Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 871-880

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 871
Jeremy could not believe what he was seeing, so he snatched Felipe’s phone over.

After looking at it properly, he noticed that this video had not been edited. The date on the video was clearly stated as well.

“So? Are you surprised?” Felipe looked at the changes on Jeremy’s expression in satisfaction. “Do you think that this is worth dying for?”

Jeremy ignored Felipe because his eyes were glued on the adorable little figure on the video.

He reached out his hand to touch the adorable doll-like face in the video as tears welled up in his eyes.


“Are you over the moon now that you know your daughter is alive and well?”

Felipe’s tone was sarcastic, and his eyes looked arrogant.

“Back then, I was able to fake Eveline’s death and take her to F Country to make her disappear from your life. Now, I have the same power to ‘kill’ Lillian once again.”

Jeremy held his phone and lifted his eyebrow. “Felipe, you even went as far as taking action against a child!”

“It’s because you’re her father.” Felipe pushed all the blame on Felipe. “If it isn’t for Lillian calling me her daddy for three years, I wouldn’t have gone easy on her.”


“Hmph.” Felipe scoffed. “Are you angry and jealous at the same time? Your daughter has been calling me her daddy. She thinks I’m her most beloved daddy.”

“Jealous?” It was as if Jeremy had heard a colossal joke. Then, he said calmly, “The woman I love loves me and we have a pair of cute children together. Soon, we’re going to welcome our third. Do you think I’ll be jealous of you?”

Felipe’s victorious smile froze immediately.

He could not deny that he was jealous of everything Jeremy had now.

Plus, Jeremy finally understood what Madeline’s secret trouble was.

Since Lillian was in Felipe’s hand, she had no choice but to grovel at Felipe and ignore him.

She accepted such a deal for the sake of their daughter.

Jeremy was heartbroken. Then, he looked up furiously. “Felipe, where did you hide my daughter? Why are you showing me this now?”

“You’ll know after you watch the latest video,” Felipe replied.

Jeremy swiped to the end and saw that it was a security footage.

It showed that about half an hour ago, Lillian was playing with building blocks in her room when two men barged in and kidnapped the confused Lillian.

“The people who’ve kidnapped your daughter are the Stygian Johnsons,” Felipe said firmly.

Stygian Johnsons?

Jeremy thought about Fabian.

“I was always their rival. Recently, we’ve been fighting over a huge business deal. Plus, this entire time they thought Eveline is my wife and Lillian is our child. That’s why they kidnapped Lillian. Do you understand now?”

Felipe looked at Jeremy as his face turned darker and darker. Eventually, Felipe smirked.

“If you want to reunite with your family, you have to go find the Stygian Johnsons. If not, I’m afraid Lillian will disappear from the face of the earth. This is their address.”

Jeremy took the address before tossing the phone next to Felipe’s feet. His eyes looked sinister. “If something happens to Lillian, I’ll bury you next to her.”

He turned around abruptly, took the coat on the hanger, put it on, and left without hesitating.

Cathy was stunned. When she saw Jeremy barging out, she stopped him immediately.

“Jeremy, don’t go. You’ll be in danger!” She stopped.

“I have to. Lillian is my daughter, and as her father, I’ve never done anything for her. I won’t let my daughter get into any danger even if I have to risk my life!” Jeremy’s mind was made up, but he did not forget to remind Cathy. “Don’t get too close to Felipe. Go back to your place and take good care of yourself.”

“Jeremy! Jeremy!” Cathy wanted to stop him, but he was too fast.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 872
This was understandable.

Lillian was his daughter, so how could he be fine with someone else hurting his daughter?

However, not all fathers loved their children.

Cathy scoffed in sarcasm. When she thought about the two children Felipe killed, she felt debilitating pain in her heart.

Felipe walked out of the room. When he saw Cathy spacing out, his eyes darkened.

“Come with me,” he ordered. However, he only saw Cathy looking at him with resentment in her eyes. “What? Are you scared that Jeremy can’t come back? You know who the Stygian Johnsons are, and indeed, I want him to never come back.”

“You’re a devil.” Cathy’s eyes were filled with contempt.

Felipe pulled her to him, his handsome features looking icy. “The Whitmans owe me this.”

“Even if Old Master Whitman was at fault, you shouldn’t blame Jeremy. You keep thinking that others have wronged you, but now I see it all clearly. You’re just jealous of Jeremy, and you’re jealous that he’s better than you at everything!”

