with sincere eyes. “Evie, you’ve suffered unjustly these few days. Jeremy clearly loves you, but I made him treat you coldly. I’m sorry.”

“It’s useless to apologize. Immediately undo your hypnosis now,” Jeremy requested impatiently.

“Yes, I’ll resolve the hypnosis for you immediately.” Cathy took out a mini pocket watch from her pocket as she said, “Evie, could you go downstairs and wait?”


Madeline nodded, but Jeremy grabbed her when she turned around.

“Do you still believe her? What if you go away and she puts me into deeper hypnosis that makes me forget you completely or even hate you? What happens then?”

“Jeremy, do you believe me?” Madeline looked at the man’s deep eyes seriously. “If you believe me, then believe in Cathy. She’s not an inhumane girl.”

Hearing this, Cathy’s eyes went red with guilt.

Jeremy slowly let go of Madeline’s hand. He chose to trust Cathy only because he trusted Madeline.

Madeline turned and went downstairs, and it did not take long before she heard Cathy’s instructions.

Although it was very faint, Madeline could hear it.
She had not expected Cathy to be a hypnotist who could control people’s hearts and thoughts so simply.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 782
More than half an hour later, Cathy came down from the stairs. “Evie, Jeremy’s hypnosis has been undone. He hasn’t fully woken up yet. When he wakes up, he will completely remember you, how much he loves you, and everything between you both.”

Madeline breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing this. “Thank you, Cathy.”

Cathy felt even more ashamed. “Don’t thank me. I’m just trying to make up for it.”

“Evie, then I’ll be leaving first. I wish you and Jeremy happiness in the future.”

“Cathy, wait.” Madeline held her. “You told me on the phone that you’re leaving. Where are you going? Do you want to leave Glendale?”

“Yeah.” Cathy forced herself to put on a smile on her lips, revealing her charming dimples. “Felipe agreed to let me be with the man I like, so I’ve decided to look for him. I hope that one day, we can be like you and Jeremy and depend on each other for life and death.”

She smiled enviously, but her eyes were red.

“Goodbye, Evie. This may be the last time we meet.”

After Cathy said these last words, she turned around.

Madeline kept feeling as if something was wrong. She wanted to ask further, but just then, she vaguely heard Jeremy calling her name from upstairs.

She watched Cathy push open the door of the coffee shop, her thin body plunging into the cold, bitter wind as her figure gradually drifted away…

Madeline inexplicably felt that this would be her last meeting with Cathy.

She immediately went upstairs, and when she reached the last step, she stepped on air by accident due to her anxiety.

Just when her body tilted out of balance, Madeline’s waist was hugged tightly by a pair of strong arms.

With a little effort, the man drew her to the front safely.

A familiar cold fragrance filled her chest. Madeline raised her eyes suddenly and saw Jeremy’s gentle gaze on her.

There was deep affection in his eyes and a gleam of light.

“Jeremy?” Madeline called out to him tentatively, her heartbeat drumming slightly.

The man suddenly parted his beautiful lips and smiled. “Linnie.”

He whispered her name softly and held her in his arms in the next second.

From his clear eyes, Madeline already knew that he had recovered.

“Linnie, thank you for giving me another chance. Thank you for marrying me again.” He was grateful, and his voice was trembling. “This marriage, I will never let you down again.”

He let go of his arms and there was a trace of tears in his narrow, slender eyes.

Madeline looked at him. “Have you really recovered?”

He nodded slightly. “Hypnotism really is amazing. I seem to have had a dream, but it wasn’t a sweet dream.”

“Really now?” Madeline said in a playful tone, “Since you’ve woken up from the dream, let’s go.”

“Linnie, wait for me.” Jeremy took Madeline’s hand. “Where are you going in such a hurry?”

Madeline paused for a while but did not shake Jeremy’s hand away. Instead, she looked solemn. “I think Cathy might be in trouble. I’m going to find her.”

Felipe drove to the hospital. He had never thought of taking time to see Cathy, but he was inexplicably concerned.

