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My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 142

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 142

The Spirogyra was tempting and manipulating her incessantly, so she had to take a deep breath to suppress the lust she felt.

I was abused by this man for a whole night a few days ago.

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Even though I took my revenge and dumped him, I still don’t want to make love to him at all right now!

This is just ridiculous!

However, no matter how much she despised that thought, her body reacted honestly.

Why is something so excruciating happening to me?

How long have I been laying on him? My neck aches so much it’s about to snap!

After the ordeal, she was finally about to fall asleep.

However, a sharp knock echoed throughout the silent room and stunned Ashlyn.

She said, “Come in.”

Just as Spencer stepped inside, he saw this… bizarre scene. Ashlyn was leaning on Lucas’ chest, yet her feet were planted firmly on the ground, and her body wasn’t lying on Lucas as well.

Only someone as physically fit as Ashlyn could withstand being in such an awkward position. Anyone else would’ve given up after a few minutes.

Ashlyn knew Spencer was the one who knocked because no one else would dare to do that.

“Mr. White, hurry and pry this psychopath’s hands away from me,” Ashlyn instructed urgently.

She was stiff and uncomfortable, yet she couldn’t break free from his grasp.

On the other hand, Spencer only came in to check on them because they didn’t come out of the room even after two hours.

He gulped instinctively and approached Ashlyn. “Please excuse me, Ms. Berry.”

Ashlyn stared at him excitedly and expectantly. “Hurry.”

However, Spencer lifted her legs and placed them on the bed, and her entire body was now sprawling on Lucas’.

Ashlyn was rendered speechless.

Didn’t I ask him to set me free?

Why am I even closer to Lucas now?

“Spencer, what the hell?”

She glared at him menacingly, and she looked almost just like Lucas at that moment.

His entire body trembled as he tried to muster up the courage to say, “Ms. Berry, Mr. Nolan, um… I’m his assistant, and he likes to be close to you… Um, don’t worry, Mr. Nolan donated fifty ambulances and booked this room so no one else will disturb you tonight.”

After that, Spencer took off in a flash, leaving Ashlyn seething in rage.

All her strength and prestige were rendered useless when she was facing the psychopath, Lucas.

He slept soundly and remained that way even when Spencer shambled around the room just now.

Why is he sleeping so soundly right now?

Is this whole ‘insomnia’ thing an act? Did he lie?

Ashlyn glared at Lucas in rage, but she had a change of mind when she saw the dark circles beneath his eyes.

Maybe he really… didn’t rest well these few days.

“Lucas, let me go! Hey! Wake up! Lucas, this is the ER, not your home!”

The man woke up slowly. His eyes were bloodshot from the lack of sleep.

His gaze at that moment could burn a hole through the walls.

However, when he saw the woman in his arms, his gaze softened slightly even though his expression remained stoic.

Ashlyn remembered that before the divorce, Lucas’ one weakness was when she acted all coquettish to him.

However, she hated doing that, and she never acted that way to him after the divorce.

Even so, desperate times called for desperate measures. She recalled the saccharine and gentle tone she used before and said, “My neck is about to snap. Can we go home?”

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