“Shut up!”

Felipe stopped her, suppressing the raging fire in his chest. Then, he brought her back to the manor forcefully.

Since she was pregnant, Madeline could only wait for Fabian’s news in the bar.

‘My darling Lillian, you’ll be fine.

‘You’ll come back to Mommy and Daddy and your beloved Jackie. From now on, we’ll watch you grow up.’

After Fabian received his men’s phone call, he went over for the handover.

This was the first time he met such an adorable little girl, and Fabian felt as if his heart was going to melt.

“Good-looking mister, where are you taking me?” Since Lillian was still young, she thought these people were only older kids who were playing with her. She did not think too much about it.

Fabian carried Lillian and pinched her adorable face. “I’m taking you to see your mommy.”

“Really?” Lillian blinked her enormous eyes.

“Of course! I never lie to girls,” Fabian said proudly.

As a reward, Lillian took out a lollipop from her pocket and handed it to Fabian.

Before Fabian could realize what was going on, he felt a warm and soft feeling on his cheek. “Muah! Thank you for taking me to see my mommy.”


Fabian did not expect his first kiss to be from a four-year-old little girl.

When his men saw this, they sniggered behind him.

“Cough, cough.” Fabian’s face turned red. After he cleared his throat, he saw Lillian smiling innocently at him. Then, he felt warmth surging in his heart.

Fabian carried Lillian into the bar. When he turned the corner, he saw Madeline running over hurriedly.


When Lillian heard her voice, she turned around. “Mommy?”

“Lillian, I missed you so much.” Madeline ran over and took Lillian away.

Fabian felt a little upset when he felt the emptiness in his hands.

He thought Lillian would be happy to be back in Madeline’s arms, but for some reason, he sensed that Lillian was rejecting Madeline.

“Lillian, it has been so long since I saw you. See, they have your favorite cotton candy over there. Do you want me to buy it for you?” Madeline carried a reluctant Lillian and turned around.

When Fabian was about to go over to take a look, he turned around and saw another Madeline.

He rubbed his eyes and looked at the Madeline who was holding Lillian. Then, he looked at the Madeline who was walking over to him. “Why are there two Eveline Montgomeries?”

The Madeline who just walked out of the bar hurried over to Fabian. “Fabian, where’s my daughter?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 873
Looking at the worried and anxious face in front of him, Fabian realized something was wrong.

“Oh no!”

His expression changed as he turned around to chase after the Madeline who took Lillian.

Madeline did not know what was going on. She only heard Fabian saying ‘oh no’ out loud.

She knew Lillian had to be in trouble. As such, she quickly chased up to him.

However, after a few steps, she felt some discomfort in her lower abdomen.

When she thought about her condition, she did not dare to continue running anymore.

“Fabian, where’s my daughter?” she yelled at Fabian’s back as he ran hurriedly.

However, it was as if Fabian did not hear her. Madeline looked in the direction Fabian ran in, and under the intertwining rays of light, she saw Lillian’s confused face.

At this moment, a woman was holding Lillian. Then, the woman quickly hailed a cab by the side of the road before getting inside with Lillian.


“Sh*t!” Fabian cursed. He wanted to stop a car to continue the chase, but no cars wanted to stop for him.

At this moment, Madeline had already chased up to him. “Fabian, what’s going on? Who’s that woman?”

Fabian frowned and looked at Madeline’s face. “Eveline, do you have a twin sister?”

Twin sister?

Immediately, Madeline understood what was going on.

It was Meredith!

“I thought she was you! She looks just like you!”

Fabian grabbed his hair in frustration. Then, he looked at the horrified Madeline while feeling as if there was still some hope.

“Eveline, if she’s your sister, then I guess there won’t be a problem if your daughter is with her, right?”

“She’s not my sister!” Madeline clenched her fists and turned around.

Fabian ran up to Madeline and swore, “Don’t worry, Eveline. Since I promised I’ll save your daughter, then I’ll keep my promise and bring her back.”

Madeline did not say anything. On the other hand, she hailed a cab to the hospital to look for Jeremy.

Yet, Jeremy was not there. She also had no idea where Cathy was.

Meredith had appeared out of nowhere to disrupt her plan.

Meredith was a devious woman, and it was unknown what heinous things she would do.

