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My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 153

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 153

The night breeze, which swirled under the moonlight, blew into the window and birled the corners of her shirt.

The shadow of the light could be faintly seen in the dark.

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Ashlyn smoothened the corners of her shirt with one hand and flipped her damp long hair with the other.

A wisp of hair that swept above her left shoulder had thoroughly wet the left side of her bathrobe.

Droplets of water gently glided down her long silky smooth neck to her fair and delicate collarbone. Under the light that shone right on it, they sparkled with radiance.

With a tint of red on her fair cheeks, her skin glowed like white porcelain.

Her glistening eyes were not only pretty but seductive.

Even just looking at her through the screen of a phone made Lucas feel instantly dry and thirsty.

Lucas gulped, and his sensuous Adam’s apple bobbed up and down, “The bowl of dried noodles is very nice.” But you’re more delicious!

Ashlyn giggled. She then gently used a towel and wiped off the excess moisture on her hair with her long smooth hands, “Really? But it’s just a simple dish. As a CEO, I’m sure you must have savored all kinds of exquisite gourmets.”

The man looked cold and responded with a deadpan expression.

He remained silent, so did Ashlyn.

Ashlyn did not know why did he switch on the video cam.

She stood up slowly, and a subtle sound crept into his ears. Soon, she returned to her seat.

Lucas noticed she had a hairdryer in her hands.

Before he could open his mouth and ask, he heard the buzzing sound coming from the hairdryer.

Lucas’ mouth opened, and he shut it back without saying anything.

He used to help her blow dry her hair. Ashlyn’s hair was not only long but also soft like silk. It was definitely smooth to the touch.

This was why he would tend to play with her hair out of habit.

But right now, he could only stare at his empty palms and reminisce that feeling.

After blowing her hair dry, Ashlyn applied a layer of hair serum and gently massaged her hair.

Upon realizing her hair was almost dry, she put down the hairdryer, “I’m done.”

As a beauty, she could effortlessly charm anyone by just twirling her hair with her fingers and look noble and glamorous.

He had to suppress his urge.

“You promised me you’ll arrange for me to meet Ms. Saunders.”

“Oh, yes. How about tomorrow? She’s available,” Ashlyn responded casually.

Lucas was at a loss for words upon hearing Ashlyn’s response. She made it sound as if anyone could casually meet Ms. Saunders.

“Are you close with her?”

“I think so.”

Lucas suppressed his voice and said, “I’ll… see you tomorrow then.”

“Alright. Anything else?” Ashlyn looked at him calmly with her beautiful eyes that did not show any emotions.

As if he was a stranger.

“Nope,” Lucas replied in an even suppressed voice.

“Goodnight,” Ashlyn ended the call right away. She did not even give time to Lucas to add anything more to his sentence.

The screen turned dark.

Lucas sat still like a statue.

He looked at the empty room and whispered, “Goodnight.”

He stared at the black screen, and his eyes were full of disdain. What a cruel woman.

Without hesitation, she just simply hung up on him.

He waited for a long time for her to blow dry her hair, yet this was the treatment he got in return.

Early next morning at the Chapman residence, Hera did not sleep well last night. Her eyes were red and swollen and had dark circles beneath them. She looked ashen-faced and haggard.

Mrs. Chapman knocked on the door and went into her room. She saw tissues scattered all over the floor and her daughter still crouching in a corner.

She could not help but let out a deep sigh.

Seeing her daughter in this state, how could she not feel bad for her?

Yet, she was too young and still rebellious.

“Alright, alright. It has already happened. There’s no point for you to sit here and cry over spilled milk. Come, I’ll accompany you to visit Lucas, so you can apologize to him nicely, okay? Go and freshen up now.”

Mrs. Chapman pulled her hand and dragged her out of her bed.

Hera, who still seemed zoned out, nodded. She looked absolutely depressed.

“Mom, can you help me think of ways to deal with that woman Ashlyn?”

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