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My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 114

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 114

Ashlyn perched her lips and said, “I already handed mine over to the auction.”

“What?” Jared responded with a surprised look.

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“I felt it was only appropriate of me to turn up with an item or two with values befitting the evening’s banquet. We can’t afford to disgrace Mr. Quickton now, can we?” Ashlyn replied as she gave him a look.

The spotlights shone brightly as it focused its attention on the red carpet.

The celebrities took turns to pose for the cameras.

But in the presence of the veterans, they knew their place and stepped aside.

The world favored capitalism.

Celebrities were nothing but mere tools for that.

Ashlyn and Jared exited from their vehicle and quickly found themselves in front of the camera lens.

The reporters were caught with their pants down but only momentarily. They sprung back into action and were frantically snapping away.

Click! Snap!

Jared’s girlfriend?

Was this a joke?

He brought his girlfriend to an important charity event!

What a shocking turn of events.

Jared the old fossil really did have a girlfriend.

“What’s her story? Who is she? I have never seen her before.”

“Was she an international model or starlet? How did we not know about her?”

“With that face, it was impossible she was not recognized right away!”

The whispers were hushed, and the industry gossiped. People were astonished by the exquisite beauty that stood beside Jared, and her elegance was breathtaking.

Jared was a man adored by millions, and he was also the CEO of a multinational corporation. Yet, he was overshadowed entirely by her. He was nothing more than a backdrop, and no one paid any attention to him.

Jared was in tears! I still got it, don’t I? Sob… sob… sob! Am I destined to be her bag carrier for the rest of my life?

Both of them arrived at the entrance.

As soon as they stepped in, all eyes were on Ashlyn. Anybody who was anybody dropped their conversations.

They were all speechless.

How could such beauty exist on this planet?

Her beauty was mind-blowing. In that instant, every woman present paled in comparison to her grace. The magnificent hall lost its brilliance as she strolled across it.

They quickly regained their composure as soon as they realized she was Jared’s partner.

Jared sent word out through a social media post and announced that there would be a goddess at the banquet.

He attached a side profile picture, and it created a frenzy on the internet. The narcissists and self-absorbed had a field day with it.

She looked stunning in person!

It was enough to tempt a monk to rethink his celibacy vows.

“Mr. Quickton,” his name was announced.

Immediately the spotlights were focused on him.

With a long stride, Jared held Ashlyn’s arms in his and whispered into her ear. “Boss, you could easily make a living off your looks, yet you chose to depend on your talents and hard work. Look at them grovel at your feet.”

Ashlyn stared at him coldly. “Zip it.”

Jared laughed even harder and said, “Ouch. Am I not allowed to pay you a compliment?”

Ashlyn lifted her head and replied gracefully, “What you said was the truth; thus, it did not count as a compliment.”

The reporters noticed their intimate behavior, and their camera shutters started to go off frantically once again.

The distinguished guests in the hall had disappointment written all over their faces. Jared certainly pulled no punches this time.

It was bad enough they were playing catch up with Centennial Healthcare in the business world. This gorgeous beauty who walked alongside Jared was the nail in the coffin.

They could not come to terms with the situation.

Back at Nolan Group in the CEO’s office.

Spencer gulped as soon as he entered the room.

Since Ms. Berry rejected Mr. Nolan, he tore up the invitation to the Haddock Group’s charity gala.

However… he came across a live stream of the event on Weibo and caught a glimpse of the mysterious beauty who was rumored to be Jared’s girlfriend.


Within seconds the internet was abuzz and netizens speculated who she was.


His blood began to boil as he stared at the man who sat in the leather armchair. “Ms. Berry is Jared’s partner!” he yelled in fury.

With a wounded pride, he pulled himself away from work and gnashed his teeth together. “Damn that woman!”

It seems like I went too easy on her. She forgot her place and turned to Jared!

His pupils dilated with murderous intent. The room was overwhelmed with his menacing aura.

The tension was palpable, and it made Spencer gasped for air. His body froze unwillingly as he stood there rooted to the ground. His eyes caught sight of the torn-up invitation, and despair overcame him.

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