Lillian would be in so much danger around her.

However, where was Jeremy?

Where would he go?

He had just begun to recover. Where would he go now?

At this moment, Fabian received a phone call saying that someone had barged into the Stygian Johnson Gang’s territory, so he needed to go back. However, he was worried about Madeline. “Eveline, why don’t you come with me? You’re pregnant now, so how do you expect to find your husband and daughter?”

Despite feeling frantic, Madeline felt that Fabian had a point. At this moment, she was unable to find Jeremy and Lillian on her own.

Jeremy found Yorick Johnson according to the address Felipe gave him.

Yorick was smoking as he looked at Jeremy with interest. “So, this is the Mr. Whitman who’s from the richest family in Glendale? Who is Felipe Whitman to you?”

“I don’t have any relations with Felipe Whitman. I’m just here to look for my daughter.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 874
“Looking for your daughter? Who’s your daughter?”

“Lillian Whitman.” Jeremy raised his frosty gaze. “The four-year-old girl you Stygian Johnsons stole from Felipe’s outer courtyard.”

Confused, Yorick leaned over to quietly ask Fabian, who stood beside him, about what was happening.

Watching the two whisper between themselves, Jeremy demanded coldly, “Give my daughter back to me.”

Yorick quirked an eyebrow and chuckled. “It’s not that I’m unwilling to return your daughter. However, a price must be paid.”


Yorick was about to go for Jeremy’s life when a woman’s voice suddenly called for them to halt.

Her voice shot through Jeremy’s gloomy heart like a warm ray of sunshine.

He quickly turned his head to stare at the woman who was striding toward him. “Linnie.”

“Why are you here, Jeremy?” Madeline stared at the man in front of her with concern. “Didn’t I tell you to rest in the hospital?”

Jeremy grabbed Madeline’s hand with excitement shining in his eyes. “It’s Lillian. Our daughter’s still alive, Linnie.”

Madeline was shocked. “How did you know?”

“Felipe told me himself.” Jeremy then relayed the incident of how Felipe had visited him in the hospital moments ago.

Madeline understood what was going on in no time.

Felipe had been using Lillian’s safety to threaten her this whole time, but now that Lillian had been saved from him, he lost his bargaining chip. This was why he decided to tell Jeremy, so that Jeremy would come and risk his life in Felipe’s place.

Felipe’s hatred for Jeremy was evident from such an act. He would not think twice before throwing Jeremy into harm’s way in hopes for the latter to die in the process of taking Lillian back.

Jeremy was well aware of this fact.

While Yorick had no interest in watching the couple reunite, he adored his little brother Fabian enough to not interfere. Hence, he turned and left first.

Madeline then told Jeremy of how Lillian had first been kidnapped by Meredith.

A cold glint shone in Jeremy’s peach blossom eyes as he took in Madeline’s words. “Meredith Crawford is Felicity Walker? She didn’t die?”

The truth fueled the flames of fury within Jeremy.

He could not believe that Meredith, the heinous woman, was still alive and well with plans to tear his family apart.

As of that moment, Jeremy found himself more worried about whether Meredith had hurt Lillian after she kidnapped his daughter.

“Relax. I promised the pretty lady that I’ll bring her daughter back safe and sound, so I will. Please wait, I will contact you.” Fabian promised before leaving with the group of people in tow.

The next day, Madeline received a call from Fabian. “My lady? We’ve got her.”

Madeline and Jeremy immediately made their way to the location Fabian gave them. In a basketball cap and a mask, Meredith was currently walking out of an apartment with a bag of unknown contents.

“Go with him and follow Meredith, Linnie. I’ll search her room for Lillian.” Jeremy then reminded Madeline just before he alighted. “Don’t overexert yourself, Linnie.”

Madeline nodded and followed Fabian in stalking Meredith.

Jeremy called not too long later to tell her that Lillian was not in Meredith’s apartment.

Madeline was about to guess where Meredith had hidden Lillian when she watched Meredith alight the car on the outskirts of town. She had pulled out tools to dig the soil with.

A horrifying thought popped up in Madeline’s mind. She immediately got out of the car and ran toward Meredith who was still digging the hole.

Hearing footsteps growing near, Meredith turned to look only to have her wrist tugged by a strong force while her mask and cap were pulled off.

