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My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 121

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 121

Ashlyn rolled her eyes. Could he get any more childish?

“I thank you on the behalf of Ms. Saunders,” she said coldly.

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Everyone started to get restless.

Lucas immediately bid five million higher.

It seemed that Ms. Saunders’ painting was really worth a fortune.

Thus, everyone else increased their bids.

Not long after, the bid reached twenty million, which was no small amount for a painting!

Nonetheless, Ms. Saunders was too influential.

These big shots would usually fight to purchase Ms. Saunders’ painting but cannot do so.

How could they not fight for it when one was right in front of them?

Thus, they bid higher in a frenzy.

Twenty-five million!

Thirty million!

Thirty-five million!

It was still going up!

Their eyes seemed to turn red from the greed.

Joseph was speechless throughout. He desperately wanted to take down the paintings in his living room to put them up for auction!

However, he did not dare to do so; those paintings were his mom’s treasures.

Even though the price skyrocketed, the higher the price, the more greedy the crowd seemed to be.

At that time, the bid had reached fifty million!

At last, a big-bellied man shouted, “100 million! 100 million! I have to have that painting for myself!”

Everyone fell quiet and had their eyes fixed on him.

This person was a known art lover. He usually liked to collect ancient paintings and calligraphies, but he was simply missing one of Ms. Saunders’.

Hera was dumbstruck.

He’s gone mad! Really mad!

A hundred million!

Ashlyn looked beyond satisfied. She stood up gracefully and strutted toward the middle-aged man and glanced at his nameplate on his seat. “Mr. Cornell Bailey, I thank you for your knowledgeable taste. I promise you that Ms. Saunders will give you another one of her newest pieces.”

“Really?” Cornell went mad with admiration as he blushed bright red. Both his hands were even shaking.

“Really,” Ashlyn said before she took her seat.

As Cornell filled out the cheque, he could not help but said to Ashlyn, “Thank you, thank you!”

The crowd erupted in chatter.

Buy one, get one free. What luck!

Could it be that Ashlyn was bluffing? Was she really so close to Ms. Saunders?

Ashlyn smiled as she received the cheque, and it looked like roses had bloomed. “Ms. Saunders has instructed me to donate all the earnings from this painting to Saunders Charity. We want to be transparent with you and you are welcome to check on it.”

Lucas frowned and felt like there was something amiss.

Dixon’s expression darkened. This woman! She was indeed arrogant, having blatantly ignored Haddock Group.

The earnings from the charity auction were supposed to be decided by Haddock Group.

It was the first time that the money earned from the charity gala was donated to another charity.

All the admiration he had for Ashlyn instantly became hatred.

She stepped down from the stage and returned to her seat.

Jared tugged on Ashlyn’s sleeve anxiously. “Are you crazy? Are you close with Ms. Saunders? What if she rejects you? You’re too impulsive!”

“She won’t,” Ashlyn said before she turned her attention back to the auction.

Winsor eyed Dixon whispered, “Ms. Berry, you just offended Haddock Group.”

Unlike Winsor’s deliberately soft tone, Ashlyn spoke with a voice that was just loud enough for the people seated in the row in front of her to hear. “Oh. I didn’t think that Haddock Group was so narrow-minded and cared so much about a mere hundred million.”

Dixon was speechless.

His expression noticeably stiffened, but he still turned to Ashlyn and smiled. “Ms. Berry must be joking. Of course, Haddock Group would not mind. It’s all for charity; no matter what means are used, the main goal is to help the needy. It’ll be fine as long as we can help them.”

That statement was pretentious and grandiose but showed Haddock Group’s generosity.

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