Yet, when he arrived at the ward where Cathy was staying, he found the room empty.

He asked the nurse only to find out that Cathy had forced herself out of the hospital early in the morning.

She had actually disobeyed his order and not allowed herself to recuperate. She actually left!

Felipe was choked up and immediately dialed Cathy’s number. The phone rang several times before it was finally connected. He murmured coldly and said in a hurry, “Do you know what you’re doing? Did I allow you to leave?!”

However, a calm voice came from the other end of the phone. “Sir, I found this phone by the river. Someone said that a girl has just committed suicide by jumping into the river. Was she your friend?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 783

Jumping into the river? Suicide?

Felipe’s fingers that were holding the phone suddenly trembled. “What are you talking about? What do you mean jumped into the river? Hold the phone and don’t move from there. I’m coming over right now!”

He rushed out. As he was driving to the destination, Felipe was so restless that even his hands that were clutching the steering wheel were trembling slightly.

Cathy’s face flashed in his mind. She was looking at him carefully.

Felipe did not know how long it took before he finally reached the place where the person said that someone had jumped into the river.

The location was a bit remote and there were not many people watching, but some firefighters had gone down to salvage the situation.

Felipe walked over quickly. Just then, there was a man holding a mobile phone and looking at the photos on the screensaver before walking toward him. “Are you the boyfriend of the girl who just jumped into the river? Look at this, yeah? This is your girlfriend’s cell phone?”

Felipe recognized it at a glance when he saw the phone case with a cartoon design.

Cathy liked Pikachu a lot and many of her accessories were related to Pikachu.

This was undoubtedly Cathy’s mobile phone.

“There’s so much ice and snow. Jumping down like that, she must be dead. Were you two quarreling? Anything can be discussed between lovers, no? Why did you drive your girlfriend so mad that she’d jump into the river?” The man sighed regretfully, but when he saw Felipe’s solemn gaze shooting at him, he quickly shrank his neck and turned around before walking away.

Felipe walked quietly to the riverside, watching the firefighters as they went down one by one, returning with nothing.

He glanced around and found two surveillance cameras on the side of the road.

He immediately used his networks to obtain the surveillance footage, and in the video, he actually saw Cathy.

She stood by the river bank and ten minutes later, she jumped down without hesitation.

With this jump, Felipe’s heart seemed to sink.

Felipe’s mind was blank for a moment. There was only Cathy’s stubborn and lively voice echoing in his ears.

“Felipe, I like you.

“But I just like you!

“As long as I can stay by your side, I’m willing to do anything.

“Felipe, I want to be with you forever.”

Felipe’s heart trembled as he squeezed Cathy’s mobile phone.

He immediately ordered all his bodyguards to search the place where Cathy had gone down into the water.

After a day and a night, the bodyguards only managed to salvage a mint green hair tie from the water.

It was the hair tie she used to tie her hair.

Felipe’s slender fingers wrapped tightly around the hair tie. His entire body was as if he had completely lost his spirit.

The bodyguards came and reported, “Mr. Whitman, the water in the river has been drained, but there’s no trace of Miss Cathy. She may have drowned and was washed away by the current.”

Felipe raised his reddened eyes suddenly. “Keep looking. If she’s alive, I have to see her. And if she’s dead… She’s not allowed to die without my permission.”

“Yes.” The bodyguards did not dare disobey him and quickly follow suit.

Felipe went to Cathy’s room distractedly. The room still held the faint fragrance of her.

He had been to this room countless times, but only now did he seem to have noticed the photo frame on the bedside table.

There was a photo in it. When Cathy graduated a few years ago, he had gone to her graduation ceremony and took this photo with her.

The woman in the photo was sweet and lively as she held his arm, smiling so happily.

“I forbid you to die, do you hear me?” he ordered in a low voice when his phone suddenly rang.

He picked it up and realized it was a message from Cathy.

It seemed to be a scheduled message.

[Felipe, by the time you see this, I’ve already gone to see our two children who had no destiny in this world. However, before I left, I also broke Jeremy’s hypnosis.]