“So it is you, Meredith! Why can’t you just leave us alone? Where did you bring my daughter? Tell me!”

Although she was shocked, Meredith gave an evil smile. “I knew you’d follow me, Eveline Montgomery. You want to know where your daughter is? Look inside the bag and you’ll know.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 875
Madeline stared at the bag thrown off to the side.

The bag was far from large, but it was certainly big enough to hold a four-year-old.

Not to mention that with how heartless Meredith was, Madeline would not be surprised if she had done such a thing.

Staring blankly at the bag for a few seconds, Madeline quickly went over to it.

Meredith watched Madeline open the bag anxiously and tiptoed behind Madeline. Raising the shovel in her hands, Meredith’s eyes were fierce.

‘Go to hell, Eveline!

‘Between you and I, only one of us can survive!’

She aimed the shovel at the back of Madeline’s head and swung as hard as she could.

Meredith was about to get away with it when Madeline suddenly turned around and evaded her attack, catching her wrist.

“Did you think I wouldn’t know that I’m the person you want dead the most, Meredith? Did you think that I’d still be as careless as I used to be?” Madeline’s gaze was sharp. Her will as a mother was giving her strength. “I’m your target. If you think you’re so powerful, then come after me! Don’t touch my children!”

Meredith struggled out of Madeline’s grasp in mortification and staggered backward. “Let me tell you, Eveline Montgomery, so what if I’m not powerful? So what if I decide to hurt your child? What’re you going to do about it?”

She chucked madly with a wretched gaze in her eyes. “I should never have been soft-hearted and let that b*stard child of yours live!”

“Soft-hearted?” Madeline had never felt more lied to by this act of ‘soft-heartedness’. “Madeline Crawford, you didn’t keep Jack by your side because you were soft-hearted, no. You kept him there because he could get you what you wanted!”

With the truth revealed, Meredith clenched her jaw in evident infuriation.

Madeline slowly approached Meredith, her every step overwhelming with dominance. “You had someone hit me in jail under Jeremy’s name, took Jack, almost killed my husband, marred my face, removed my corneas, and tried to come between Jeremy and me. I haven’t forgotten a thing you’ve done to me!

“You were supposed to die for your crimes and leave us alone, but I never expected you to team up with Felipe. You underwent plastic surgery to look like me so that you could destroy my entire life again.”

Madeline’s pleasant expression had fallen in front of Meredith. All that was left was an icy glint in her eyes. “I can look past everything else, but I will not allow you to walk away after you’ve hurt my daughter. That is my bottom line.”

Meredith was stricken by the sharpness in Madeline’s eyes, but she was quick to react by lifting the shovel to hit Madeline again.

Madeline reached out to grab Meredith by her neck and pushed her against a tree. Her forceful aura locked Meredith in place.

Madeline’s gaze sharpened. “Do you have any idea how much I hate you, Meredith? Why couldn’t you have been happy enough to escape the death penalty after all your crimes? Why do you keep finding the need to disrupt my life again and again?”

Meredith could no longer breathe with how Madeline was holding her throat.

She had no idea when Madeline had suddenly gotten so strong. Coupled with the look in Madeline’s eyes that rivaled the chill of December, Meredith felt her heart grow cold.

She could not accept the fact that Madeline had the ability to restrict her movements in such a way when she was hardly anything at all back then.

Madeline was weaker than a pet as far as she was concerned. Madeline was supposed to be nothing but the trash under her foot!

Madeline could guess what Meredith was thinking from the look in her eyes. She was not in the mood to waste more time on the other. “Speak, Meredith Crawford. Where is my daughter?”

Flushing from the lack of breath, Meredith smiled sinisterly. “Ha. Eveline Montgomery, if you think you’re so great, then kill me now! Though I’d like to know how you plan on finding your darling daughter with me dead!”

Madeline’s fingers on Meredith’s neck loosened slightly.

As much as she wanted the woman to die, Lillian was still the precious child.

Meredith gave a wicked smile as she recognized the hesitation in Madeline’s eyes.

Just as she was about to attack Madeline while the other was in a daze, a deep and mesmerizing voice cut through the air.

“Killing you would only dirty Linnie’s hands. I’ll do it instead.”

Meredith’s heart shook in her chest as a bone-chilling chill shot up from the bottom of her feet.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 876
She turned around in shock and was met with Jeremy’s frosty expression.


