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My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 154

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 154

Hera was already frail and skinny, and now she looked even more fragile than ever. A gust of wind would have easily blown her away.

“Listen to me. I’ll take care of that b*tch for you,” Mrs. Chapman consoled her, “I’ve much more life experiences than her. I bet she can’t do anything to me.”

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Hera was relieved to hear her mother’s assurance.

After freshening up a little and putting on light makeup, she looked much better.

She then walked downstairs with Mrs. Chapman. The moment she sat down by the dining table, she heard a sarcastic voice, “I don’t want to sound like a bad person, but you’ve really embarrassed yourself.”

Dressed in an emerald, green dress, the second wife of the Chapman family walked into the dining hall.

Since every member of the Chapman family stayed together in the same villa, where internal strife and disagreements were bound to happen.

They did not engage in arguments openly, but all of them were schemeful and had something up their sleeves.

Mrs. Chapman smiled and looked at the second lady of the family, “What are you talking about? Those posts that you’ve read from the Internet are just rumors. Do you think Hera would do that?”

“That brand has posted about it on its social media, and it even mentioned Hera’s name!” Clearly, she was gloating over the incident.

“What?” Upon hearing those words, Hera’s heart sank even deeper even though she was already depressed.

“Didn’t you know?” The second lady of the house rolled her eyes from one side to another and turned her attention back to Hera. She intentionally emphasized every single word, “This morning, at 7 am, LX published a post about you on their official social media account. Glorious Group also posted something about you.”

Hera’s face instantly turned as pale as a ghost, and her voice trembled, “That’s impossible…”

“Go and check on their social media accounts yourself.” The second lady took a sip of milk, “Oh dear, if our old master finds out about this, his illness might become worse! Look at the things you’ve done, Hera. I think you should avoid going to the hospital in the next couple of days.”

She then went on saying something else, but Hera did not bother to listen to her anymore.

At that point, she had come across trending topics on social media.

#LX’s official statement

#Glorious Group’s official statement

She clicked on the topic on LX and read, “In regard to Ms. Hera Chapman’s abusive remarks on our brand, we reserve the right to pursue legal actions against her. As of now, we hereby declare our brand will put an end to any form of collaboration with Ms. Hera Chapman from now onwards.”

Hera then immediately went to check on Glorious Group’s official account.

“Glorious Group has always upheld the values of peace and harmony as they set the direction of our company. Ms. Hera Chapman’s inappropriate action clearly opposes our values, and we do not endorse such behavior. Hence, we hereby declare from now on, all companies under Glorious Group will no longer work with Ms. Hera Chapman.”

Glorious Group!

Glorious Group was the distributor of luxurious brands in H Nation.

Whether they were mid-range or high-end or products, Glorious Group had the exclusive right to import them all.

Not only were they the distributor of these luxurious goods, but they also owned many world-renowned stores that sell premium products.

This was why Glorious Group had a powerful presence in not only H Nation’s fashion industry but also that of worldwide.

Being boycotted by Glorious Group meant Hera had also offended the entire fashion industry.

As a socialite, she had totally burned bridges with the fashion world.

When socialites gathered, they would talk about new bags, clothes, and custom-made facial products.

Now, the reality had slapped Hera in the face. She no longer had access to this social group.

But what had this got to do with Glorious Group?

Its president, Richard Shaw was an influential businessman who resided overseas.

If he were to stay in the country, he would top the list of the wealthiest bachelors.

What was Ashlyn’s relationship with Glorious Group?

Hera was dumbstruck.

Being boycotted by LX alone was not a big deal as she could still shop elsewhere. Buying newly launched products at LX was not a must, after all.

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