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 784
[Felipe, you should know better than I that loving and being loved cannot be equal. Eveline Montgomery loves Jeremy Crawford. I hope you’ll stop obsessing over her. Goodbye, Felipe. From now on, there won’t ever be a lady called Cathy who will pester you unknowingly.]

After seeing the message, a tide of complex emotions set off in Felipe’s eyes.

He had not allowed her to go against his order and break Jeremy’s hypnosis without his authorization.

Moreover, he had not allowed the girl who kept saying that she would stay with him and pester him forever to disappear from his world like this.

Whitman Manor.

Half a year had passed and a lot of weeds had grown in the courtyard.

The servants were cleaning up the place as instructed.

“I didn’t expect to be here again.” Old Master Whitman sighed. “I thought I won’t ever be coming back until the day I died.”

“Grandpa, your body is recovering well. You’ll live a long life.” Madeline wished him sincerely.

“I’m already very happy to see you and Jeremy getting together again.” Old Master Whitman smiled at Madeline with relief before looking at Jeremy seriously. “If you dare make Madeline sad again this time, I won’t recognize you as a descendant of the Whitman family.”

Jeremy looked at Madeline upon hearing this. “Don’t worry, Grandpa. From now on, I’ll listen to your granddaughter-in-law and never make her unhappy again.”

Madeline glanced at him indifferently. “I’ll just consider that I’ve heard these words first.”

Old Master Whitman laughed a little before instructing Winston to push him into the house.

Madeline stepped forward to follow after but was held back by Jeremy. “Linnie, am I dreaming?”

“Would you like me to slap you so you can tell whether you’re dreaming or not?”

“Yes,” Jeremy simply answered.

Madeline raised her hand and swung it down unceremoniously. Just as she was about to hit his cheek, she patted it lightly. “How about it? Are you awake? Does it hurt?”

“My face doesn’t hurt, my heart does.” Jeremy held Madeline’s hand. He dared not recall the scenes from back then when he had treated her brutally and hurt her for Meredith.

He really hoped that Madeline would have harshly slapped him back then.

A cold wind blew and Jeremy squeezed Madeline’s hands, breathing gently into them to warm her.

“Back then, how I wished you would hold my hands and give me warmth and care. I just didn’t expect that I would have to wait so long for this day to come.”

Jeremy’s heart hurt upon hearing her words. “I’m sorry, Linnie.”

“Stop saying sorry. I’m tired of hearing it.” Madeline looked at him seriously. “Jeremy Whitman, if you do one more wrong thing, I’ll disappear from your world forever.”

“I won’t let you leave my world again.” Jeremy hugged Madeline. “Linnie, I love you. I really love you.”

Madeline seemed to be listening indifferently, but there was light in her eyes.

Just then, her phone vibrated. She removed herself from Jeremy’s embrace and took a look at her phone. She could not help but be surprised. “Cathy?”

She was still worried when she had not contacted her all day yesterday.

However, it was Felipe’s cold, low voice that sounded from the other end when Madeline answered the phone. “Eveline, come over here.”

He had used a commanding tone. Madeline was about to refuse when she heard him say, “Cathy is dead.”

“What? Cathy is dead?” Madeline could not believe it. Then, she received a short video from Felipe. In it, she saw that the girl who had committed suicide by jumping into a river was Cathy.

She immediately rushed to Felipe’s manor. For the first time, she saw Felipe in such a shabby state. He was always elegant and noble, but at this moment, his clothes were loose and he had not even shaved his stubble.

“Why would Cathy commit suicide? Felipe, you forced her, didn’t you?” Madeline asked bluntly.

“I forced her? Why, yes I did.” Felipe chuckled lightly. His gaze was suddenly dark and full of hostility, like Satan in the night. “Eveline, not only did I force her, but I also want to force you now.”

“What do you mean?”

“After watching this video, you’ll understand what I mean.”

Felipe turned the computer around as he said this and a real-time footage was displayed on the screen.

