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My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 145

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 145

“Shut up!” Ashlyn bellowed, “Are you trying to get under my skin?”

“Well, I wanted to come to your rescue, but I’m helpless. If someone of your caliber was no match for him, then I’m nothing more than just cannon fodder.” Jared explained feebly.

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Ashlyn rolled her eyes at his statement, “I have an event to attend at two. Make the call now.”

Meanwhile, Terry said to Cindy at the office in Nolan Entertainment, “Cindy, LX is a popular brand now, and most socialites pride themselves on it. I’ve tried my very best to persuade the mall manager and LX flagship store manager to give you a chance to be their ambassador. So, you’d better go makeup now!

“Hurry, or you’ll be late. You have gotten no contract for nearly a month. If you lose this one, then your schedule will be empty for the whole month. How are you gonna maintain your fan base? Your popularity has finally risen some time ago, but it was screwed by that b*tch, Hera. As long as you make an appearance at LX, I’ll buy your spot on hot searches.”

Terry harped on her earnestly.

LX was a premium brand. This opportunity was given after he pleaded hard for it. LX didn’t have any brand ambassadors until now. If Cindy was lucky, she might become their first.

Cindy heaved a sigh after hearing the two words, hot searches. Then, she got up and said, “Alright then!”

She had been waiting to hear these words.

Needless to say, she would be happy if she became LX brand ambassador. Her only concern was that Terry might not give her any benefits, not even buying her a spot on hot searches. Then, it’ll be pointless for her to attend the event.

While they were walking on the road, Terry said, “You shouldn’t just attend the event, you have to be the Outlet Manager for One Day.”

“Outlet manager? No way! Won’t it be tiring? I have to stand throughout the entire day.” Cindy sighed and added, “What should I do if my calf is swollen? What if they took photos of me during bad moments?”

Terry was annoyed by her complaint. What a spoiled woman! Yet, she dares to dream of getting big. Which Oscar winners didn’t put in the extra effort than everyone else to get to where they are today? Did she really think that she can make do with just taking a few photos?

“Did you even look at your current situation? I’ve put a great deal of effort to let you be the Outlet Manager for One Day.”

After hearing Terry’s angry tone, she replied hurriedly, “Thank you so much. You’re all I have now.”

Cindy’s MPV arrived at the entrance of the mall at 2 pm.

The reporters that Terry had called for were squatting in their positions and ready to take photos of Cindy.

She put on a smile on her face as she walked toward the mall and went straight to the counter.

Following that, she wore LX’s latest white dress that the staff had prepared for her.

It was the launching of LX’s latest collections today. Their new product release was exhibited overseas during Fashion Week. On top of that, there were rumors that LX’s mysterious designer, Ms. X will attend this event.

This time, the latest collections will arrive at every flagship store across the globe simultaneously.

Cindy’s lean figure was outlined by the fitting dress, and her pair of long legs were fairly eye-catching.

LX’s store manager and supervisor came over to greet Cindy and started communicating with her on the itinerary.

Most media outlets in the store were invited by Terry, while LX notified some.

Therefore, the media didn’t give Cindy a hard time, despite her almost being shelved by Nolan Entertainment.

After the photography session, the brand manager came over and shook her hand, “Ms. Wynn, our designer, Ms. X likes your figure very much. For that reason, we think that you’ll bring out our vision and ideal to the fullest.”

Cindy was flattered, “Ms. X said that about me?”

The brand manager had a complex expression on his face as he had difficulty rephrasing Ms. X’s exact words, “Only someone with a figure like Cindy, who has a small waist and large boobs, would look good in this dress. Let’s pick her, then.”

He paused for a while before saying, “Yes. Ms. X is satisfied with your figure.”

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