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My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 149

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 149

Why does he have bad taste in choosing a girlfriend after getting a divorce from me? Why is he fond of Hera Chapman, who is so fake and ugly?

Perhaps because he sensed her utter contempt, Lucas looked grumpy and exuded an air of menace around him.

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Hence, a shiver suddenly ran down Hera’s spine before she wanted to make a fuss over it.

After a while, she looked at him pitifully and said in a cute voice, “Lucas, you said… you will do everything as I ask.”

“But I don’t think he can fulfill your demand this time.” Ashlyn sneered and glanced at the brand manager.

As the brand manager got her signal, she immediately added, “As for the other two dresses of this design, one was purchased by a princess from Spain, whereas the other one was purchased by the Queen of Brunei. So, Ms. Chapman, I would suggest that you choose other designs instead. If you don’t make a decision quickly, I’m afraid other new designs will be out of stock soon.”

At this moment, Hera felt that she was humiliated. She stopped looking pitiful before Lucas anymore but said in a piercing voice instead, “LX isn’t any top international fashion brand. Instead, it’s merely a new designer’s brand. In that case, will princesses and queens choose this brand? Are you kidding me?”

Nevertheless, the brand manager answered coldly, “Ms. Chapman, you are our honored guest the moment you have entered our outlet. But because you slandered and belittled our brand, I have to request for your cooperation to leave now!”

As a matter of fact, Hera pretended to behave nicely from the beginning to get Lucas’ sympathy.

Now that she was rude and utterly unreasonable, she totally shattered her image – a graceful lady from a prominent family.

On the other hand, Lucas got increasingly impatient.

He couldn’t understand why Hera could change so much.

What happened to the girl, who was as innocent as an angel when she lent a hand to him?

Does time really change a person entirely?

“Lucas, I think they don’t want to sell their dresses to me and also disrespect you. To put it simply, LX is merely a small brand. How can it be compared with Nolan Group?” Attempting to drive a wedge between them, Hera said, “How ungrateful you guys are even when the president of Nolan Group comes to your outlet in person. I’m pretty sure all outlets of your small brand will eventually close down!”

Hera was clearly looking for trouble by humiliating LX.

After Hera finished, Ashlyn stared at her eyes. Although Hera’s eyes were good-looking, Ashlyn could sense hints of desire, greed, and wickedness in them.

She instinctively sensed that Hera would want to extract a lot of things from Lucas.

“Is the president of Nolan Group really that noble?”

After a while, Ashlyn fixed her gaze on Lucas and continued, “Mr. Nolan, you’re indeed noble in front of me. Besides, LX is indeed a small and dispensable brand compared to your Nolan Group.”

Since Ashlyn said satirically, Lucas frowned a little and replied, “Everyone is equal, and no one is nobler than the other.”

Ashlyn raised her eyebrows but didn’t respond. The next moment, she turned around and said to the brand manager behind her, “From today onward, all LX outlets are not allowed to sell any products to Hera Chapman. Remember her face and inform all persons-in-charge of LX outlets.”

“You… who are you to blacklist me? How are you related to LX?” Hera pointed at Ashlyn and yelled exasperatedly. “You are slightly successful today only because Jared Quickton backs you up! Who are you to give orders to blacklist me? Do you think your family opens LX outlets?”

Much to Hera’s surprise, the LX brand manager replied right after she finished, “Yes, Ms. Berry.”

“Since Ms. Chapman is that noble, a small brand like LX doesn’t deserve the honor to be chosen by you.” Meanwhile, Ashlyn’s lips quirked when she said to Hera.

Ashlyn flashed her a sweet and generous smile.

Meanwhile, Hera was stunned and looked at her in disbelief. After recollecting herself, she asked curiously, “It’s impossible. Who are you?”

“Who am I? I’m merely an ordinary customer of LX,” Ashlyn still said smilingly.

Although Lucas remained emotionless when he listened to their conversation, he was a little impressed whenever Ashlyn smiled.

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