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My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 165

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 165

“Hah! Even Lucas doesn’t deserve Ashlyn, let alone our son. Lucas is a divorcee, while Joseph is useless. So neither of them is good enough.” Fae snorted.

My mom blatantly despises me!

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Joseph let out a wail. “Mom, just how amazing Ashlyn is? Am I really your biological son?”

Fae reached out to poke his face. “Of course you’re my biological son, but Ashlyn is better. She accompanies me to go shopping, tea time, concert, and she even plays piano together with me. What about you?”

“Mom, could it be that Ashlyn has an ulterior motive?” Joseph mumbled.

My mom has been bewitched after meeting Madeline Saunders two years ago. At home, she talks about Ashlyn all the time, and Ashlyn is the best and the wisest person in her eyes. Anyone who says a word against Ashlyn is her enemy.

She’s comparable to those fanatic fans who blindly chase after their idol.

“Cut the nonsense,” Fae said through gritted teeth while glaring at her son. “Ashlyn has never once asked us for anything, but we always ask for her help. Look at these paintings on our wall. Each one is worth over ten million, but Ashlyn has given them to us for free!”

Joseph bit his tongue as he looked around at the walls full of Madeline Saunders’ paintings.

We can’t have too much of a good thing. It can be tiresome no matter how artistic they are.

“You two should stop bickering. Please ask Ashlyn whether she’s free on Friday night,” James urged them before heading upstairs to continue working.

When he came upstairs, his assistant called him. “Mr. Field, regarding the Haddock Group’s case, Zero informed us that the Haddock Group fell for the trick.”

“That’s fast,” James said in surprise.

“Yes, but Zero still needs to investigate further to find out the actual situation.”

“Please keep in touch with the secret society. We’ll pump in extra funds if it’s insufficient, as long as we can get hold of the criminal evidence of the Haddock Group,” James said in a steady voice.


After hanging up the phone, James looked out the window at the night sky with an enigmatic look in his eyes.

On Friday night, at the Pearl Restaurant.

It was a private kitchen which served delicious and expensive cuisines. This restaurant belonged to the Haddock Group and was managed by Sienna.

The interior design and furnishings of the restaurant were custom-made according to her preferences. Therefore, she loved to organize gatherings at this place.

Since it was only a gathering, it wasn’t as grand as the previous Haddock Group dinner. However, the Pearl Restaurant dining hall was opulently decorated.

Most guests invited were female, and the hall on the first floor was buzzing with activity.

As a fashionable lady, Sienna invited a well-known female social media influencer instead of the reporters. She was live-streaming the entire event on the official blog of the Haddock Group.

It was the first time the female influencer attended a gathering of the wives of wealthy men, so she felt ecstatic and spoke in an overly excited tone during the livestream.

“Oh my God! Guess who I just saw!”

The female influencer’s name was Coco. She lifted her phone to aim its camera at the middle-aged woman who just stepped through the entrance. “Good day. Mrs. Jones. Please say hi to the netizens.”

Coco jogged over to Mrs. Jones. Although all the guests had been notified beforehand that there would be a livestream during the gathering, Mrs. Jones still appeared abashed and reserved as she waved at the camera. “Hi, everyone. I’m Mrs. Jones, and I’m here today for Mrs. Haddock’s private gathering.”

“Mrs. Jones looks so gracious. It’s obvious that you’re from a wealthy family,” Coco complimented her.

After that, she pranced around the hall and interviewed every guest in front of the camera.

Many comments kept popping out in the chatroom of the livestream.

The netizens had always been curious about the lives of wealthy people. Now Sienna revealed their lavish lifestyle through the livestream. Hence, it attracted countless netizens, and the viewership skyrocketed.

“Wow. The place looks magnificent.”

“These ladies’ outfits are all from luxury brands.”

“Tsk, tsk. I saw Mrs. Gracia. Her husband is a filthy rich real estate developer.”

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