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My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 111

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 111

Did Mrs. Nolan really did that?

Isn’t this domestic violence?

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But, why does Mr. Nolan seemed excited after getting hit like that?

Could it be that one of his screws is loose or something?

Everyone was drowned in their own wild imaginations, trying to picture what really happened to Lucas.

The more they thought of how the cold and ruthless Lucas was pinned to the floor by his wife and getting hit by her, the more it felt wrong.

“What? These bruises are proofs of love. Start the meeting,” Lucas said as he scanned the room.

All the executives stared at Lucas and applauded him for being such a doting person, to the point where he believed that being hit by his wife was an act of love.

It also explained Lucas’s update on his social media that same morning about his wife, which the executives believed that Lucas was forced to post it by Mrs. Nolan because the photo of him with his mistresses angered her.

That was Lucas’s punishment, or so everyone thought, which made sense.

The executives began to wonder what would happen if their wives found out they had a mistress and came to an agreement that they would suffer much more than Lucas did.

Just like that, a few new hashtags popped up on the internet which garnered the same attention as Mrs. Nolan’s account.




All of these happened when Lucas appeared in the company’s canteen without covering his face. A few of his employees secretly took photos of him and posted them on the internet.

From one photo to two photos, the internet was soon covered with photos of Lucas’s face.

The internet was thrown into chaos once again.

‘That’s why Mr. Nolan tagged Mrs. Nolan’s account this morning! It was all Mrs. Nolan’s doing! She’s asserting her dominance over his mistresses!’

‘Mr. Nolan just got sh*t on by his wife for cheating on her.’

‘But his pretty face…’

‘Don’t you think the bruises look good on him too?’

‘Mrs. Nolan sure is cruel.’

‘How can she bring herself to injure such a pretty face?’

‘In the name of the moon, I’ll punish this bitch!’

The internet was immediately divided into two different opinions. The only thing that everyone had in common was their increasing curiosity toward Mrs. Nolan’s identity.

Ashlyn scrolled through the comments furiously, cursing the man who caused the commotion.

That shameless b*stard! He’s the one who used my phone to register an account, not the other way round! How is it my fault now?

The more Ashlyn thought about it, the angrier she got. To take her revenge, she took a photo of the bite mark without showing her face and posted it on her account to show that she was a victim.

Yet, to Ashlyn’s surprise, Lucas immediately shared her photo and commented, ‘I’m so sorry, babe. I shouldn’t have bite you.”

Lucas’s comment instantly pushed the show to its climax.

The netizens continued to spam the comment section.

‘Mr. Nolan is a true man! He fought back by biting her!’

‘I guess their fight ended peacefully?’

‘Peacefully? You should say their fight ended with both side suffering!’

‘W*f! How can you bring yourself to bite on such a beautiful skin?’

‘Isn’t this another way to show off?’

Lucas replied to two of the comments because he was in a good mood.

‘This is a proof of our love.’

‘I left my unique mark on her.’

Lucas returned back to the meeting after posting the comments as if nothing had happened.

On the other hand, Ashlyn had no idea what Lucas was planning.

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