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My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 144

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 144

The man leaned over and planted a kiss on Ashlyn’s lips.

The morning sun seeped in through gaps between the curtains, and the atmosphere of the entire bedroom was lifted up.

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Suddenly, he felt like there was immense energy coursing through his body due to being exposed to the sunlight.

At this moment, the phone on the nightstand buzzed.

So, he immediately picked it up and saw a message from Hera.

Lucas, I’ve heard that LX flagship store is launching their new collection. Will you go shopping with me? I wanna buy you a cup of coffee.

Right then, he glanced through the text and then put the phone aside indifferently.

When Ashlyn woke up from her sleep, she saw a man staring intensely at her.

She then cracked her sore neck and said, “Let’s talk, Lucas!”

The man stretched his palm behind her neck and started massaging it.

At this, Ashlyn maintained her posture and squinted her eyes in comfort, “Ah, that hits the spot! Harder!”

“I would be well pleased if you could ask for the same when we sleep together.” The man with his well-built body approached her from behind and added, “I’ll gladly gratify your request.”

Ashlyn’s expression darkened at his words. Unbelievable! How could he talk dirty shamelessly with such a handsome, noble face?

Without hesitation, she elbowed the chest of the man behind her.

Despite being aware of her action, he didn’t dodge it and took the full blow.

Ashlyn was lost for words.

“Felt better?” Lucas inquired, with a touch of love showing on his face while his hand continued massaging her neck. “If you’re good, then get up and make me breakfast.”

Ashlyn gazed at him awkwardly. What happened to his manic episode from yesterday? His vibe is completely different now. All the rage and gloominess from yesterday had disappeared like they never existed. Right now, he looked exactly like the cold man when we just got married. That was odd!

Even so, she didn’t make any comment and headed to the bathroom. Her toiletries and even her skincare products were still in the same place they used to be.

After freshening herself up, she caught a glimpse of a man with tall stature leaning against the door of the washroom, staring at her with a pair of cold eyes.

Then, she looked into his eyes and asked, “I’m going to make breakfast. What would you like to have?”

The man’s voice could be heard echoing around the bedroom, “I’m good with anything.”

Ashlyn made ten pieces of pancakes and cooked ten bowls of ready-to-eat pasta that Spencer had bought.

After that, she wrapped them up with a food wrapper and kept them inside the fridge.

Whenever Lucas wanted to get something to eat, he only needed to heat it up in the microwave oven.

Planning to escape from him for a few more days, she pondered for a while and prepared a few more lunchboxes.

After Lucas had his breakfast, every cell in his body was revitalized, and his complexion seemed much better than yesterday.

The moment he saw Ashlyn busying in the kitchen, he couldn’t help but walk up to her and kissed her lips before leaving the house.

“Hurry up and go to work.” Ashlyn pushed him away, as she was busy making pastries. She had got no time to pay him any heed.

On the other hand, he curled his lips in a delighted mood that was apparent to anyone.

He then left the house in satisfaction.

As expected, this villa felt like home with her presence.

Nevertheless, Ashlyn remained ignorant of his fantasies and focused on her pastry making.

After baking five boxes of pastries, she checked the time and realized that it was almost noon.

Whew, I’m exhausted! Later at 2 pm is the latest collection launch of LX. I’ll have to rush over quickly.

Without further ado, Ashlyn headed back to Bayview Villa and made a call to Jared, “I’m at home now. The previous styling team was good. I want them to do it for me again.”

“Oh, Boss! You’re back?” Jared said with a smile and continued, “You’re not home for two days. Did the madman decides to let you go already?”

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