She stared frantically at the man walking toward her. Pushing Madeline’s hand away, she turned and ran only to have something hold her by the neck again the next second. Meredith had just taken two full breaths when the feeling of suffocation overcame her again.

Jeremy’s fingers were like icicles, seeping into her skin and causing Meredith to shiver.

It felt like Jeremy was truly about to kill her.

Anger oozed from the man as his grip tightened. The strength he exerted was enough to reopen the wound on his shoulder, causing blood to seep out.

Madeline immediately grabbed Jeremy’s hand. “Let go of her, Jeremy.”

She persuaded him not because she pitied Meredith and not because she did not want Jeremy to face murder charges because of such a person, but rather because her heart hurt to see his injuries worsen.

Jeremy had no desire to let go. She could feel the killing intent ooze from his bones.

His hatred for Meredith was not something that could be put into words.

Not even the death of Meredith could placate his anger for the years he and Madeline had wasted.

Jeremy’s gaze grew unhinged as Madeline grabbed his other hand.

“I hate her just as much as you do, Jeremy, but she’s not worth being charged with murder for. Think about Jack, think about Lillian. Our family hasn’t even had the chance to reunite yet. Let go of her, Jeremy. Jeremy!”

Jeremy’s rationality was slowly reined back with every shout Madeline made.

He loosened his grip on Meredith’s neck, causing her to fall unconsciously on the ground with a thud.

Madeline felt her heart ache as she stared at the man’s reddened eyes and shaking fingers.

She took Jeremy’s hand to find it ice-cold. “Jeremy.”

Jeremy still wanted to tear Meredith apart, but he slowly turned his frosty features to look at Madeline as she called out to him.

Staring at the angelic features under the sun, Jeremy felt his heart clench as he remembered how she previously suffered because of Meredith.

He pulled Madeline into his arms and embraced her tightly. “I’m sorry, Linnie.”

Madeline comforted the man whose emotions were still haywire. “You have nothing to be sorry about with me. Nothing at all.”

Meredith was brought back to the Stygian Johnson Gang. Fabian splashed her with a bucket of ice water and Meredith’s eyes fluttered open.

“How dare you take someone from my hands? You must have a death wish.” Fabian flashed a look at his subordinates.

A man by his side walked up to grab Meredith by the collar and smacked his palm across her face. Meredith’s lips split upon contact, causing her to howl in pain.

“Speak. Where did you hide Lillian?” Fabian interrogated.

Meredith was stubborn, refusing to tell even after she had been beaten up. Smiling sinisterly, she said, “Have Eveline come and see me. She’s the only person I’ll tell Lillian’s location to.”

“I’m right here, so talk.” Madeline walked inside.

Lying face down on the ground, Meredith glared fiercely at Madeline. “Have everyone leave. We’ll settle this here and now, Eveline Montgomery!”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 877
Fabian and the rest of his men left.

Just before walking out, he turned to Madeline. “Shout if you need any help, my lady. I’ll be right outside.”

Madeline took up the offer. “Then I’ll trouble you with watching over Jeremy for me.”

“Hmm.” Fabian shrugged and left.

The large room fell silent.

Madeline walked steadily toward Meredith. She looked down at the scheming woman from above like a queen when she arrived to stand in front of Meredith.

“What other sinister plans do you have, Meredith? Come at me with them now. Don’t waste any more of my time.”

“Hmph. Of course, you’d want to end this as soon as possible, but too bad. I won’t let you.” Madeline lifted her hand to wipe off the blood from the corner of her lips as she glared venomously at Madeline. “I know I’ll never have the chance to get Jeremy to love me again, but I can promise you that I won’t let you two have your happily ever after either.”

She scoffed sinisterly. “I’ve hidden your daughter in a place where no one will ever find her. Don’t worry, I’ve placed food in there, but perhaps I should tell you that one of the foods there is laced with rat poison.

“If that little thing is lucky, she’ll live another two days at most. If she isn’t, then I suppose you’ll just have to meet her in heaven.”

Meredith cackled. She wanted to see Madeline squirm, become all frantic and afraid. However, Madeline’s calm expression did not show even a single ripple despite the things she said.

Meredith’s smile froze, impatient now that Madeline was not reacting the way she imagined. “Have you gone mad, Eveline? Or have you gone crazy from fear? Don’t you want to know where your daughter is?”

