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My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 109

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 109

Ashlyn walked out of Whitland Villa and noticed that her phone was blipping non-stop. It didn’t sound like a message notification nor a ringtone.

She took her phone out curiously and almost fainted from anger.

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On her phone was a new social media application that she never installed.

When Ashlyn opened up the app, she found out it was already registered under the ID of ‘Mrs. Nolan.’

Ashlyn took a deep breath to stop herself from venting her anger.

That childish man! What did he do while I was sleeping?

Since Ashlyn’s phone was locked with a face scan, Lucas could easily unlock it while she was sleeping.

What she couldn’t believe was that Lucas actually registered an account for her and made her follow his account.

He even named her account as ‘Mrs. Nolan.’

Mrs. Nolan my ass! I’m your ex now! How can a man who’s nearing his 30’s be so childish? Why is he still doing such a thing now that we’re divorced? To entertain the internet? I thought he didn’t want the world to know my existence? I thought he wanted me to be a stranger? Then, what is this? Is he trying to screw me over?

Now that Ashlyn learned that the blipping sound was from the application, she realized her inbox and comment section were almost maxed out.

Most of the messages and comments were either asking if she was really Lucas’ wife or how did she and Lucas get together. Some also asked when will the divorce happen. Few of those were hate comments, cursing her to disappear from the face of the earth.

Ashlyn gritted her teeth at those hate comments while blaming Lucas in her head.

Hera was very active on social media, and naturally, she noticed the trending account as well. Evidently, she was jealous about it, especially after seeing the picture of Ashlyn.

She immediately dialed Lucas’ number.


“Hera? Do you need something?” the man asked uninterestedly.

“When are you taking me to meet Ms. Saunders? It’s been days since you’ve returned…” Hera asked in a pitiful voice.

Unfortunately for her, Lucas had completely forgotten about it.

“We’ll have to make an appointment if we want to meet her.”

“Even you?”

“Of course. There are rules we have to follow,” Lucas replied coldly.

Hera quickly made her tone sounded as pitiful as she could. “But, you know… I really want to participate in the competition. My grandpa will get better if I get a good score… I have to meet with Ms. Saunders as soon as possible so that my grandpa could get better…”

“Fine. I’ll let you know once I make the appointment.”

After hanging the call, Lucas stood in front of the window and gazed at the clear sky.

Mrs. Field, the mother of Joseph Field, who was Lucas’ best friend since childhood, was very fond of concerts and was a huge fan of Madeline Saunders.

The Fields had served in politics since generations ago, and Mrs. Field was the mayoress of Riverdale. With her status, most artists would be humble towards her since having a mayoress as a fan was something worth bragging about.

Yet, as Madeline’s die-hard fan, Mrs. Field never got the chance to meet the real Madeline who went to great lengths to keep her identity anonymous.

Whenever Madeline would perform on stage, she would dress in traditional clothing and hide her face behind a golden mask.

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