My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 141

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 141

Meanwhile, in the ER.

Lucas didn’t seem to mind the simple dinner as he said, “Please… stay with me.”

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Ashlyn sat down in front of him and sighed. Thank God he didn’t ask me to feed him.

“Lucas Nolan, you’re not a kid. You should be able to eat even without my company, right?”

The famished man with a poor appetite nodded as a reply. “Yeah.”

My appetite is coming back to me because she’s here.

I suddenly feel like eating again.

The man picked up the cutlery slowly and cut into the fish elegantly.

It was a very simple meal, but the way he carried himself throughout the meal made it seem like he was in a fancy restaurant.

He ate slowly because his empty stomach couldn’t take a lot of food at once.

His stomach ached slightly, but he ignored it.

Half an hour later, Lucas finished his meal, so Ashlyn stood up and declared, “I’m leaving. Go home.”

Lucas, on the other hand, stared at the bed in the ER and proclaimed, “I want to sleep.”

Ashlyn was perplexed. “Sleep?”

She then pointed at the narrow bed and asked, “Are you sure?”

The man nodded and stood up abruptly. With a healthy stride, he went and lay down on the bed. “Sleep with me for two hours.”

Ashlyn was utterly stunned when she saw the man whose legs were dangling from the bed that was way too short for him.

Has Lucas gone insane?

Is he really gonna sleep on the bed in the ER?

But there’s nothing on it, not even a blanket!

Is he not afraid of catching a cold?

Gosh. Lucas really is sick in his head!

She shuffled toward the door quietly and waved to Spencer.

Spencer hurried to her as she opened the door slightly to show him what was inside the room.

The sight that greeted Spencer was his commanding and powerful boss lying down on the threadbare bed.

“Go and… ask the nurse for a clean blanket,” Ashlyn instructed softly.

Spencer heeded her command, and before long, he came back with a new blanket.

Ashlyn took the blanket from him and gently covered Lucas with it.

He should be asleep right now.

Just as she was about to leave, she was suddenly pulled into the man’s embrace!

In an instant, she found herself lying on him.

She could almost feel his solid and defined pectorals, so she was rendered speechless.

Is he acting up because he gained enough energy from the meal just now?

Does he need me? Can’t he sleep on his own?

“Lucas, go home if you want to sleep. This is the ER, not a place for you to fool around.”

The man pulled her closer and muttered, “Comfy. So comfy.”

Comfy my a**!

Ashlyn was speechless!

On the other hand, Lucas didn’t make a sound anymore as his breathing started to become regular.

He was asleep, yet his powerful arms prevented Ashlyn from escaping. She had no choice but to lay on him in a bizarre position.

She was absolutely helpless in this situation.

She wanted to give Lucas a forceful smack, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it.

She had a feeling that Lucas was just as skilled at her in combat, or maybe even better.

He was always the strongest recruit during the captain’s physical training sessions. Besides that, I heard that he’s trained in combat ever since he’s a child. Even so, I don’t know how strong he actually is.

As she snapped out of that thought, she realized the man beneath her was so brilliantly handsome that he lit up the whole ER room.

His features were defined and his lips were intricately shaped. Even his hair was perfect in every way.

Because she was lying on him, her lips could reach his sexy neck if she lowered her head a little.

Her lips were dangerously close to his body. All she could do was twist her head at an awkward angle or raise her head.

Why is life so difficult?

The most frustrating thing is, once I get too close to him and take a whiff of his alluring scent, blood will rush to my head and make me lose all sense of sanity.

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