Madeline did not understand it at first, but when a figure appeared on the screen, her eyes widened in astonishment as a strong sense of rage surged in her heart.

“Felipe, what’s going on?!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 785
Madeline rushed to the desk and picked up the computer.

Felipe looked at Madeline’s agitated reaction and chuckled indifferently.

“I’ve said it before. I won’t do anything that will hurt you. Do you see it now?”

Madeline looked at the lively and cheerful little figure shown in the surveillance footage as tears welled in her eyes. Her emotions at this moment were incomparable.

“Felipe Whitman, where is this?!” She pressed hard.

Felipe, however, had no intention to tell her. He walked to her and raised his hand. As soon as his slender fingers touched Madeline’s cheek, she dodged away.

He frowned unhappily, an obscure and gloomy smile appearing on his face. “Do you still remember what you promised me back then? You said you’d bring Lilian and follow me back to F Country to live a peaceful life after your revenge. I’ve been waiting for the day to come, but you broke your promise.”

Madeline looked straight into Felipe’s black orbs frankly. “You know best in your heart why things have developed like this.”

“Heh.” Felipe chuckled. “I’ve done so much for you.”

“You did it for yourself so that you wouldn’t lose to Jeremy.” Madeline looked at the man whose expression gradually became gloomy out of disappointment. “I sincerely wanted to spend the rest of my life with you at first and that’s why I agreed to let Lilian call you her dad, but you really surprised and disappointed me.”

Felipe’s expression grew colder after listening to Madeline’s words. Even his gaze was glazed over with a dim color.

“Felipe, are you going to tell me where this is?” Madeline questioned while pointing at the real-time surveillance video on the computer screen.

Felipe lifted his icy eyes lightly. “I can tell you, but first, you must follow me back to F Country and be my woman. You can never meet Jeremy again.”

Madeline definitely could not agree to such a request. “Felipe, if you insist on wanting to be with me because of what happened when you were young, then I’m telling you, I really have not seen you before. I only spent my time with Jeremy in April Hill when I was ten years old.”

Felipe furrowed his eyebrows tightly. “It’s you. I’ll never forget that the little girl had two cute dimples when she smiled.”

“There are so many girls in the world who have dimples when they smile. Cathy also had dimples when she smiled, so what does this indicate?”

The sudden mention of Cathy stunned Felipe.

The image of her resolutely leaping into the river and the words of her goodbye hovered in his mind.

Felipe’s heart seemed to be cut into pieces all of a sudden and the bloody pain spread all over his body in an instant.

He thought this kind of pain was caused by Madeline not loving him and Madeline insisting on being together with Jeremy instead of following him.

“Felipe Whitman, tell me, where exactly is the place displayed on the computer?” Madeline was anxious.

Felipe stared at Madeline’s beautiful eyes quietly, the possessiveness in his black orbs remaining undiminished. “Eveline, I’ll only give you three days. In these three days, you must have Jeremy give up on the thought of being together with you again. I’ll be waiting for you at Glendale Airport in three days. If you don’t show up, then you won’t get to see the person you want to see most right now for the rest of your life.”

“Are you threatening me?” Madeline asked calmly, her gaze sharp.

Felipe smirked. “Yes, I’m threatening you. If I can’t get you in the end, then I will leave a rift that can never be erased between you and Jeremy. Every time you’re with him, you’ll think of Lilian who died because of your choice and you two will never be happy.”


Madeline slapped Felipe on his face with reddened eyes. “Despicable.”

Felipe curled his lips indifferently, his smile looking both good and evil. “You already think of me as a two-faced, despicable man. In that case, I will show you just how despicable I can be.”

He strode toward Madeline as he said this and stroked her eyebrows despite her resistance. “Eveline, I will prove to you that I love you more than Jeremy and am more suitable for you.”

His tone was gentle, but Madeline found that his gaze was dark. It even carried obsessive paranoia.

“I’ll see you at Glendale Airport three days later, okay?”

Felipe turned around and left as soon as he finished speaking.

When Madeline turned her head back to look at the computer screen, the image was already gone.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 786
There was an unspeakable pain from her distress.

