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My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 123

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 123

What a shocker! But I think Jared’s girlfriend wants to enter the entertainment industry. She used Ms. Saunders’ painting and took this chance to get some hype.

Right, right? I feel so too! Coincidentally, his girlfriend has become one of the top few searches!

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On the surface, he was promoting the painting, but somehow his girlfriend appeared at the top searches at the same time? This strategy is really impressive.

Isn’t Ms. Saunders the trending topic? What does it have to do with his girlfriend? You guys are really one to be envious. Could it be that you are fans of a certain mistress? Earlier this year, his girlfriend got scolded, but his mistress was praised. I don’t understand what the commenters above are thinking.

That’s right. Hera, whom everyone knows to be a mistress, actually has fans?

It’s really weird. What are these people thinking to support Hera?

The comments became weirder.

Just like that, the netizens started arguing.

The more they argued, the more popular the topic became. It surged to the top of the list and stayed there.

However, this provoked some people.

Hera was on the verge of breaking down!

How did things turn out this way?

Never in a million years could she get onto the list of trending searches. This one time, she wanted to be known as a beautiful, kind-hearted and talented person so others could forget about the scandal of her being a mistress.

In the end, that matter became more clear to others, and it became a hot discussion topic.

She was fuming mad.

At the same time, in an office.

“Quick, arrange for another wave of trouble. This woman dragged me down with her. I must grab this opportunity to chide her,” Cindy urged her manager, Terry.

If it weren’t for Hera, she would not have been so severely attacked by netizens. Furthermore, Nolan Entertainment had put her activities on hold.

Because of this, she was blacklisted.

It was not easy for her to gain popularity, but Hera sent her hard work down the ditch.

“Hera lacks the looks, figure, and temperament. Out of sheer luck, she managed to cozy up to Lucas,” Terry said. He was angry too.

Out of all the celebrities he was in charge of, only Cindy seemed to have a bright future. In the end, she, unfortunately, encountered that jinx!

Cindy had planned a birthday party to widen her fanbase. However, not only did Hera get in her way, but she also created a scandal.

Cindy was bound to lose all her reputation. It would have been fine even if she was really a mistress. However, Cindy was indignant that Lucas never spared her a glance. What a big loss it was!

They postponed many of her projects, too.

Cindy was angry, and Terry was just as mad.

Thus, both of them discussed it and recruited a number of netizens to troll Hera to death.

Above all, a paparazzi also sold them a photo of Hera falling at a banquet.

Hera initially had bribed quite a few people to cover up the incident. However, some would do anything to earn a little extra money.

Terry immediately used an account to leak the photo on Twitter with a comment. Look at the elegant socialites that you guys always talk about. They’re really nothing much; she had such a nasty fall.

Those photos captured Hera’s ugly expression.

A collage of such pictures was immediately formed.

The graceful image that she usually carried as a socialite shattered. Her eyes and mouth widened in shock.

She quickly instructed the netizens to comment on it on the leaked photo.

Soon, the hashtag “Hera Fell So Ugly” shot up the list of trending topics, right next to “Hera’s Painting 500k”.

Countless netizens opened the photo to check it out and could not help but laugh at it.

Did Hera do this on purpose?

What a great topic!

How attention-grabbing!

It looks like a fake fall!

Ms. Fake Fall wins this round!

In regards to the lively chatter on Twitter, the crowd at the auction were still immersed in the bidding.

The emcee presented a highly valuable antique. “This is the kingfisher headdress set from the Ming dynasty with all fifty accessories included!”

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