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My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 161

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 161

With James Field’s political background, it gave Joseph Field free rein to be the extremely powerful and arrogant yet highly eligible bachelor he was.

However, Mrs. Field preferred to keep a low profile. She refused all public appearance unless it was absolutely necessary.

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When the other rich elderly ladies heard Mrs. Field was on the prowl for a daughter-in-law, they mobbed the Field family residence. Naturally, Mrs. Field was only interested in a diamond of the first water. She would not allow her son to meet with any ordinary woman.

Who knew Ms. Saunders would be so young and closely acquainted with Mrs. Field?

Hera was practically green with envy.

When she remembered her purpose for coming here, she forced the ugly feelings of jealousy down and turned her attention to Madeline Saunders.

The room had an air of serenity.

Suddenly, a merry chuckle erupted.

The woman carrying the harp slowly turned.

When she laid eyes on the woman’s face, Hera was frozen with shock. Her eyes widened in disbelief and she burst out, “How can it be you?”

Ashlyn smiled faintly. Her breathtaking features settled into a calm expression. She had a tiny plum blossom painted between her eyebrows, adding to the enchanting glow she emanated.

Dressed in historical clothing, she resembled a dazzling painting come to life.

Lucas was also staring at the devastatingly beautiful Ashlyn with his jaw dropped.

His obsidian eyes shifted from hostility, to shock, then to anger.

No wonder… She spoke about Madeline Saunders with such nonchalance.

No wonder… She could make the decision to send that man a painting.

No wonder… She was able to help Madeline Saunders auction off paintings.

It was because!

She’s Madeline Saunders!

Ashlyn had a cup of tea in front of her, plumes of smoke rose steadily from it. She set the harp down on a nearby harp stand before turning up the corner of the lips into a small smirk. “Mr. Nolan, pray tell what was so important that you were willing to pay nine million just to meet with me?”

Lucas scanned her like how a predator would track its prey.

His gaze was sharp, invasive, and would send shivers down its target’s spine.

“What do you take me for, Ashlyn?”

“Mr. Nolan, did you pay nine million just to sit there and interrogate me?” Ashlyn relaxedly pulled down the scarf covering the lower half of her face. Her brows raised in mock derision.

Is it my fault he’s never asked about my relationship with Madeline Saunders?

Until she introduced me as Madeline Saunders, no one suspected a thing. So no one would believe it even if this got out, right?

Judging from Hera’s bulging sockets of astonishment, she definitely can’t believe it.

Mrs. Field was unaware that Lucas was familiar with Ashlyn. “Lucas, you know Ashlyn?” Mrs. Field asked in surprise.

“Not only do I know her!” Lucas spat, his tone turning fierce.

Noticing his demeanor, Mrs. Field stretched an arm out in front of Ashlyn. “Lucas, Ashlyn is a good friend of mine. I won’t allow you to lay a finger on her! If you injure even one hair on her body, I’ll make sure you regret it!”

The Field family and Nolan family have always been close.

Their children have been friends for as long as they could remember. Lucas was like a second son to Mrs. Field.

In all my life, I’ve never seen her take the side of an outsider and use such a tone with me.

He was floored by her reaction. “Why… Why would I harm her?”

“Then you can speak amicably to her.” Mrs. Field glared at him before continuing, “So, why did you want to meet with Ashlyn?”

Lucas was about to explain when he spotted Hera shaking her head. “No. I don’t want her as my mentor.” She declared resolutely.

Ashlyn’s shapely almond eyes glinted and her radiant features hardened with hostility. “I wouldn’t want to take you in either.”

“Ms. Chapman was it?” Mrs. Field gave Hera a once over. “Don’t you know? Ashlyn isn’t just Ms. Saunders, but she’s also LX’s head of design. You were shut down by LX because of this. As a socialite, you’re supposed to have received an impeccable upbringing yet you act otherwise. The Field Family and the Chapman family are friends and I can say that your behavior would bring shame upon your father.”

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