Why was it always so difficult? She just wanted to live a simple and peaceful life with her beloved.

Felipe went back to Cathy’s room and stood by the French windows. Seeing Madeline’s retreating figure, he wrapped Cathy’s hair band around his distinct jointed fingers as his gaze gradually deepened.

“Didn’t you ask me to make Eveline and Jeremy whole? I won’t. If you want to stop me, then come stop me, you hear me?”

He looked at the hair band and ordered, but what responded to him was only his uneasy heartbeat.

It started to snow again on the winter night.

Madeline lay on the bed silently after taking a bath.

Her head was full of the real-time video that she had seen at Felipe’s place as well as his threatening words.

She closed her eyes but could not sleep peacefully no matter what.

Felipe, why did he become like this?

Madeline was very sad. She did not notice that Jeremy was laying down next to her until he gently kissed the corner of her lip. Only then did she suddenly open her eyes.

The man’s charming eyes looked at her affectionately from a short distance.

Madeline wanted to say something but stopped herself, only staring at Jeremy quietly.

How could she break it off cleanly with this man again?

She could not do it anymore.

The silence in the air and their intertwined breathing gradually made Madeline’s heartbeat a little messy.

“What are you thinking of?” Jeremy suddenly opened his mouth, his husky voice flicking past her ears sultrily.

“It’s nothing,” Madeline said nonchalantly, “I have to send Jack to school tomorrow, so let’s sleep early.”

She turned her face away and did not look at him again.

“I’ll send Jack to school tomorrow morning, so you don’t have to get up early. Moreover, I’m afraid that you can’t get up.”

Madeline opened her eyes dubiously. “Why can’t I get up?”

“Because…” Jeremy said halfway before landing his thin lips on Madeline’s.

After this kiss, he gradually sank in.

After so many years, he had never slept with her this dotingly and tenderly. This was a regret he carried in the bottom of his heart.

His thoughts about her had already run rampant over the years. He was rational, but at this moment, he could no longer hold back himself.

Madeline felt the change in Jeremy’s body. His increasingly hot body temperature ignited her heart that had been frozen for many years.

His fluttering touches were like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water, creating ripples in the lake of her heart.

She thought she hated him so much in these years that she had even wished he would not be at peace for the rest of his life. She also thought that she no longer loved him, but her body still throbbed only for him.

“Linnie, let’s have another baby.”

His seductive tone circled her ears numbly. Madeline was stunned for a moment as Jeremy’s kiss fell on her again.

He turned her over against the duvet and hugged her tightly. He enveloped her in his embrace and surrounded her with endless tenderness…

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 787
Madeline did not resist anymore. Thinking that this might be the only joy and happiness that could be given to Jeremy before their parting, she slowly raised her arms to hug him tightly and took the initiative to kiss his lips…

The next day.

Madeline woke up from a long and deep dream. Jeremy was no longer in bed and his remaining warmth had gone, but his scent still lingered in her nose.

She reached out and gently stroked the pillow that he had slept on.

‘Jeremy, I believe that if you were me, you would also make the same decision.

‘There’s nothing more important than the safety and health of our children.’

After Madeline had washed up and changed her clothes, she saw Karen walking toward her as soon as she left the room.

Karen groaned angrily as soon as she saw Madeline. “Jeremy got up three hours ago and made breakfast for Jack. He even sent the child to kindergarten after eating and has to go to work now. How can you, as a wife, sleep so peacefully?”

Madeline adjusted her coat leisurely. “Is my son only mine? Is there any law that stipulates that the wives must get up early to make breakfast and send their children to school every day?”

“There’s no law that stipulates it, but this tradition has been passed down for thousands of years,” Karen said confidently.

Madeline chuckled. “The 17th century has long passed, Mother-in-law. Are you still living in the past?”


“When have I not made breakfast and dinner for Jeremy when I got married to him six years ago? But did he care? It’s time to take turns.”

“What do you mean by taking turns? Do you want Jeremy to serve you for the rest of his life?”

