My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 125

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 125

She was confounded.

However, it did not seem like Jared would court a married woman.

Hence, Ashlyn was definitely not Mrs. Nolan.

The auctioneer at the stage had started to call out the prices. Coincidentally, the starting bid was 500 thousand.

The item that Mrs. Nolan did not want was the same price as the artwork that Hera was proud of.

The latter could sense the surrounding people staring at her with mocking eyes.

The corners of her lips twitched in barely concealed anger.

Just as the crowd was wondering what amount they should bid, Ashlyn said, “One million.”

A glint was in Lucas’ eyes. “You like it?”

Ashlyn glanced at him before smiling brightly. “Who doesn’t like diamonds?”

Then why didn’t you take it away?

Lucas gritted his teeth, furious.

Does she not like it because I was the one to give it to her?

The more Lucas thought about it, the angrier and more frustrated he got.

In other words, she’s telling me she doesn’t like me.

If she doesn’t like me, why did she sleep with me?

Why was she so enthusiastic and passionate on the bed?

Lucas nearly ground his teeth flat.

There was a raging bonfire burning in his chest. He wanted to ignore all social pleasantries and drag this woman back to lock her up.

That way, she would not have the chance to laugh at him here.

The moment Ashlyn joined in, many of the audience started buttering Lucas up.

Soon, his diamond necklace was worth nine million.

In the end, one wealthy businessman who was interested in working with Nolan Group outbid the rest.

Without any hesitation, Lucas shoved the check into Ashlyn’s hands. “Donate this to Saunders Charity. I wonder if it’ll let me meet with Ms. Saunders.”

Ashlyn flicked the cheque noncommittally. “Why do you want to meet with Ms. Saunders?”

“I have a favor to ask from her,” Lucas answered.

“It’s true that it won’t look good if she takes your money but refuses to meet you. I’ll make arrangements,” Ashlyn said as she kept away the cheque.

No one turned their back on money.

Everyone in the auction was staring at the two with greedy eyes.

Either of the two—nine million or the meeting with Madeline Saunders—was enough to tempt the people.

“About that, Ms. Berry, will I get to meet Ms. Saunders with nine million? I-I’ll donate nine million to the Saunders Charity. Can you make arrangements for me too?” asked Cornell, the man from earlier who was rich but brainless.

Ashlyn glanced at him. “Mr. Bailey, scarcity of an item determines its worth. There is only one meeting with Ms. Saunders, and it’s for Mr. Nolan. You’ve already received a gift from me earlier. I said I’ll ask Ms. Saunders to gift you a painting without asking anything in return. One must not greed.”

She sounded philosophical.

The others were impressed by her words.

Anyone could clearly sense the sincerity in her words by looking at her expression and hearing her tone. She was neither dismissive nor patronizing.

Hera was overjoyed. Lucas spent nine million for me.

I don’t care if you’re Ashlyn or Mrs. Nolan. I remain the most important in his heart.

Once again, she was filled with confidence in winning Lucas’ heart.

On the other hand, the trustee of Haddock Charity was devastated that they had been ignored.

The trustee was Dixon’s aunt, Sienna Oates. While Dixon was the head of the family, his relatives were in charge of certain fields in Haddock Group. As Sienna came from the currently thriving Oates family, and she was a student of managerial economics, she became the trustee for the charity among the many family members.

As she had a way with words, and her husband was bedridden, she had been the decision-maker of her family. Furthermore, she had sworn loyalty to Dixon, and he trusted her.

She could barely control the anger surging in her veins when Ashlyn and Lucas continuously humiliated the Haddock Group.

Yet, she did not dare to talk on behalf of Dixon.

Regardless, Ashlyn had now caught her attention.

After the auction was dinner.

Ashlyn elegantly sat in a corner. The soles of her feet were aching from her high-heels.

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