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My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 171

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 171

“Alright, Honey, when did she say she would come to eat with us?” Mr. Field had wanted to meet Ms. Saunders for some time now. Alas, this hadn’t sat quite well with Mrs. Field.

But thankfully, Ms. Saunders hadn’t harmed her in any way.

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“Tomorrow night.”

“That’s it. When tomorrow night comes, ask her about today’s gathering and see what she says.”

Upon hearing this, Mrs. Field could only reluctantly nod her head. “Alright then.”

The next day at 9 o’clock in the Nolan Group’s CEO’s office.

The moment Joseph stepped inside, he said cheerfully, “Hey Lucas, did you know? I’ve got a really special guest coming to my house tonight.”

“Hmm,” came the man’s disinterested reply as he continued with his work.

“Tsk tsk,” Joseph disapproved, “What a heartless man you are. Aren’t you going to even ask me who this guest is?”

“Who’s your guest?” Lucas asked cooperatively. However, the expression on his face didn’t change in the slightest.

Joseph’s lips curled into a mysterious smile. “Do you know who Ms. Saunders is? The woman who can play the piano with her left hand while painting a picture with her right! My mum’s on really good terms with her.”

Joseph thought of something all of a sudden. “Didn’t you ask my mum to set up a meeting between you and Ms. Saunders? Why don’t you tag along tonight?”

However, he was completely oblivious to how his best friend’s eyes gleamed coldly as he tightened his grip around his pen after hearing the words Ms. Saunders.


Lucas didn’t tell Joseph about how he had already brought Hera to go see Ashlyn.

However, since his best friend had made such a sincere invitation, how could he turn his best friend down?

“You’re agreeing just like that?” Joseph felt that Lucas was acting rather oddly today. He then studied his best friend from head to toe. However, Lucas had already regained his composure.

Upon that dashing face was a pair of piercing eyes with dark circles around them. “Hey, couldn’t sleep again?”

The hypomania Lucas had developed a few years ago was accompanied by frequent bouts of insomnia.

The medication he had been taking all this while had helped to suppress the symptoms. Only Joseph knew about this and he seldom saw Lucas with dark circles around his eyes.

Thus, he instinctively associated Lucas’s eye bags with his illness.

“I was flying all night and I just got off not too long ago,” Lucas explained coldly.

“What the f***! You flew for an entire night and yet you still came back for work? Are you a machine? Go back home and sleep! Go on!”

“I can’t sleep,” Lucas said as he rubbed his forehead, “I’ll go back home with you tonight after work.”

Joseph wanted to say something else but eventually thought the better of it.

That afternoon at 5 o’clock.

Ashlyn headed straight for the biggest mall in the city center.

This was the first time she was paying the Field family a visit. Since Mrs. Field was always really nice to her, she naturally had to prepare some gifts beforehand.

As she had always been a very decisive shopper, she was out of the mall in ten minutes.

After she exited the mall, she got into her Land Rover and sped off to the Field family house.

Mrs. Field had already sent her their address via WhatsApp.

The traffic on the way to the Field family house was rather congested. Soon, it was almost 6 o’clock.

Just as she was about to U-turn and try a different route, she heard a siren in the distance.

As she curiously rolled down her windows, she overheard pedestrians discussing what had happened.

“Oh my god! There’s been an accident up ahead!”

“I heard that there were many kids in the car as well. It’s uncertain if they’re still alive.”

As Ashlyn’s brows furrowed, she got out of her car and started walking towards the accident site.

The moment she arrived at the accident site, she was greeted with the sight of a van that had been wrecked beyond recognition by a lorry. Crawling out of the wreckage were three hooligan-looking men. Ignoring the children still in the car, they immediately made a mad dash for the crowd after hearing the police sirens.

Something’s not right!

If those children were theirs, saving them would have been their top priority.

If those kids belonged to a certain kindergarten, those men would have chosen to save them as well.

But now…

They’re running away…

Damn it!

With a frosty expression in her eyes, Ashlyn barked, “Don’t let them get away! They’re human traffickers!”

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