Madeline had not wanted to argue with Karen anymore at first, but she thought of Felipe’s threats and demands.

She needed to admit that she still had feelings and affection for Jeremy, so she could not find a reason to break it off with him cleanly again. Maybe Karen could help her find a reasonable excuse.

Madeline steeled herself, her gaze suddenly becoming sharp.

“That’s right. I want him to serve me for the rest of his life. What has he brought me in the past seven years? It was all pain!

“My son who I’ve carried for ten months was abused and hurt by Meredith while I, as his biological mother, still had to bear notoriety. The precious daughter who I took so much effort to give birth to died because of your son’s entanglement. Did you think I’d really let these things slide just like that?”

Karen was shocked by Madeline’s fierce vigor at the moment.

She froze for a few seconds, then turned angry and said, “Eveline Montogomery, if you really can’t let go of these things from the past, then why do you still want to marry Jeremy?”

She questioned, then said, “I know! You married Jeremy for revenge! You’re using Jeremy’s love for you to make him think that he’s happily married to you. Then you’ll dump him and make him sad, am I right?”

Madeline pretended to not care and showed a bright smile. “Mother-in-law, you’re rarely this smart. For once, yes, you’re absolutely right. I did it on purpose.”

She behaved indifferently, her gaze appearing cold and arrogant. “I just want him to be like me back in the beginning, thinking that he’s married to his most beloved and that the rest of his life would be filled with happiness and joy. When the time is right, I’ll dump him and have him thoroughly experience my sadness and pain from back then!

“Back then, he shattered all my fantasy and happiness toward marriage. Today, I will return it in double.”

“Eveline, you…”

“What do you mean by ‘you’? Do you, like your son, really think that I’d still have feelings for him, a scumbag who threw me to hell? Heh! I’m just fooling and playing around with him. I haven’t loved him for a long time. Even if there was a little liking previously, it’s all gone now,” Madeline said calmly and decisively before turning around gracefully.

However, as soon as her foot landed on the first step of the stairs, the sight of Jeremy, who was standing at the bottom of the stairs, was reflected in her pupils.

The man was holding a bouquet of pastel blue baby’s breath. His long and slender body was noble and elegant, but his handsome and resolute face was filled with complex and perturbed emotions.

Madeline was certain that Jeremy had heard what she said to Karen just now.

He had heard every single word.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 788
Her heart was in pain, but her expression was indifferent and even dismissive.

‘It’s pretty good.

‘To have him hear this, it’s pretty good.’

“Jeremy, did you hear that? Did you see it? This is the true face of Eveline Montgomery! She deliberately approached you just to get revenge! Jeremy, be a little clear-headed. Don’t be fooled by this woman again!” Karen yelled at Jeremy angrily and anxiously.

Madeline stepped forward unhurriedly and continued walking downstairs.

When she passed by Jeremy, she paused. “Jeremy, I—”

“I know, you were just pissing my mom off on purpose,” he said while smiling faintly, handing the baby’s breath to her. “Linnie, this is for you. I bought them from the flower shop I passed by when I came back.”

Madeline looked at the flower bouquet he handed over and her heart hurt more.

“Are you heading out? Where to? I’ll send you there.”

“No need.” Madeline opened her lips impassively, her gaze even more contemptuous. “I’m going to look for your Uncle Felipe now. Do you want to follow me? What for? To see me romancing him?”

“…” Jeremy looked at Madeline dumbfoundedly. “Linnie, don’t joke with me like this.”

“I’m not joking with you. What I said to your mom just now is all true.” Madeline chuckled. “I’m lying to you, silly. My love for you disappeared as early as four years ago. I married you just to piss Felicity off, got it?” Madeline said brightly with a smile before turning around aloofly.

However, as soon as she turned around, the rim of her eyes turned red uncontrollably.

Just as she walked to the garage, Jeremy chased after her.

