My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 140

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 140

A man was sitting in Dr. Shakes’ seat, and he was flipping through some medical records with his bony fingers.

The tuxedo he wore was darker than the night sky, yet the diamonds adorned on his sleeve cuffs glistened in a luxurious shimmer.

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When Lucas heard the footsteps, he cast a brooding and icy gaze at Ashlyn.

The aura he exuded formed a stark contrast with the modest office, and Ashlyn thought Lucas’ presence made the cramped office seem more luxurious than it actually was.

She regained her senses after a long while. “Why are you here?”

Her beautiful eyes scanned across the doctors and nurses who seem absolutely terrified, and she finally understood what was going on.

“Are you the patient that they’re talking about?”

The patient’s condition really is difficult and irksome.

No wonder the nurse seemed so conflicted just now.

Probably everyone will have a headache when they’re facing Lucas, right?

Meanwhile, Dr. Shakes seemed grateful that he survived a disaster. “Dr. Berry, I’ll leave Mr. Nolan to you. I believe in your abilities!”

In the ward, everyone, including Spencer, had already left.

Ashlyn stared at Lucas with a frustrated look and asked, “What do you want?”

How can a grown man like him be so childish!

“You asked me to call for an ambulance,” Lucas responded with an emotionless gaze that was unwittingly filled with greed.

On the other hand, Ashlyn was utterly vexed.

“What I meant was…”

Screw it. There’s no use trying to reason with a psychopath like him.

“You seem fine. I’ll get going.”

She turned around and prepared to leave, but the man suddenly clasped her wrists.

He said in a pitiful tone, “Ever since you left, I haven’t been sleeping or eating.”

Ashlyn was at a loss for words.

A grown man like you asking for sympathy? Absolutely ridiculous!

Are you a toddler?

Do you think I will pity you just because of your pleas?

She turned around furiously and met his emotional gaze. In an instant, her frustration melted away like a block of ice under the scorching sun.

Lucas has always been a picky eater, and intuition tells me he’s not lying to me.

She declared out of annoyance, “I’ll ask Spencer to buy you a meal.”

The food served in this hospital is quite light and healthy, and Lucas will definitely eat it. He’s a picky eater, yet he’s still very easy to sate.

Before the divorce, he would eat anything I cook, including the bland dishes I make when I’m lazy to whip up anything fancier. He never complained about it being too tasteless or anything.

I really don’t understand how his mind works!

What a weirdo!

In a moment, Spencer came in with a simple and light meal he bought from the cafeteria.

The meal consisted of lightly grilled fish, salad, and a small pile of grapes.

Meanwhile, Dr. Shakes and the other doctors and nurses hung around the nursing station and saw the food Spencer bought. They whispered to each other, “Why did Mr. White buy something so ordinary?”

“I think that Mr. Nolan’s taste is quite weird as well.”

“Do you know what happened? When I drove to pick him up, he looked absolutely terrible because he didn’t eat or sleep for two whole days! What a weirdo.”

“What is his relationship with Dr. Berry?”

“Dr. Berry is so pretty. Do you think that Mr. Nolan took a liking to her?”

Dr. Shakes coughed softly. “Don’t make baseless assumptions!”

The nurses chuckled. “Dr. Shakes, you’re the happiest one out of the bunch, right? The emergency department actually got fifty brand-new ambulances for free!”

“This is definitely one of the highlights in your career, right? Dr. Shakes?”

The ecstatic expression Dr. Shakes had right now was completely different from the dejected one plastered on his face earlier. “I’ll make sure to share the limelight with everyone! After all, I didn’t do it myself!”

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