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My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 170

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 170

Biting her lips, Naomi stomped her foot in anger and walked away.

I ended up studying overseas because Ashlyn convinced my brother to do so. I just don’t understand why my brother treats Ashlyn so well.

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Cindy looked at Ashlyn gratefully.

“Ms. Berry, you’re courageous indeed,” Sienna praised her with a flattering smile. “Everyone knows Ms. Nolan is a fearless spoilt brat, but you managed to subdue her.”

Ashlyn looked down and smiled faintly. At that fleeting moment, she appeared so mesmerizing that she outshone every other woman present.

“She’s still a little girl. Please excuse her tantrum.”

“Ms. Berry, you’ve supported Ms. Saunders’ charity before. Would you like to support the Haddock Charity as well? The Haddock Charity is much more established and famous compared to Ms. Saunders’ charity.” Sienna paused briefly before adding, “As far as I know, you don’t have a job now. How about joining me to manage the Haddock Charity together?”

“Ms. Oates is right. As women, we must have our own careers. We can’t depend on men all the time. By the way, I’m a senior consultant of the Haddock Charity,” one of the wealthy wives said.

Then another wealthy wife said, “I’m at diamond tier.”

Sienna explained with pride, “Almost everyone here is a consultant of the Haddock Charity. Some of us are directors and deacons. Charity can also be a career. It’s not merely donation or financial aid, but it’s also a virtue, belief, and love. I believe Ms. Berry will join the Haddock Charity and spread the love.”

Ashlyn gazed calmly at Sienna.

This is interesting. The Haddock Charity has brainwashed everybody.

These rich wives gather here only because they are given nominal positions in the organization.

They usually had nothing to do other than play mahjong and go shopping. Now each one of them has a so-called career of her own.

In short, charity means donating money.

The Haddock Group must be eyeing Ms. Saunders. Sienna wants me to join the Haddock Charity, so she can make me bring Ms. Saunders here in the future.

“I’ll think about it.” Ashlyn chuckled.

And everyone present held their breaths.

How captivating! She looks even more stunning when she laughs.

These wealthy wives couldn’t help feasting their eyes on Ashlyn. When she smiled, she looked so enchanting that they couldn’t take their eyes off her.

They were green with envy.

Such a minx! So young and beautiful.

No wonder Jared and Winsor have fallen head over heels for her.

“Sure. We organize a gathering almost every week. You can bring your female friends to join us, like Ms. Saunders.” Sienna hurriedly added, “Ms. Berry, we genuinely look forward to your participation. Hope you’ll let us know soon.”

“No problem,” Ashlyn replied indifferently, and the meaningful smile on her face grew wider.

In the Field family villa.

“Is Ashlyn not coming?” James stared at the empty living room in bewilderment.

When Fae saw James come back home, she quickly stood up and approached him while saying with concern, “She’s attending Sienna’s private gathering tonight. Honey, the Haddock family is greedy and heartless. Why does Ashlyn go there?”

James’ brows knitted together as he sat on the couch. “Don’t worry. She’s smart, so she’ll be able to protect herself.”

“But Sienna’s very capable. She keeps inviting me to the gathering, but I rejected her every time. If I had known that Ashlyn would attend the gathering tonight, I would’ve gone there to back her up.” Fae felt a lump in her throat.

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