He held her with a nervous expression, his eyes full of confusion. “Did something happen? Linnie, tell me. There’s no way you don’t love me. If you don’t love me, yesterday night, you wouldn’t have—”

“I was just in a moment of confusion last night, so don’t take it seriously.” Madeline pushed Jeremy away who was blocking her and knocked the flower bouquet in his hand to the ground.

“Jeremy, what you said to me back then, I’ll return them to you. If I’ve loved a man like you once, I’ll never love you a second time. That’s because you’re not worthy.”

Madeline got into the car on her own and left quickly.

The car tires ran over the baby’s breath that had fallen to the ground, leaving a bewildered Jeremy behind.

Madeline’s words were like ice cones, stabbing his heart harshly.

How could it be?

He could not believe that what happened just now was real.

She obviously cared so much about him during this time. She had embraced him sweetly last night, but now…

Madeline drove the car, looking at the man who was in a daze through the rear-view mirror as tears slipped quietly from her eyes.

She gripped the steering wheel tightly and slammed on the accelerator.

Madeline arrived at Felipe’s villa in no time.

Unlike yesterday, he had returned to his usual calm, elegant, and noble appearance.

He seemed to have expected Madeline’s arrival. His deep smile was paradoxical. “Eveline, I knew you’d come, so I’ve already prepared a gift for you to enjoy.”

He smiled and turned on the computer again…

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 789
Madeline saw the computer screen lighting up, followed by the sound of Felipe’s voice.

This time, what was displayed was no longer a surveillance image but a real-time video session.

Madeline saw the unfamiliar environment again, and immediately afterward, an innocent, cute, smart, and well-behaved doll-like face appeared on the screen.

“Lilian!” Madeline yelled out uncontrollably.

On the screen, Lilian could hear Madeline’s cry. She fluttered her clear big eyes, rushed to the computer screen confusedly, and yelled, “Mommy! Mommy!”

This voice was indeed Lilian’s.

Madeline lifted her hand to cover her lips in disbelief as tears instantly fell.

“Lilian, Lilian can you see Mommy? Is it really you? Lilian!” she questioned anxiously, wishing that she had the magic to pull out the little cutie from the computer screen.

Lilian was still young and did not know much about video calls, but she saw Madeline on the computer screen and even heard her mother’s voice.

“Mommy, Lily misses you. When will Mommy come to pick Lily up? Lily also misses Jackie and that handsome mister.”

“Lilian, Mommy will come to pick you very soon. Wait for Mommy… Lilian, Lilian!”

Felipe suddenly cut off the video before Madeline could finish speaking.

She looked back in dissatisfaction and saw Felipe’s cold expression.

“Felipe Whitman, where exactly are you hiding my daughter? How could you use such a cruel method just to separate Jeremy and me? Do you know how painful it was when I thought Lilian was dead?!”

Felipe smirked vaguely and raised his black orbs slightly. “I’m cruel? If I’m really that cruel, you wouldn’t be standing here and there would be no Lilian in this world.”

He walked up to Madeline with an oppressive cold aura.

“Eveline, you seem to have forgotten that the people who did the cruelest things to you in this world are Jeremy and your biological parents.”

“They’re not like you! At least they did irrational things because they were unknowingly deceived by others. But you’re different. You’re actively planning, deliberately setting traps and contradictions!”

Felipe chuckled upon hearing this. “Sure enough, you already have a deep prejudice against me. But it’s alright. As long as you follow me back to F Country, I’ll make you change your mind.”

He looked at Madeline’s tough, intelligent eyes. “If you still want to see your precious daughter, keep your mouth shut to everyone around you. Otherwise, Lilian will really disappear in this world.”


Madeline raised her hand, wanting to slap Felipe. However, he grabbed her wrist.

“Tidy up. We’ll return to Country F in two days and build our new family, okay?” He let go of Madeline’s hand with a smile, then turned around and left.

Madeline clenched her fists and looked at the already dimmed computer screen. She knew she had no choice.

Felipe had this planned a long time ago.

Now, he no longer had the elegant demeanor of a gentleman. What was left was only a touch of paranoid possessiveness and an aggressive desire to win.

Madeline received a call from Jeremy on the way back.

