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My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 112

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 112

Why is he doing this? We’re divorced! A proof of love? Are you kidding me?

Ashlyn let out a deep sigh as she deeply regretted posting that photo out of impulse.

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Am I going crazy just like Lucas did? Since when did I become so easily irritated?

Ashlyn threw her phone to the side and went back to sleep.

After she woke up, Ashlyn returned to Bayview Villa.

The servants had gathered around to gossip about what happened on the internet

“Don’t you think Mr. Nolan and our lady is a match made in heaven?”

“Too bad they’re divorced.”

“But still, there must be something wrong with Mr. Nolan’s judgment. Why can’t he see that his mistresses are plain whores?”

“Right? Our lady could even take down a group of men on her own. How can they even compare to her?”

Ashlyn overheard the conversation as she was heading down to grab some snacks.

“You guys have nothing better to do?” Ashlyn’s expression darkened.

The servants turned around and jumped when they saw Ashlyn standing behind them. “M’lady…”

The servants tried to keep their mouths shut, but one couldn’t help but asked when she noticed the bite mark. “M’lady, should I boil an egg for you?”

“Egg?” Ashlyn questioned in an angry tone.

“My mother always told me when I was little that rolling a warm egg on your face can reduce the swelling.”

“Is that so? Get me 10 then!” Ashlyn ordered and pulled a cake out of the fridge before heading back up to her room.

When Jared returned and saw the ‘love’ mark on Ashlyn, he couldn’t help but laugh out hard.

Ashlyn glared at him. “Shut your mouth or I’m going to tear it off your face!”

What’s funny about this? You should laugh at Lucas instead!

“Looks like you two really went at each other last night!” Jared joked.

“Shut it!” Ashlyn threw the tissue box next to her at Jared.

“You should keep the mark. It looks good on you.” Jared avoided.

“Get lost!”

“M’lady, please do not move.” The servant who was pressing a hard-boiled egg gently on Ashlyn’s face stopped her.

Ashlyn instantly stopped her movement.

Jared moved forward to take a close look at the bite mark. “That’s quite deep. Will it go away before the charity gala?”

“What? Do you think I’m still going with you when you’re laughing at me like this? Dream on!”

Jared was taken aback. God! Please give me the power to reverse time! I swear to never laugh at Ashlyn!

Just as they were arguing, Ashlyn received a video call.

She quickly grabbed her phone that was on the tea table and realized it was from Lucas.

Ashlyn remembered how crazy Lucas could be if she did not pick up her phone. Not only would he rush over to her place, but he might also even do something insane like driving a plane straight to her villa like last time.

Ashlyn knew that no one could stop Lucas if he went crazy, which left her no choice but to answer his call.

“What do you want?”

“I just finished showering. Have you showered yet?” Lucas was wiping his hair dry and his body half-naked, showing the perfect separation between his muscle fibers.

His dripping-wet hair only made him look even sexier.

“Are you crazy? Why do you even care? I’m hanging up!” Ashlyn scolded.

“Wait! Can you come with me to the charity gala?”

“Hell no!” Ashlyn scoffed. “This ex-wife of yours isn’t suitable to be by your side. Wait… I can hear Ms. Chapman and Ms. Wynn calling out to you.”

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