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My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 143

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 143

The terrifying look in Lucas’s eyes had dissipated in an instant without a trace.

The words he heard were relatively unbelievable. It’s been so long… Since she was this sweet.

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The man’s focus was on her round and glistering eyes; they reminded him of a lark. Suddenly, a thought crossed his mind.

If she remains this way, I’d even lay down my life for her, let alone a trivial request.

Lucas replied instinctively, “Sure!”

Ashlyn was overjoyed with his answer, “Great! Let go of me now!”

Her arms and neck were almost broken from being strangled by him.

If this were to go on for the rest of the night, she might be the first doctor to die from such a peculiar sleeping posture.

The man stared at her for a while before pinching her chin gently. Then, he whispered in her ear with a hoarse voice, “I’ll let you go if you come home and sleep together with me.”

“Huh?” Ashlyn was dumbfounded.

She had been talking back to him regularly all this while after their divorce and had left him speechless for many a time.

This time, however, she was the one being rendered speechless.

What I meant was that we go back to our own homes, okay?

Lucas remained his gaze on her with his eyes gradually turning gloomy, “Go back to Whitland Villa.”

Ashlyn had an icy expression on her face while sitting in the car on their journey back to Whitland Villa. It was as though a layer of ice covered her entire body.

Spencer was speechless.

What an intimidating aura! Mr. Nolan might be the only person who can stand up to her! Most people wouldn’t be able to take on this unstoppable woman! So the sweet and gentle Ms. Berry we used to know was just an act?

Ashlyn’s anger didn’t recede even when she was lying on the bed with Lucas.

Screw that damned ER and the ambulance! I’ll get even with you, Lucas! How dare you make a fool out of me!

As the thought crossed her mind, she turned to glare at the source of her rage only to find him sleeping soundly—much to her annoyance.

What the… He sleeps like a baby! I’ve never seen him suffering from insomnia before our divorce. But now he has become an insomniac? Who would believe this bullshit?

Ashlyn gradually fell asleep as she contemplated about this matter.

The man opened his eyes after his slumber when the morning came. A familiar sweet scent of a woman was lingering around his nose; it calmed the irritation and wrath inside of him.

Consequently, his furious expression softened, and he lowered his head to look at his arms only to catch sight of a woman curled up like a furry pet and looked like a sleeping beauty.

At this, the emptiness in his heart seemed to be filled.

Nothing in this world could bring him this sense of relief.

Long ago, he thought that his emptiness could be filled by the girl from his younger days.

Because of that, the coincidental meeting with Hera after his grandpa’s death made him thought that he had found his belonging.

Hence, he proposed to divorce Ashlyn but only noticed afterward that her absence was unbearable for him.

Even though there was no love in their marriage, four years of living together had caused him to be used to each other’s habits, lifestyle and increased in tacit understanding.

He couldn’t adapt to the sudden changes in his life.

At first, he had convinced himself that he needed time to get used to this new life.

But it had been a month, and the circumstances didn’t seem to improve.

It was only when he had seen Ashlyn that he felt alive and comfortable.

There were recurring events of him gritted his teeth because of her, yet the sight of her comforted him much, even if it was from a distance.

Then, it came to his realization that he might suffer from some hidden disease other than his manic episode.

His expression was indecipherable.

But little did he know that Hera, whom he thought was the oasis of his empty heart, had been replaced by another person. His obsession was merely a mirage from his younger days.

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