My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 127

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 127

Lucas and Winsor were glaring at each other, and sparks were flying.

Although Ashlyn’s sole hurt, it was a minor pain to her.

She raised her hand to pinch Lucas’ waist. “Are you deaf? Put me down!”

Lucas moaned in pain as he lowered his head to see the blush on her angry face.

A sense of tenderness crept into his heart, and he placed her down gently.

The moment Ashlyn’s feet reached the ground, she waved at Jared, who was chatting with several others. “Come here, Jared.”

Upon hearing her, Jared flashed an apologetic smile at the middle-aged man he was talking to and rushed toward Ashlyn.

Before he could ask her anything, the woman reached out her hand and shot him a glare. “Help me.”

“Yes, Ma’am!” Jared was close to calling her ‘Your Highness’ instead.

“I dare you to leave with him.” If looks could kill, Lucas would have killed Jared three times over.

He pursed his lips in silence as he glared at Ashlyn and Jared.

Feeling helpless, Ashlyn muttered, “If I can’t leave with him, am I supposed to leave with you? Mr. Nolan, what kind of relationship do we have? Think it through before you answer me.”

The man leaned down to twirl a strand of hair with his fingers. “Don’t you know what relationship we have?” he repeated the question to her.

“I know, and that’s why I’m leaving with him.” Ashlyn reached out to send a flying kiss to Lucas. “See you never.”

With her hand on Jared’s arm, the two slowly walked out.

Despite the discomfort she was feeling on her soles, her steps remained graceful as if she felt no pain.

The crowd subconsciously moved aside to clear up a path for her.

Rage filled Lucas’ lungs instead of air.

That disobedient woman!

Ferociously, he grabbed the whiskey on the table and downed it.

Then he strode toward the direction Ashlyn had left.

By now, Ashlyn and Jared were already out of the hotel. She was waiting for him to get his car from the parking lot.

Her hair billowed from the gust of wind, and she shivered from the cold.

Abruptly, a mighty hand grabbed her fair wrist and tugged harshly. Ashlyn fell into warm arms.

The man unbuttoned his suit jacket and wrapped it around her thin body. It felt as if the heat emanating from his chest was endless.

Ashlyn could feel the man’s firm muscles through the thin shirt he was wearing. It was exceptionally obvious as he took slow breaths.

She could even hear the powerful heartbeats in his chest.

A familiar masculine scent wafted across her nose. The man’s arms were like steel chains as he restrained her in his arms.

The husky voice and the man’s scent crashed toward her like a tsunami wave. “Jared is worse than I.”

He left you here in the cold, was what remained in his head, unsaid.

“But he listens to me.” Ashlyn’s voice was monotonous. “Mr. Nolan, please let go of me.”

“No.” Lucas’ eyes were bright as if a fire were burning in them.

Ashlyn turned to see the man staring at her, unblinking.

The glint in his eyes seemed to have gotten brighter.

He never once shifted his gaze away from her.

At that, Ashlyn knitted her brows. When she saw Lucas’ flushed face, a cold look emerged in her eyes.

Something’s wrong. Something’s off about Lucas’ expression.

“What did you drink?”

There was only one thought in his mind.

Pounce on Ashlyn and eat her up.

His strong willpower seemed to have gone on a strike. That thought was the only thing on his mind.

His gaze was fixed on Ashlyn, almost burning holes through her.

In fact, there was a hint of animalistic hunger in his eyes.

“Lucas, what did you eat? What did you drink during dinner?” Ashlyn asked in a firm voice.

Lucas remained silent. All he did was to carry the woman up onto his shoulders and strode toward his Bentley.

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