Looking at the display name, she wanted to pick up but could only let it continue ringing until Jeremy ended the call.

She returned to Montgomery Manor. Eloise was very happy to see her and intimately pulled her to sit down on the sofa.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 790
“Eveline, why did you come alone? Although it’s not the first time you and Jeremy are getting married, today is still the important day when you return home after your marriage. Why did he let you come alone?”

Madeline’s heart hurt a little, but she laughed indifferently. “It doesn’t matter whether he comes or not. It’s not like I really want to be married to him.”

“…” Eloise’s smiling face stiffened slightly. She furrowed her eyebrows in confusion and said, “Eveline, what are you talking about?”

Madeline stared blankly, absent-minded. As she was about to speak, she suddenly heard familiar footsteps walking hurriedly toward the entrance.

She clenched her fingers, turned her back to the hallway, and said indifferently, “What I mean to say is that the reason I married Jeremy is just to get my revenge on him. I’ve never actually considered starting over with him.”

She said those words contemptuously while her tone became duller.

“Such a man who humiliated me and made me suffer during my best years, how is it even possible for me to still like him earnestly? Hmph! I’m just playing with him.”

After hearing these words, Eloise could not believe it and replied, “Why? Eveline, didn’t you…” While she was speaking halfway, she noticed a figure in sight. “Jeremy?!”

Eloise shouted the name while looking toward the entrance.

Madeline’s heart skipped a beat, but she still appeared calm.

Sure enough, she had not mistakenly recognized his footsteps.

Madeline pretended to only then realize his presence. She got up as if she did not care for him at all and sneered softly at the frowning man.

“Since you’ve clearly heard it, let me reveal the truth to you.”

She walked up to him confidently. “Jeremy, I don’t have any feelings for you anymore. The one I love now is Felipe. My purpose for marrying you is to just play with your feelings. Do you understand?”

Jeremy looked at the cold and beautiful face in front of him. As his heart tightened, he said, “No.”

He stared at her cold gaze and took her hand nervously. “Linnie, something must have happened, right? Did Felipe threaten you? What did he do to you? He hypnotized you, didn’t he? “

“Cathy is already dead and she’s the one who knows how to do hypnosis. No one can hypnotize me nor have I been hypnotized. What I’m saying are facts and my true feelings.” Madeline broke away from Jeremy’s hand forcefully. “Two days later, I will leave Glendale with Felipe. I don’t need Jackson anymore and I will not fight you for his custody either. Both of you will have nothing to do with me in the future.”

After she spoke her extremely cold words, she turned around instantly.

Jeremy stood still at the entrance, stuck in a trance and feeling a coldness digging into his limbs and bones.

Eloise hurriedly pulled Madeline who was headed upstairs. “Eveline, what’s wrong with you? Why do you suddenly want to go away with Felipe again? You don’t even want Jack?”

“Why can’t I go with Felipe? He saved my life before and loves me so much. What about you all? What rights do you have to make me stay? What did Jeremy do to me when I loved him so much back then? And when I was suffering so much pain, what did my dearest and most beloved parents do to me? Did you guys really think I’d forgive you?”

Madeline’s question caused Eloise’s palms to become cold. She let go of Madeline’s hand guiltily, her eyes turning scarlet. “Eveline I’m sorry—”

“I have never forgiven any of you at all. I hate you all!”

Madeline pretended to be hostile and glared at Eloise with hatred. Then, she went upstairs.

However, the moment she turned around, her eyes turned wet.

Yet from the sight of her back, she appeared to be free and easy in Jeremy and Eloise’s eyes.

As she returned to the room, she leaned against the wall, seemingly licking her wounds alone.

‘I’m sorry.

‘For Lillian’s safety, I have no choice but to do this.

‘Mom, I’m sorry.’

Madeline bit her lip tightly and raised her hand to wipe away the tears. When she was about to go to the bathroom and wash her face, the door of the room was suddenly pushed open. Jeremy’s resolute and cold face was instantly reflected in her wet, scarlet eyes.

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