“Of course I do, but will you tell me?” Madeline fired back, a confident smile gracing her icy features. “You’ve partnered with Felipe for quite a while already, right, Meredith? Then I’m sure you’re aware of the Stygian Johnsons’ influence in F Country too, hmm?”

“So what?” Meredith glared and roared at Madeline.

“So I’ll be able to find my daughter very soon.”

“Impossible!” Meredith denied it, her expression looking wretched. “No matter how strong their influence is, there’s still no way they’ll ever find where I hid that little thing!”

“Nothing is impossible.” Madeline raised her brows arrogantly as she gripped Meredith by the chin, sneering at the replica of her face. “You also said that it was impossible for Jeremy to like a woman like me and that there’s no way I’d ever win you my entire life… But look at us now.”

Meredith’s eyes flared as she tightened her jaw. “Eveline Montgomery!” She barked, jumping up to overpower Madeline.

Madeline immediately lifted her leg and kicked Meredith in the back of her knee.

Meredith dropped to her knees in front of Madeline, her teeth chattering from the pain.

Madeline’s beautiful smile fell from her face.

“Did it hurt? I felt this pain deep in my bones back then too. Do you remember the facade you pulled in front of Jeremy and how you worked with your parents to push me against the floor as you humiliated and hit me? Or how you tried to f*ck up my hand so that I’d never get to design again? Because I do, and I don’t plan on forgetting it!

“But Meredith, I stood back up again. What about you? You will never have the chance to do so!

“Fabian will find Lillian in no time, then Jeremy and I will return to Glendale. The four of us will live happily ever after as a family while you can go to hell and atone for what you did to my grandfather!”

What Meredith envied the most were Jeremy’s feelings for Madeline. She refused to accept Jeremy and Madeline getting the chance to get back together.

She howled in unbridled rage. “You can dream about reuniting your family, Eveline! You will never find Lillian Whitman. Never!”

“Why not? There’s not a person the Stygian Johnsons cannot find in F Country!”

“Of course, they won’t be able to find her! The Stygian Johnson Gang could be even more influential and they still wouldn’t dare to march into Felipe’s manor!”

Ah. It turned out that Lillian had fallen into Felipe’s hands again, it seemed.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 878
Madeline’s pupils darkened as she pierced her gaze into Meredith’s wretched expression. She flung her away heavily. “You’re right, the Stygian Johnsons may not dare to do so, but I do!”


Stunned, Meredith watched Madeline stride away as it dawned on her that she had just revealed Lillian’s location.

Jeremy had already used this trick on her back then in court, but she did not expect Madeline to use it on her. She even fell for it again!

Meredith climbed up to block Madeline, only to be kicked back by a bodyguard at the door.

She lay on the floor in agony and spit out a mouthful of blood. Watching Madeline leave coolly, she no longer had the strength to stand.

Madeline and Jeremy made their way to Felipe’s manor in record time.

Felipe was not surprised to know that they had arrived.

The sight of Madeline standing with Jeremy irked him.

A mocking smirk graced his lips as he stared at Madeline, the woman who would never belong to him again. “Despite hurting you so deeply and forcing you to sign the divorce papers back then, you’re still going back to him now? Did you forget the pain and misfortune he brought you, Eveline?”

Madeline met the man’s ironic gaze unfazed. “Of course not. It’s precisely because I haven’t forgotten that I now realize the tragic past between Jeremy and I was the result of someone’s intentional sabotage!

“You decided to save that heinous woman who was guilty of two murders from her execution. You allowed this b*tch to continue wreaking havoc on my life.”

Felipe knew Madeline was referring to Meredith.

“I saw you as my friend ever since I met you, Felipe. I saw you as someone I could trust. I was grateful that you saved me, that you were there to help when times were difficult. But from this moment on, I will never stand with you again.”

‘Never stand with you again.’

The five words spoke loudly of Madeline’s decision and determination.

“Give me back my daughter, Felipe,” Jeremy demanded coldly, long impatient.

Felipe scoffed in denial. “I don’t have the person you’re looking for.”

Just then, a childlike voice rang out right when Felipe’s sentence ended.

“Mommy, Mommy!”

Madeline turned her head in the direction of the sound. “Lillian!”

Felipe’s expression darkened dangerously as he watched Cathy slowly appear from behind Lillian. Fury bled into his eyes.

