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My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 113

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 113

Ashlyn hung up right after that, feeling at ease for rejecting Lucas’s invitation.

This is how a divorced couple should act.

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Ashlyn knew that as long as she wasn’t in the same room as Lucas, her judgment would not be clouded by her desire, which did not feel good at all.

Lucas stared at his phone and threw his towel on the floor. His swollen face had no expression on it as the woman who moaned happily next to him the night before was treating him coldly.

What a heartless woman!

Ashlyn stayed in her room for the next few days until it was Friday.

Jared rushed back from his office in the noon and begged with everything he got until Ashlyn agreed to attend the charity gala with him.

Everyone knew that Jared was bringing a beautiful lady. If Ashlyn did not go with him, he would’ve been teased by his friends at the gala.

At 5 in the evening sharp, the professional makeup team that Jared hired arrived at Bayview Villa. The whole makeup took about two hours until it was seven.

Ashlyn opened her eyes lazily after her makeup was done and asked her maid to bring her some snacks.

After finishing her fruits and desserts, she drank a cup of fruit tea before heading down.

The members of the makeup team were staring at Ashlyn dumbfoundedly. The team had serviced a lot of A-tiered celebrities, including award-winning actors and actresses. All their clients were either the epitomes of having a perfect face or charm.

Yet, this was the first time that they’d saw a woman who had all of those qualities. She was the woman they were staring at, one that was elegant, sculptured, and powerful.

One of the male makeup artists quickly ran up to Ashlyn and helped lift the train of her dress. “Be careful on your way down, Ms. Berry.”

“Thank you,” Ashlyn smiled. As she turned around and noticed that Jared was standing not far from her.

When Jared saw the smile on Ashlyn’s face, he gulped as it was a beautiful sight that was different from her usual coldness and without her mockery.

Jared knew that his boss could be very seductive, but he’d never imagined she would be this seductive.

It explained why Lucas still wanted her back after they were divorced because the woman’s look could make a country fall.

As the president of Centennial Healthcare, Jared was always required to befriend a lot of big shots. Thus, the makeup team that he’d hired was one of the bests in the country.

Since Ashlyn hadn’t looked at herself in the mirror, she’d no idea about the perfect job the team had done to her.

Jared’s car arrived at Alita Grand Hotel at 8 pm sharp.

A long-red carpet extended from the hotel’s entrance to the drop-off area. The interior was elegantly decorated and attendants in uniform were pacing back and forth to help the attendees.

Reporters surrounded the red carpet, ready to take photos of the guests that would be arriving.

Many dressed in suits and elegant dresses walked past the red carpet. Most of them were well-known celebrities.

Since it was a charity gala, preparing an item to auction off was a must.

Jared looked at the celebrities and explained, “The Haddocks would host a charity gala annually. This will be the tenth year. Since the gala is widely praised all around the country, only the best of the best in the industry has the chance to attend. As for the celebrities and smaller enterprises, being able to participate is something to be proud of.”

“It would be perfect if the Haddocks are as generous as you said,” Ashlyn sighed.

Jared could not understand what Ashlyn meant, and she chose not to explain it.

Since Ashlyn remained silent, Jared took something out. “I’ve prepared an item for you to auction off as well. A jade bracelet.”

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