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My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 148

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 148

If we knew it earlier, we would have requested to interview Jared’s girlfriend!

At this moment, all of the reporters glanced at Ashlyn with an unknowing sense of interest.

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She must be a lucky person! From now on, we have to treat Ms. Berry respectfully whenever we see her! We can have more news as long as she’s present!

Right now, the young reporter and cameraman were a little dizzy, as if they were shocked after winning a grand prize in the lottery.

After recollecting themselves, they hastily took pictures of Ashlyn and Lucas.

Lucas looked sturdy and handsome when he wore a black suit and stood at the women’s clothing outlet. It was as if a nobleman was choosing a new dress for a princess.

In fact, Lucas was good-looking even without makeup. He could be one of the most handsome men in the world once he put on makeup.

The cameraman’s hands shook as he took photos of them.

However, as soon as he finished, a man said to him in a deep voice, “Take one more picture.”

Before Ashlyn could react, Lucas grabbed her by her waist and posed before the cameraman.

Since Ashlyn still remembered the theme today, she wriggled slightly and said, “Ms. Wynn, come here.”

Once Cindy was cued, she immediately came up and stood close to Ashlyn.

Meanwhile, Lucas couldn’t help but frown. He was a little displeased that it became a group photo of three.

But he eventually accepted it since having a group photo with Ashlyn was better than nothing.

On the other hand, Cindy was exhilarated as she could take a picture with Lucas and Ashlyn together. Although I’m not standing beside Lucas, I’m still the first actress in the entertainment industry to take a picture with Lucas! I’m the first one!

The actors and actresses in Nolan Entertainment were a lot, yet no one was fortunate enough to take a picture with Lucas before.

Hence, Cindy looked at Ashlyn in admiration, just like the other reporters and cameramen.

After taking the picture, she sincerely expressed her gratitude to Ashlyn. “Thank you so much, Ms. Berry.”

“Well, it is my honor to take a photo with you because you’re the Outlet Manager for One Day of LX,” Ashlyn said blandly.

Cindy felt that Ashlyn looked enchanting with her gorgeous eyebrows and fair skin that glowed under the light.

As more socialites visited the outlet, at least half of the new designs were sold out in merely half an hour.

The LX brand manager and outlet manager remained polite as they said, “Ms. Berry, are you satisfied with Ms. Wynn’s performance today?”

Ashlyn nodded in response and replied, “Ms. Wynn has a great curve.”

In fact, the dress suited Cindy well because she had big boobs. A lady without big boobs would not be able to carry that piece of dress.

As Hera was totally ignored, tears began to well up in her eyes. She asked furiously, “Lucas, why didn’t you take a photo with me?”

“Oh, I forgot,” the man said emotionlessly.

As a matter of fact, he totally forgot that Hera was with him once he saw Ashlyn.

“Lucas, I want her dress,” Hera pointed at Cindy as she said. She was furious because Cindy was in the limelight just now.

After Cindy looked at the outlet manager as a signal to ask for help, the outlet manager said politely, “I’m sorry, Ms. Chapman. I’m afraid this dress doesn’t really suit you.”

“Why can’t I wear it, but she can?” Hera said in a huff. “In that case, can I get hers?” The next moment, she pointed at Ashlyn.

Ashlyn’s dress was of the flagship design of LX. It was exhibited in its new product release during Fashion Week.

This time, the LX brand manager replied, “I’m sorry, Ms. Chapman, there are three dresses of this design worldwide, and only one dress is available in our country. Ms. Berry is wearing the only dress.”

“They bully me! I don’t care! Lucas, can you buy the same dress for me?” Hera looked at Lucas pitifully as if she were about to cry.

The next moment, she bit her lower lips and said as if she was wronged, “Ashlyn Berry and Cindy Wynn bullied me.”

“Why don’t you say LX bullied you?” As soon as Hera finished, Ashlyn gave her a cold stare and shifted her gaze toward Lucas in disdain.

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