Unaware of the situation, Lillian quickly ran toward Madeline as her small lips called for her mom. She was overjoyed seeing her mother again after a long while.

Jeremy’s heart raced as he turned to look at the small energetic figure. ‘You’re alright, Lillian. Dad is so glad you’re alright.’

Burying herself in her mother’s embrace, Lillian turned her head to see Jeremy. “The handsome mister is here too!”

Madeline patted her small head and corrected her. “He’s not the handsome mister, Lillian. This is your dad.”

“Dad?” Lillian blinked before turning to look at Felipe.

Felipe’s gaze had long lost its warmth. He refused to let Madeline and Jeremy reunite as a happy family.

He was about to call someone to stop them when he felt Cathy press the muzzle of a gun against his back.

“Let them go.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 879
Cathy’s actions shocked Felipe to the core. It was something Madeline and Jeremy had never thought to expect at all.

“Do you know what you’re doing?” Felipe turned his head to stare at Cathy who stood behind him.

“Of course I do. You’re the one who doesn’t.” Cathy’s tone was calm, solemn in a way that depicted her determination. “Let them go, or I’ll take revenge for my two dead children right now.”

Felipe’s expression soured, but he refused to give the order.

Cathy pressed the muzzle deeper into Felipe’s flesh. If she pulled the trigger now, the bullet would pierce through Felipe’s heart.

Neither Madeline nor Jeremy had expected Cathy to be here, but they could tell that she was on their side.

“Come with us, Cathy.” Madeline did not want to leave Cathy here to stay by Felipe’s side in fear that she would suffer the punishment given out by this man.

Yet Cathy merely smiled faintly. “It’s alright, Evie, Jeremy. You two should go, but I’m staying here.”

Despite not understanding the reason why, Madeline recognized the determination in Cathy’s voice and knew that further persuasion would be to no avail.

Jeremy shared a look with Cathy before he decisively took Lillian from Madeline’s arms and grabbed her hand. “Let’s go, Linnie.”

Madeline stared at Cathy worriedly but had no other choice than to leave.

Watching Madeline and Jeremy getting into their car with Lillian, Felipe turned around and snatched the gun from Cathy’s hand easily. With a hand on her slender throat, his dark eyes gleamed coldly with anger. “Do you not want to live anymore?”

His frosty gaze pierced into Cathy like a sword of ice.

Sparing him an indifferent glance, Cathy averted her gaze.

“Look at me!” Felipe roared.

Unmoved, Cathy closed her eyes.

Frustrated, Felipe took the gun and shot the ground before he loosened the hand around Cathy’s throat. Then, he turned and walked away.

Cathy opened her glistening eyes and swallowed all the hurt back into her stomach.

‘Hate me if you want, kill me if you wish.

‘I refuse to let you make mistake after mistake like this, Felipe. I will not let you dig your own grave.

‘I refuse.’

Madeline and Jeremy brought Lillian to the hotel and booked a suite.

The two had yet to have a moment of calm at all ever since they arrived at F Country.

Madeline was now taking a bath with Lillian in the bathroom, and at the same time, she was correcting her daughter about Jeremy’s identity. As Lillian blinked her round and innocent eyes, she still thought of Felipe whenever her daddy was brought up.

Madeline could only give up for now. They had plenty of time to get this right, and Madeline was sure that as Lillian spent time with Jeremy, it would only be a matter of when before she changed the way she called him.

After the bath, the little girl hopped toward Jeremy. “Lily hasn’t seen you in so long, Handsome Mister. Will you play with me?”

While Lillian still called him ‘Mister’, Jeremy found himself liking it too much to correct her.

He picked her up and placed a loving smooch on her soft cheek. “Would you like it if this handsome mister plays with you every day, Lillian?”

“That’s great! I want to play with Jackie too!”

“Okay, we’ll all play together.” Jeremy felt his heart squeeze indescribably as he stared at her adorable and sweet features.

“Go take a bath first, Jeremy.” Madeline handed him his sleepwear as she carried Lillian to the bed.

By the time Jeremy came out of the bathroom, Madeline had already put the little girl to sleep and seemed to have fallen asleep herself as well.

Jeremy walked toward his daughter who had drifted off into a dreamless sleep and caressed her small cheeks with the tip of his finger.

“I’m sorry, Lillian. Daddy’s sorry for not being there for you and your mother when the two of you needed me most.”

