My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 177

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 177

She didn’t realize how the tilt of her head emphasized the corners of her eyes, making her look extremely seductive.

Lucas suppressed the sudden urge he felt to take her home and swallowed heavily. “Okay.”

He held onto his glass and gulped down two mouthfuls of alcohol that burned their way down his throat, trying to wash away his impatience.

Then, he closed his eyes and let out a sigh quietly.

“Ashlyn, have some soup.” Fae spooned some chicken soup into a bowl for Ashlyn.

Ashlyn looked at the bowl, her eyes starting to become dewy with emotion.

After her mother had passed away, she had never drunk chicken soup again.

She took a small sip. The familiar taste spread throughout her mouth, tasting more like her childhood than anything.

She couldn’t help but take another mouthful.

Fae’s brow clouded over with sorrow as if she were recalling something. “I had a really close friend when I was younger. She was the one who taught me the recipe for this chicken soup. Sadly…”

“Mom, what happened?” Joseph asked curiously.

“Nothing. Forget I said anything,” Fae said with a smile and a shake of her head.

James gently held onto Fae’s slightly chilly hand. “What are you suddenly bringing this up for?”

Fae stayed silent.

“Lucas, stop giving me food. I won’t be able to finish everything.” Ashlyn felt a little helpless when she looked at the amount of food piled up like a small mountain on her plate.

She had never really been a big eater, either.

Lucas looked at Ashlyn’s small, mildly stressed face. How cute. She was acting completely differently from her usual cold act with him.

He reached over with a long arm and pulled her bowl towards him before starting to eat nonchalantly.

Ashlyn looked at him in surprise, as did the other Field family members.

Wasn’t Lucas has mysophobia?

This was way too weird.

James was aware of how likable this young lady was. She wasn’t like the other rich young ladies who barely ate at the dining table, either from being picky or from being on a diet, and messed with everyone else’s appetites, too.

Suddenly, a loud chuckle came from the doorway.

“Is Mr. Field home?”

Most of the families who lived in the neighborhood never locked their doors.

A loud procession of footsteps followed right after the laughter.

James and Fae got up instantly and walked toward the door.

The chief of police strutted in with a few policemen behind him, toting a medal.

“Chief Chase, what is the meaning of all this?” James asked, dumbfounded.

Chief Chase chuckled. “I stopped by and caught sight of the superheroine in here. I rushed over so I could give her the medal.”

He pointed to the Land Rover still parked outside and said, “The superheroine’s still here, isn’t she?”


James and Fae looked toward the dining room.

That Land Rover was Ashlyn’s. Was Chief Chase here for Ashlyn?

“Who’s this superheroine you’re speaking of?” Joseph asked, confused.

Chief Chase could tell based on their reactions that they didn’t know what happened that afternoon.

He couldn’t help but ask his assistant, “Jenny, how about you tell them?”

Jenny cleared her throat before speaking. “Ms. Berry here helped save some children from a car accident this afternoon at about five p.m. Then, she captured the human traffickers who had kidnapped those children in the first place. She was so cool! It was like seeing Wonder Woman in real life.”

“We plan on rewarding her with fifty thousand and a medal for chivalry. Where is Ms. Berry?” Chief Chase asked excitedly.

Lucas pressed close to Ashlyn’s ear and whispered in a seductive voice, “Honey, I didn’t know you caught criminals in your free time.”

Ashlyn’s ears heated up and she kicked him.

She stood up and walked to the living room, immediately spotting the chief’s extravagant presentation.

Her cold, perfect features betrayed no emotion and she accepted the medal. “I’ll take this, but I don’t want the money. Give it to whoever needs it.”

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