My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 134

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 134

Just then, her phone rang. With a raised brow, she glanced at the unfamiliar number.

After a moment of hesitation, she picked up the call. “Hello.”

“Is this Ms. Berry? Hello, I’m Sienna Oates, the trustee of Haddock Charity and Mr. Haddock’s aunt,” came Sienna’s gentle voice from the other end of the line. There was a hint of mockery in her voice, barely detectable.

Sienna felt that she was lowering herself to call a woman like Ashlyn, who was dependent on a man for a living.

Yet, when she thought about the familiar way the latter flitted around Jared and Winsor, Sienna told herself that she was doing this for the two prominent figures and the mysterious Madeline Saunders.

Otherwise, she would not have wasted her time on Ashlyn. She had always seen herself as a strong and independent woman, and she looked down on women who were dependent on men.

Tamping down the disdain she had for Ashlyn, she muttered, “Ms. Berry, are you there?”

Ashlyn swirled her glass half-heartedly. “Ms. Oates, do you have something you need from me?”

“Our charity will be holding an event soon. We’re hoping to invite you to it. May I know if you’d be interested in it?”

“Didn’t I attend the Haddock Group’s charity gala a few days ago?” Ashlyn queried.

Haddock Group? Ha.

What a coincidence that I’m interested in it right now.

Therefore, Ashlyn said, “Sure. Thank you, Ms. Oates, for the invitation. I’ll definitely come as promised.”

Once she ended the call, Horace called. “Ashlyn, when are you going to come with me to meet Dixon? Arthur’s health has been deteriorating. You’re a good doctor, and I’m sure you can treat him back to good health.”

A sneer grew on Ashlyn’s lips. “When did I agree to meet Dixon?”

Where did he find the confidence?

“Didn’t you agree to it the last time you came home?” Horace softened his tone. “My dear daughter, just save your dad. You can’t possibly watch and do nothing as the Haddock family goes down in flames? My family business will be the one to provide for your grandmother.”

“Don’t drag my grandmother into your matters all the time.” Ashlyn narrowed her eyes. “I’d suggest that you get less involved with the Haddocks’ affairs.”

“How can you talk to me like this? Remember that I’m your father,” Horace fumed. He was upset that he had to lower himself to plead for help from his daughter. “Penelope is way better than you. She consoles me every time she comes back. What about you? Huh? All you do is to infuriate me. Tell me now. Are you going to treat Arthur or not?”

“If I refuse, what are you going to do?”

“Then I can’t guarantee your grandmother’s safety. I heard things can easily happen to old people on hot days like these,” Horace said coldly. “Even if you refuse to treat Arthur, I’m sure you’ll want to treat your grandmother.”

“Horace Berry, I never knew you can be this shameless?” Anger rose in Ashlyn’s heart like a tide. Even his mother can’t escape from his schemes. How can a man like him be my biological father?

The helpless yet furious feeling she was experiencing made her on the verge of exploding into flames.

She had offered to bring her grandmother away from the Berry family, but her grandmother refused every time.

Furthermore, Ashlyn could not pressure the old woman to do things she did not want to.

Now, Horace was blackmailing her with her grandmother.

She would not have batted an eye if it were a stranger, but her grandmother was her family.

She could never let any harm come to her.

“Ashlyn, don’t blame me for this. You were the one who forced me to do this. I was kind to ask you nicely. Since you refuse to do it, I’ll have to take some extreme measures.” Horace could hear the fury in Ashlyn’s tone. He smugly said, “I’ve been nice, but you don’t want it. I’ll invite Dixon to our house tonight. I hope you’ll be punctual.”

With that said, Horace ended the call.

Infuriated by her father’s words, Ashlyn gritted her teeth.

Dixon, I’ve yet to come for you, but you’ve come to my doorstep instead.

Very well.

At six in the evening, Ashlyn reached Berry Residence on time.

After momentarily staring at the evening sun, Ashlyn turned to look at the Berry Residence gates instead.

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