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My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 108

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 108

The man looked down and saw her lowering her head as well. His body heated up as he noticed the mark he’d left on her neck.

Lucas threw the hairdryer to one side, grabbed Ashlyn by her shoulder, and pulled her into her arms.

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Before she could react, her lips were already sealed by his.

Here we go again. Ashlyn sighed as she was slowly aroused by Lucas’ kiss.

Ashlyn did not mind having sex with him, since they’d already done it countless times for the past four years.

What was more was that the man could last pretty long, and his skill had improved a lot over the past four years.

To put it simply, the sex could satisfy both of them.

They were so close that they could hear each other’s breath.

“Couldn’t Ms. Chapman satisfy you? You’re making it seems like you can’t leave me,” Ashlyn mocked. Even though she knew she was going to enjoy the sex, there was still a part of her that felt frustrated about the situation.

“You shouldn’t ruin the mood like this,” the man replied and bit her ear which made her blush immediately. “Looks like I have to punish you for thinking about another person.”

Ashlyn realized her mistake but it was too late.

Two hours passed since and Ashlyn finally begged Lucas to stop.

“So, are you still going to seduce other people after this?” Lucas asked.

Ashlyn was completely out of breath and did not answer his question.

When Ashlyn woke up the next day, Lucas had already left.

Ashlyn struggled to get up as her back ached from the night before. As she turned around, she noticed an elegant box on the bedside table. She picked it up and opened it curiously, only to find a diamond necklace shining in it.

Lucas never cheaped out on his present for her. Yet, Ashlyn only took a glance at the necklace and left it where she found it.

Lucas had given her a lot of jewelry in the past four years, but she never took one with her.

Let’s leave it for Ms. Chapman. Ashlyn laughed in her head.

Little did Ashlyn knew, the internet was in complete chaos as Lucas, who never posted anything online, updated his post.

‘She’s even pretty when she’s asleep’ Lucas updated along with a photo showing a slender body covered with a blanket.

Even though the woman was completely covered from her head below, but the sheet perfectly carved out her wonderful figure as her long, black hair rested naturally on the pillow.

‘Oh my God!’

‘I told you Mr. Nolan is married! Damn, his wife looks pretty even from behind!’

‘Is he showing off or what?’


‘What about the scandal saying he’s getting a divorce because he has two mistresses?’

‘Are you guys serious? You really think this is Mrs. Nolan?”

‘Who else could it be? We know that one of the mistresses is blonde and the other has curly hair. The one in the picture is definitely not them.”

‘So, this is Mrs. Nolan, right?’

‘Perhaps it’s his third mistress?’

The netizens immediately went to stalk Lucas’s profile and found that he was following a single account. The ID of the account was ‘Mrs. Nolan.’

People began to shift their attention towards this account but soon realized that the account was completely empty. The only post on the account was generated automatically when the account was created.

The only thing the people managed to find was that the account was created around 8 in the morning that same day.

Screenshots of ‘Mrs. Nolan’s’ account began to spread online as people spammed the account’s inbox.

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