He felt guilty and remorseful.

Lying by Madeline’s side, he was reminded of how cruel he used to be. He could not forgive himself.

As a husband, he had allowed another woman to hurt his pregnant and suffering wife.

Jeremy turned to look at Madeline’s sleeping face and slowly reached his hand out.

He took his hand back in regret and turned around before his fingertips could touch her.

‘You may have forgiven me, Linnie, but I cannot forgive myself.’

Madeline opened her eyes to see Jeremy facing away from her.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 880
She had heard everything he said. She could feel the regret and remorse oozing from Jeremy, as well as his internal conflict when it came to forgiving himself.

Staring at his back that was mere inches away, Madeline no longer felt that they were miles apart.

Leaning over, she lifted her arm to hold Jeremy from behind.

Deep within his own self-blaming throes, Jeremy was stunned when he felt Madeline suddenly pulling him into a hug. Warmth seeped into his chest.

“I know you can’t forgive yourself for the things you’ve done to me, but I mean it when I told you I don’t hate you anymore.

“Let’s just live happily together for the rest of our days, Jeremy.”

Madeline’s clear voice drifted into Jeremy’s ears, falling into his heart like melodic notes.

He turned to face her, his chiseled features against Madeline’s ethereal and small face.

The two pairs of eyes locked. They were engulfed in comfortable silence.

His slender finger traced her brows as he got lost in her beauty.

“I love you, Eveline Montgomery.”

Madeline curled her lips into a smile as she pressed her forehead against Jeremy’s. “Yeah, I know.”

Jeremy yearned to hear an ‘I love you’ echo from Madeline’s mouth, but he found himself content at that moment to have Madeline’s forgiveness instead.

The following day.

Madeline wanted to book a flight back to Glendale, but Cathy seemed to plague her mind.

She called Cathy who answered but rejected Madeline’s suggestion. “You guys should go back, Evie. There are still things here that I need to do.”

Madeline felt uneasy. “Felipe is dangerous, Cathy. You can’t stay by his side anymore.”

“It’s because he’s dangerous that I need to stay by him.” Cathy’s tone was meaningful. “I think I understand how you felt back then, Evie, but Felipe is not Jeremy. I have to pull him back to the light. I can’t bear to see him make mistake after mistake like this.”

Cathy then hung up the phone. Madeline called again, but her phone was turned off.

Taking the opportunity of Felipe being out, Cathy entered his study and gathered all evidence of his crimes from his computer.

She made a copy of his every illegal trade.

Holding his phone, Felipe’s gaze grew frosty beyond words as he watched Cathy’s every move.

‘Is this why you begged to stay by my side, Cathy?

‘You don’t love me anymore, do you?’

His lips curled into a shadow of a smile as he instructed someone to follow Cathy.

Not too long after, he received notice that Cathy had gone to the police station.

Felipe shattered the glass cup with his hands as a storm of fury began to brew within him.

“Didn’t you want to stay by my side, Cathy? Why can’t you be obedient? Why can’t you just listen to me? Why? Why must you force me to this extent?”

He took out the hairband he was too reluctant to throw. His heart clenched unbearably as he coldly made the order. “If she enters, fire.”

Even after standing at the entrance of the station for a long while, Cathy still could not bring herself to make the step inside. She had no idea that there was a gun aimed at her heart.

‘I won’t let you make the mistake again, Felipe. Without washing off the dirt of your past, you will never have the chance to start again.’

Cathy thought to herself, only for her footsteps to come to a halt before she could enter the doors.

Staring at the USB in her hands, she could not bring herself to do it.

Felipe was on the way to the station when he suddenly received a call from Cathy. “Felipe,” she greeted, her voice sounding sweet but her tone resembling a plea. “Felipe,” she spoke, “Can you promise me to never involve yourself in illegal trade again? Will you give me the chance to love you? Like the first time we met, can we start all over again?”

Felipe’s heart froze at her last two pleas.

Thinking about the gun aimed at Cathy’s heart, his heart thumped erratically within him. “Where are you, Cathy?”

“I… I’m standing in front of the police station.”

“Don’t go inside!” Felipe’s voice trembled as he shouted.

“I’m not going to…”

Cathy looked up at the police station and was about to turn around. However, just as she spoke, a bullet whizzed past and pierced through her thin frame…

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